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Random Person's POV

Skulls and the crew fought with all their hearts and souls. Even Armeria, forgetting her friendship with Romeo, fought on. They were winning too. Even when the other ship started pulling unfair tricks out of their hats, they still kicked butt. Skulls and Armeria, unknowing to the other, made sure that the other was always in their sight.

The battle was finished when Armeria heard Skulls scream, "Look out," right before he went at her with his sword. Faster than she could blink, Skulls had her in his arms and his sword was blocking an attack from Romeo. Seeing how close to death she'd been, Armeria clutched Skull's shirt for dear life. "You," Skulls growled, "Will NOT lay a hand on her, or I'll make sure you won't have a hand at all."

"Ha!" Romeo exclaimed, "A threat from YOU? I'm sooooooo scared." He went for Armeria again, but Skulls was able to push her out of the way in time. The crew knew that the two needed to work out their problems themselves, so they held Armeria back and refused to let her fight. "She's MINE!" Romeo screamed as he attacked Skulls.

"No!" He yelled back, "She doesn't belong to anyone. She's a hot-headed spitfire with an attitude, and I'm not letting you take her away from me! She belongs on our ship. She belongs with the ones who love her."

Armeria and Doc were the only ones close enough to the fight to understand what the two pirates were saying, and Armeria was, for lack of a better word, shocked at Skulls' choice of words. At that moment, she saw what her dream had meant. It wasn't simply a nightmare, or a reflection of how she saw Skulls. No, it was her subconscious telling her that she loved Skulls. It didn't matter weather it was Skulls or Luce, they were one and the same, and she loved them both. So, you can understand how she became worried as the fight continued. The crew had to restrain her several times before the end came near.

It seemed like Skulls was winning there for a bit, until Romeo pulled out a gun. One shot. That's all that he was able to get out. He missed it by an inch, merely grazing Skulls' shoulder. Before he had the chance to fire another shot, there was a sword in his gut. He looked down, expecting to see the large, bulky hands of one of Skulls men, but, instead, he saw the tiny, frail-looking hand of the one whom he loved the most. She lifted her head to him, showing her tears of hate. I don't mean dislike, I mean pure, uncontrolled hate it was plain on her face, how much she hated him.

He was astounded. "We've grown up together," he whispered as he looked at her pain filled eyes, "When my parents found you, right after the fire at the governor's house, curled into a ball, covered in soot, crying, and in pain, I had been the one who carried you, on my back, all the way home. When my brother had been whipping you, I had been the one to pull him off of you. When you got lost at sea, I was the one to go out and find you so that you could come home with me. Now, here you are, your sword in my gut, crying over someone you'd sworn to kill. How could you? How could you betray me like this?"

His words had cut deep into her like a knife, and his last sentence had felt like the final blow. She was seconds away from crying and apologizing like she did in the past when she screwed up before she heard the bustling of the crew, trying to save their captain . . .her captain. "How?" she asked, "HOW? YOU DARE ASK ME THAT WHEN YOU ARE HERE BETRAYING THE ONE PROMISE I DARRED TO KEEP! Do you remember that promise? DO YOU? IT WAS THE PROMISE TO KILL ANY MAN WHO HARMED THE ONES I LOVE." She leaned in close to whisper in his ear, "And I love him more than I love any entity in this world, or the next. You can put the perfect man next to him and I wouldn't see anyone but Skulls." She lifted her head from beside him and looked him square in the eye. "I've let you get away with so much because of the fact that you took me in. I put up with your abuse, I simply stood by as you were cruel to others, but I'm not putting up with it any more." And, with that, she twisted her sword, still in his gut, until his heart had stopped.

She didn't waste one more second on him and ran as quickly as she could over to Skulls. Everyone was so worried about him that they didn't notice that she was holding his hand as tightly as she could. "He would be fine," said Doc, "But all those hits he took from pretty-boy really took their toll on him. The good news is: he won't die. The bad news is: He'll be in one heck of a bad mood when he wakes up."

When. Not a soul on the ship, not even Doc, knew how much that single word meant to Armeria. If that when had been an if, she would have, surly, died herself. They got him back to the ship in one piece, thank God, and started to wonder what to do about the rival ship.

Skulls was still out cold, so it was up to the second in command. "Well," He said, "It was Alto's first kill. What do you want to do?"

Armeria was still holding Skulls' hand and said, "Burn it. Set some arrows on fire and shoot them at the ship. Aim for Romeo, too." The crew was so thrilled with Alto's choice, that they didn't even question why she was still holding Skulls' hand.

While they set fire to the other ship, Doc and Armeria got Skulls into his bed. Doc felt no need to disturb the two, and simply walked out of the room. Skulls didn't wake for three days after that. The crew were constantly checking in on the first two days, but, on the third, they decided that, if they left the two alone, Skulls would wake up. The whole time that Skulls was asleep, Armeria wasn't. She kept her grip on his hand until, on the third day, sleep overtook her, and she went off into a dreamless sleep.

