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Summary: Bella Swan a geeky girl who has a major crush on the most popular guy in her school Edward Cullen. After Edward brutally rejects Bella how will she react? What will she do over the summer? Get a make-over by Edward's own sister? Lets see how it feels Edward when Bella comes back smokin hot! AU all human...for now!

Bella's p.o.v.....

I gulped and looked down nervously at my converse clad feet. Alice my best friend apparently noticed this and looked around for what might have caused my distress. I glanced up to meet eyes with the guy I had been dreaming about for years. His emerald green eyes glowed against his make skin and bronze hair. Edward cullen was truly the most handsome person I have ever seen. Soon his eyes left my brown eyes and he snorted. Yep he snorted at me cuz I was just a geek with not many friends.

As far as I knew I had three friends: Rosalie, Alice, and Jacob. Rosalie was very pretty with long blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and a smile that could make any boy fall in love with her and she knew gow to impress even in our school uniform. Alice was just as pretty with short black hair that had a small flair to it and eyes just like her brother Edward, she could also look great in our school's terrible uniform. Jacob didn't come to my school but he was still handsome with his big brown eyes, long black hair, and deep russet skin.

We were all the same age but Jacob was a few years younger. We all got along pretty great and knew each others deepest secrets.

"Bella I know you like my brother so just go and ask him on a date!" Alice exclaimed while nudging me the direction Edward was going. "Im sorry but no thanks, besides your brother would never like." I responded fiddling with the hem of my greem plaid skirt. Yeah we have to wear plaid but we have a variety of colors and we have to wear a white button up blouse, but atlest its not a mini skirt.

"Aww come on Bella take a chance at romance!" Alice said slightly singing it as she danced around me. I looked at her and said "No Alice I couldn't handle the rejection that would happen, now lets get to biology before were late." With Alice at my side we walked into the biology lab together. All the students were standing at the front of the class. "I am assigning new lab partners today..." trailed on "Bella and Edward at the back left table.." What? My lab partner was Edward? Oh my breathe Bella breathe!

I clutched my notebook and book to my chest as I sat next to the man of my dreams. How long had I been crushing on him? Two long years of sleepovers at Alice's house and having to see him there, at school, and even at the coffee shop I worked at! Now the universe had to make us partners in biology. I was probably gonna slice my finger open with a knife, or poke my eye with the microscope, or maybe I will spill dangerous chemicals on myself or Edward

Thanks a lot universe Im just feeling the love. I pulled my pen out and started to take notes when I noticed Edward grib the lab table. I decided to say something and of course I didn't say it, it was more of a squeak. "Is something wrong?" I felt Edward's gaze upon me, I let my bangs hide the blush that was on my pale face. "Yeah I dont have anything to write with." I heard Edward say. I reached into my messenger bag and pulled out a pen. "Here you can have this pen." He grabbed the pen and I heard him start to write down notes.

The bell rang out loudly as I gathered my stuff. Edward went right by me and out the door. Alice danced over to me and smiled her pixie like smile. "Are you glad Edward is your partner?" She asked while we walked out the door."No, well yeah a little bit, but he don't like it, I can tell." I responded.

Edward's p.o.v....

I tossed the pen Bella gave me in the trash. It was probably covered in her germs. I couldn't see how Alice could stand her, she was so tom boyish and geeky! I shook my head and headed for soccer practice.

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