Mizuki: here it is, my first one-shot

Armeria: why does it have to be us?

Skulls: seriously, aren't you working on a different story?

Mizuki: ~scratching the back of her head shyly~ Well, Amu's mad at me so I'm avoiding them.

Armeria: So you decided to torture US instead?!

Mizuki: Pretty much, yea.

Skulls: You really DON'T own WANTED

Mizuki: Well DHU! If I did, it would be longer than ONE book! Now, on with the fic!

Some random person's POV

Pirates have long since been gone, but our story begins in time when they were around more than any living being can imagine . . .

A ship floats on calm waters, its deck, as peaceful as the water carrying it to its destination (wherever that is). But the deck above, does not reflect the feelings of the lonely girl, who hides inside the captain's cabin, longing to see the moon, just once on this peaceful night.

Armeria tosses on her bed once more, trying to find a position in which she could easily find sleep, for it was not coming easily on this night. It was a full moon, and she had been longing to see it for SO long. But nooooo, stupid SKULLS was too afraid that she might make a break for it. She had three things she wanted to say to him: first off, HOW did he expect her to escape without a ship of her own? Second, WHERE did he think she would go? The navy general has seen her face clearly many times, so he would arrest her if he saw her again. And third, WHY should he care so damn much?!

Finally, imaging the image of the full moon, whose light she had not seen for so long, she looked at her captor, to make sure he was asleep. After making sure that he would not notice her disappearance, she quietly got out of the bed, and tip-toed to the door, closing it slowly, so it didn't creak, then freely walking over to the rim, looking at the moon.

It was just like she remembered, full, beautiful, but somewhat . . . sad. She didn't know how to explain it to any one, but the moon made her feel happy, because it lightened up her dark life, even with it's dim light, it shined brightly in the night of her life. She herd a board creak behind her, and a, "Didn't I tell you not to come out here tonight?"

Armeria sighed, and then turned around to see Skulls, his shirt unbuttoned, his blond hair flowing in the wind, and his flawless face, ruined by an angry expression. Armeria rolled her eyes and said, "And didn't I tell you that I needed to see the moon?"

Skulls walked over to her and rested his arm on the edge of the ship. Looking out to the moon, he said, "I don't get why you like it so much." He turned to her, only to see that the moon had her full attention, so he added, "It's so depressing that it could make even a pirate like me feel sad."

"That's why I like it." Armeria said, her eyes still locked on the moon and its comforting rays. "It may make you feel sad, but for me, it's like the light that no one else sees . . ." she trailed off on her explanation, as she looked to the moon again, losing her self in the beautiful picture that was displayed in front of her. Skulls looked to the girl in front of her, and decided that he had played the good-guy enough for one night.

"Come on," he said, snapping her out of the trance the moon had put her in, "You've seen your precious moon, now it's time to go to bed."

He readied himself for a load of defiance, for her to start yelling about how he had no power over her, and how she wasn't his dog, but he didn't get it. Instead, she turned her head to look at him, and he realized that she had been crying while he was talking. When he saw her like this, she looked even more beautiful, almost like a goddess. Her hair flowing in the wind, tears, slowly flowing down her cheeks, her sad eyes locked with his, and then it was over. He stopped his staring by walking over and hugging her. He held her tightly to his chest, and allowed her to bawl into his chest. Still clutching her, he sat down, and laid his back against the wood of the ship. As he stroked her hair, her herd her mummer "Mom," and "Dad."

'So THAT'S why she wanted to come out here,' he thought, 'She wanted to cry on the anniversary of her family's death.' He allowed her to cry in his chest for a good time before something hit him, today was also the day that the first Skulls had kidnapped him. No wonder she hated this day. When he snapped out of it, he herd her mutter, "Skulls . . ." 'Now I KNOW she's asleep,' he thought as he picked her up princess style. 'I'll have to remember that she talks in her sleep. . ." his thoughts channeled down a less-than-pure trail as he closed the door to his cabin.

The hole time, the two wanna-be-lovers, didn't notice the presence of several crewmen, one of whom said, "all right, you win this one, but I SWEAR, they WILL kiss next time!"


Armeria: I have to admit, this is good . . .

Skulls: Which one of those blockheads bet that we would kiss?!

Mizuki: I'm not sure if it was Doc or the first mate, but one of them made the bet with the hat guy, who said you would kiss NEXT time.

Skulls: ~Takes out his sword and stalks towards the door~ I'll kill them both.

Mizuki & Armeria: O.o

Mizuki: Anyway, review, I'll have a poll on wether or not to turn this into a total fanfic.