About four hours after she'd fallen asleep, Skulls awoke to a head on his chest. He looked down to see his lovely Armeria, clutching his hand as if it were her lifeline, sleeping soundly. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto him. He buried his face into her hair, not caring weather or not she was awake and said, "I love you." Three simple words. Three simple words which he had, for far too long, refused to say. I love you.

How long had those words been rotted deep inside his heart? Since the poison had nearly killed him? Since she had risked capture, and maybe death, so that he would not be prosecuted? Since she had blown her cover on his ship? Or, maybe, it was when that little girl, who could have known nothing of love, had said to him, "You're different." Yes, it had to have been at that moment. At that sentence, where she had told him the words he had wanted to hear for so long. The words that said that he was different from his greedy uncle or all the other people he had grown up around. The words that she had said that day had rooted those three words in his heart.

He remembered when he had first been kidnapped onto the ship. He hadn't been worried about his uncle, the greedy bum could take care of himself, but the little songstress would be no match for the horrors of the world. His freedom was nothing compared to her life. When he heard something frightening coming from above him, he would chant her name. He was like a little kid, using his nightlight to scare away the monsters. Only, to him, the monsters were very real, and his only blanket was her name.

For eight years, whenever he could, he would ask if anyone had seen her. He would listen to any rumors that might have anything to do with her. The relief he felt when he had found where she was had been was short lived. What could he give her that the Declair's could not? They could give her a warm bed and a place in this world of power struggles. He could give her the one bed in the whole ship, which would mean he stayed on the floor, and a promise that she would have a hard life filled with pain and running, maybe even violence. He was sure who she would choose. So he kept his distance from her and tried to forget about her, but he still always asked about the strange girl in the Declair house.

He listened carefully to all the rumors about the high-standing family, but he also tried to show as little concern as possible, knowing that being around him would put her in danger. He was amazed at the story of how she'd chased pirates out of the town using ingenious traps and pure knowledge of the town, he was surprised to hear the story of how she would ride out of town on a horse and end up running back with a small child in her arms, avoiding a horde of illegal slave traders, and he was furious at the tale of how she was beaten by the eldest son.

After the story of her escape from the Declair house, it was as if she had mysteriously disappeared. No one had heard of or from her since. The eldest son was, immediately, disowned, and the family went into mourning. Skulls, too, was worried for her. How could he have been so stupid? He had heard the stories of Ryuu being a playboy and home wrecker, but he had merely brushed them off as nothing. Now he couldn't find out anything about Armeria. He should've taken her from there when he had the chance.

For a short time, Skulls went on a rampage. It was as if her disappearance had awakened his inner demon. He was a cruel and wicked man . . . until a scrawny little boy boarded his ship thinking that he'd be able to survive.

Skulls was amazed. This boy was like a male version of Armeria. His name even started with an A too. It was too much. Skulls wouldn't be able to concentrate with that boy on his ship. Skulls was, almost, certain that, if that boy was allowed to stay, he would treat him like he would Armeria and risk his life protecting him. He was about to kick the kid off when the boy proved stubborn. Skulls wouldn't be able to get him to leave any time soon. Looked like the kid was running from something, maybe even life it's self, yet, then again, who, on this vessel, wasn't running from something. So he let the kid on, hoping that he wouldn't be able to take the pressure and leave. Why is it that every time he prays for something to happen it blows up in his face?

That night, kiddo had, actually, managed to get himself shot. He ran out of his cabin in a rush. He took one look at the figure that was slowly sinking towards the bottom of the sea. At that second, he didn't care what the others thought, he had to save Armeria. Easy, he told himself, this is NOT Armeria. This is Alto and you're only doing this 'cause the crew would be mad if you let the newbie die on the first day. Imagine his surprise when he found that Armeria and Alto were the same person.

He refused to let anyone know that he knew her, even Armeria. He felt a twinge of pain as he saw her face when he said he was dead. But it had to be done. He couldn't let this go on any further, no matter how happy he was that she had gone to such great lengths, overcame so much pain, all for him. He had to ignore the tug in his heart to say those three words.

That night, as she slept, he wrestled with his inner demon, which was dying to take her. He was, almost, happy when he heard the moving of ropes and splash of water against a ship other than his own. Thankful that Armeria was still asleep, he fought. He had no qualms about killing the other men, but Armeria did. They got into a fight, and he realized that he would have to make her hate him. He tried making light of killing and stealing so that she would think he had no morals, but he had faltered. "Then why save mine?" four simple words that didn't mean much. For the second time since he'd seen her that day, he fought the need to tell her those three words.

He was inches away from spilling his guts out to her, so he kept his mouth shut by kissing her. He took all of her into him, hoping it would satisfy him for some amount of time. It did, thank God, and he was able to start playing the bad guy once more. It hurt went she hit him though. Most of the men thought she had slapped him, but, in truth, she'd decked him pretty hard. His success was completely bittersweet.

