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Chapter one

"Harry. Harry, you here?" A voice whispered from the door into the seemingly pitch-black emptiness of the room.

"I thought you'd never come. I was about to leave" Harry answered appearing from one of the gloom infested corners of the ancient deserted charms classroom.

He edged forwards, peering into the darkness and saw the beautiful silhouette of his secret lover. Smiling Harry started to go across the room, but before he could take two steps;

"Shit!" cursed the shadow, "Why the fuck do you like it so dark? I can't see were the hell I'm going!"

"Sorry. Lumos. Is that better?"

Harry blinked in the sudden light that he had conjured, blinded by the stark contrast from black to white.

On reaching, the indignant boy he wrapped his arms around his perfectly formed muscular body and rubbed the injured leg with his left hand. However, on seeing the murderous expression directed at him he stopped and stepped back slightly, wondering what he'd done wrong this time. He hadn't done any more pranks as far as he could remember, unless he'd forgotten one.

"What's up?" Harry asked.

"Snape. He knows something up, he never leaves me alone!"

"I expect he's just jealous that he hasn't got what we have." Harry said with a cheeky grin, but on seeing the annoyed flash of grey thunderstorm eyes he hesitated and shut up.

Cruel grey orbs glared bitterly at the lame joke and a tense hand squeezed Harry tight in aggravation, but as Harry moved his lips closer to the shadows the cold, thunderous pupils softened and those pursed lips parted with longing.

Harry kissed him slowly, letting his companions anger fade away and passion erupt in its stead.

"Who cares about Snape anyway? He's just a cocky bastard who thinks he knows everything about everything and can stick his greasy, oversized nose in everybody else's business." Harry soothed, tenderly stroking a finely chiselled cheek.

The anger came rushing back like a waterfall and a burst of blistering resentment began to break off Harry's comforting words.

"Shh," Harry whispered gently placing his finger against the pouting lips which were just level with his chin, "you know you look quite cute when you pout like that."

A silhouetted tongue snaked out at Harry before strong hands pulled him close and a kiss was stolen from him unexpectedly.

"Mmm" Harry sighed several minutes later, licking his swollen lips, savouring the unique taste that lingered on his tongue, a forbidden fruit that one could not resist no matter how hard one tried, and Harry had tried but had given in to temptation a long time ago. As he opened his eyes, he found soulful, haunted eyes looking at him, watching closely, as though he thought Harry might disappear if he glanced away for just a second.


"Nothing, lets sit down I'm tired." Was the abrupt reply.

The blond moved away to sit by the fire, Harry followed slowly, frowning in confusion and concern.

"Something's up, tell me."

"Just Snape, that's all." The blond replied not looking Harry in the eye.

"No there's something else." Harry pressed, praying he wouldn't get his head bitten off, unfortunately he prayed in vain, as a snake sprung up in a fit of temper.

"Just leave it alright!!! I don't need you poking into my business!" hissed the snake, leaping up and slithering away.

"Wait! Don't go, I'm sorry." Harry pleaded

Slowly the dusky shape, which had almost completely disappeared into the darkness, turned, his arms crossed, face expressionless, forked tongue poised between pursed lips as though in deep thought.

"No more questions?"

"No more questions."

There was a slight hesitation so Harry looked up at him from his position on the floor and pulled a sulky face, bottom lip quivering, eyes shining a bright emerald green.

"Oh, alright, how can I resist that poor face?"

He sauntered back to Harry, grinning as though he knew he was Gods' gift to man and joined Harry on the floor, placed his hand on Harry's hips just above the belt of his black skinny jeans and leant forward.

Several hours later found both boys playing wizards chess, with Harry loosing spectacularly well, like only he could, when...

Suddenly the door burst open and Ron and Hermione came in, giggling. All four of them froze looking at each other in utter surprise.

"Harry?!" Ron bellowed accusingly.

"Malfoy!" Hermione screeched disgusted.