Idgie/Ruth – 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café' (177 words)


There are days when Idgie can't tell which one of them is running the hardest. Herself; running away from Buddy's ghost, or Ruth; running away from her, from what they could have had together, what she is so intent on avoiding; denying happiness for them both.

Running into the arms of Frank Bennett.

It's all Idgie can do to restrain from spitting his name venomously onto the muddy path she's currently walking.

Mealy mouthed, one-eyed bastard.

A man so far removed from what Idgie feels Ruth deserves. Sweet, innocent, beautiful Ruth, who doesn't seem to realise that everyone she meets falls instantly in love with her, they just can't seem to help themselves.

In the end, Idgie supposes that it doesn't really matter who is running the hardest, Ruth is running away from her whichever way you look at it, which in turn is making Idgie run all the more.

A vicious cycle with no foreseeable reprieve.

She'll just have to continue running, until she collapses or Ruth changes direction and runs towards her for a change.