It was easier to act like a true pirate when they'd docked. He was so preoccupied that he hadn't noticed Armeria until he felt her staring at him. Okay, that's a lie. He was so hyperaware of her it was painful. He was watching her every movement as if it would give him some inkling as to what the poor girl had been put through. He watched as she attempted to cut her rope with various things such as keys and steak knives.

It almost killed him to offer her up to the lady of the brothel, but he was, somehow, able to do it. He expected the madam to reject her as a potential worker, so he mentioned how she could sing. The moment the madam told her to sing, he felt her burning gaze on him. She brought a new meaning to the words: if looks could kill. He pretended to take no interest in her voice, but, in truth, he had missed her voice so much. At one point, he had to leave before he didn't let her go.

He used patrol as an excuse to clear his head. How was he supposed to know that she would come looking for him again? He mentally cursed himself to the fiery pits of Hades for picking a town where he was, practically, worshiped. He was about to start all over again with his hatred plan when the ship started to take off on its own. He left to put things back into order, thinking nothing of leaving the girl to herself for mere moments. It seems that he had forgotten that she was a magnet for trouble (Yes, I know this is from twilight, but you have to admit, it's true) and couldn't fight at all.

It was a struggle to keep the look of pure anger off his face. When this was all over, he was going to kill that man. He was about ready to give up his life so that she might run away, but she did the most astounding thing. She broke her necklace, which clearly held the flowers he had picked for her that day, and ran towards him. He couldn't control himself, he screamed her name. The second she was safe, he was using every curse word he could think of against himself. How could he have been so stupid? Now she would know who he was and there wasn't anything he could do about it.

The next day was a hard one. He couldn't look one of his crew members in the eye from the begging, due to the fact that they were mad at him for getting rid of Alto. He was, almost, relieved when her heard her voice on the wind. She wanted to come with them. Happy as he was, he still told the crew not to welcome her, but he couldn't put true malice behind his words, so they sounded as if he were kidding.

It was a peaceful couple of weeks after that. He had to set a couple of ground rules for Armeria though. When she broke them the two would get into a fight and not speak to each other for about a day. Then he decided to go on a recon. Why wasn't he surprised that she wanted to come along? She was getting harder and harder to handle. She was the only person in the world who would throw dishes at his head and not feel afraid. When he walked into the cabin that night, he had a hard time not laughing at the fact that she had refused to sleep in the bed just because of his words.

He wasn't shocked to see her working at the brothel. Just like he wasn't surprised that she was equipped with a sleeping drug. It would've worked, too, on any drunken moron, but he wasn't drunk, and he wasn't a moron. That time, he hadn't meant to make her mad; he had just been out of practice when it came to talking politely to anyone. Knowing her, she took it as an insult and ran off in a huff.

It took all the self control he had not to strangle the crewman when he came and said that Armeria had covered up his screw up and taken the fall because of it. He didn't bother using the door; he just jumped out of the window. The relief he felt when she grabbed onto him was staggering, and when they had gotten back onto the ship, he had to fight back those three words once again.

He didn't stay to listen to her song, not wanting to slip up any more than he already had. Once again, however, she did the unexpected thing and found him. He was surprised when she laid herself beside him, and he couldn't help but laugh at her deduction. "You're shy . . . right." How was it that she could see the real him, while everyone else saw only the part he decided to show, and how many times was he going to have to fight back those three words?

Time passed quickly while he was with her. She took his orders more seriously and listened to him. . . most of the time. He was astounded with her fascination with the treasure map he held in his hand. As she told him the legend of the score, he almost set course, just to make her happy. It was a good thing he caught himself before he made the orders. He wondered why she didn't seem angry or dejected at the fact that they weren't going to the island before she made the comment about the price of the score. What was the saying? Two birds with one stone? He would be able to make Armeria happy, and get money! It was a win-win situation.

He was enjoying his time alone with Armeria when that idiot general had to go off and ruin it all. It would've all gone perfect if Armeria wasn't so slow. He took a hit for her and everything became blurry. The only thing that stayed the same was her face. He was pretty out of it through out the whole thing, but he was able to resurface for one moment so that he could promise to protect her. Damn that poison.

After that day, she changed. She grew more in the chest area, causing her to wear bigger shirts so she still looked like a man, her hair grew longer, and she grew more and more into a young lady. Through out all their adventures it took and old childhood friend of hers and a bullet to make him say those three words.

He didn't expect her to respond, but she lifted her head from his chest, smiled and said, "Took you long enough." Then, right there where they had shared so many fights, nine years worth of love were expressed.

After that day, the two said those three words to each other as many times as they could. In fact, they got married. They never gave up pirating, of course, but they were married as Armeria Declair and Luce Lanceman. That is, until the navy came in and ruined the reception. The two lived on their lives to die on the same night, an old couple in a warm bed. What do you think their last three words were?


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