I promised that I would, and so here I finally am, re-writing and editing this story.

Return of Danger

By: Lifespasion

Chapter One: The Road So Far


This story can stand on its own

You do not need to read "Recovery" in order to read this story. I have set up a brief history and slight summary of part of "Recovery" here in this chapter, so that you don't have to go back and read anything else.

If you have read "Recovery" then here is the next piece of the story. A couple people asked me to continue so here it is.

This story can stand on its own


(Just like on T.V.)

The room was set up like a cross between a living room and a bedroom. It was a total mess. There was another table, some chars and mattresses and, in the far corner of the room, a girl with pin-strait blond streaked hair. Her arms were chained above her head which had fallen forward so that the hair fell obscuring her face from view. She was facing slightly away from Sam.

Sam moved closer carefully. He had no idea whether this girl was possessed, a vampire or just a human. As he moved closer he realized the state she was in. Her jeans were torn around the hips and half open. There was blood on the floor and on her cloths, and there was another substance that Sam recognized but refused to name. He gagged.

"Oh God," he breathed not able to tell is she was dead of alive, she wasn't moving at all. He put the gun away and went over to her. The second he put a hand on her shoulder she sprang to life. Her eyes flew open, they were human eyes, scared, blue human eyes.

"GET AWAY! GET AWAY! GET AWAY!" she screamed kicking out at his face. Panic drove her to a frenzy. Who was this? This was someone new, new was frightening. The unknown was for more frightening then the known pain. She wasn't going to go down without a fight, she hadn't yet and she never would.


"We're not here to hurt you," she was still crying and whimpering like a hurt animal, looking back and forth from Sam to Dean then back at Sam. "Hey," she flinched, tears streaming down her face, as he moved the hair away form her face. Every instinct in her body told her to fight to try and fight them. "We're going to get you out of here." said Sam "But your going to have to trust me," Sam looked at her and she looked back into his eyes, still scared "Can you trust me?"


She shook her head. She couldn't trust him. She couldn't trust anyone.

"Sam won't hurt you," said Dean seriously "He wouldn't hurt a fly." He might slay demons and shoot ghosts but he wouldn't hurt a fly.

"I'm going to let you down, okay?" Sam stood up shot the lock.


For a moment Sam thought the girl would try get up and run away. He reached a hand out to her. She looked at his hands, they were huge, he was huge! At least a foot taller then her. He could snap her like a twig. She took a moment and tried to walk her mind through thoughts. The others were gone. These two were here. They hadn't hurt her yet…She took his hand.

Sam helped her up off the ground.


They pulled into the parking lot. It was well past midnight and the place was quiet, no one lurking around, no one out for a smoke. Dean walked ahead and opened the door. Sam got out of the car carefully lifting the girl with him.

"What's your name?" asked Sam sheepishly, feeling guilty for not asking earlier.


"Lucy, that's a nice name"

He carried her into the room.


"Lucy…" started Sam. He was very nearly as uncomfortable with the situation as she was. Lucy swallowed her cheeks crimson. She looked up at him with her big, dark blue Bambi eyes.

"Please, just help me Sam. I'm trusting you."

***Sam and Dean had helped her, Lucy. Like a thousand other people, they had helped her, but in saving her from a nest of demon's they discovered that there was more than one kind of monster in her life, so they saved her from her broken home as well.

The non boyfriend girlfriend relationship between Sam and Lucy is important in understand why each person acts the way they do. Sam rescued Lucy and saved her life, in more ways than one. She was younger when they met(only 17)-she hero worships him. He just wants to protect her


Sam had been fighting his way through life.

He was having a hard year and so was Dean.

It was Dean's last year on earth.

That didn't make things simple.

Sam had fallen in love with Madison and lost her.

He was tired of looseing the people that he loved.

Now Dean was on the chopping block.

Life was anything but perfect, still when things got dark Sam liked to think of the light.

So he thought of Lucy.

She had lived through hell on earth.

and somehow...come out on top.

Sam only hoped he could be as strong as she had.


Time passed. Sam and Lucy went their separate ways. One or two e-mails had been sent over time, but after Sam and Dean's major run in with the law they dropped off the map, and completely out of Lucy's life.

Knowing what they hunted Lucy hoped and prayed that they would never get caught, or held. She knew that they spent their lives saving people, the last thing she wanted was for them to be locked up.

She was twenty now, living on her own and going to collage. She had made it in easily, while her senior year had been chaotic and she had, had to take grade twelve twice in order to straiten out her grades, she had managed to turn her life around. She hadn't talked with her family much. Her father was still in jail, and she hoped that he would be for a long time. Try as she might, she could not bring herself to fully forgive him for all the abuse he had dealt out to her.

Lucy was happy, for the most part. She was enjoying life more now that she had in a long, long while. She had friends and went to parties, though she never drank, smoked or did any drugs. She was content being the designated driver.

There was still one spot she had trouble with. She knew that the people who had used and raped her were not people at all. She knew that they were demon's but that didn't change what had happened. Try as she might, Lucy couldn't bring herself to get close to any guys. She didn't like being in a room alone with a guy and she didn't like them getting to close to her.

She hadn't fallen in love. Every time she thought of a guy, her mind always came back to Sam.


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