Chapter Seven: Epilogue

In truth Lucy had told Dean that she would go after the demon's herself, consequences be damned. She pointed out that it would probably kill her to do it alone. That was why Dean finally agreed.

At first he was grumpy about it and made a point of making Sam and Lucy uncomfortable with the whole arrangement, but eventually he got over it and they became almost like a family. Lucy was good at fighting. Not near as good as either of the Winchester brothers, but it turned out that she had an excellent shot and good eyes.

It took nearly two years to track down each and every one of the thirteen Demon's. Sam, Dean and Lucy, did not just exorcise them-they destroyed them completely, eliminating any chances that what happened to Lucy would happen to someone least by those demons. Which is why Lucy never stopped fighting. She eventually graduated her course, and settled down working online most of the time and became a councilor for other girls who had suffered sexual or physical abuse. Despite the seeming normalcy of her life, she kept fighting-though she stopped traveling around with the brothers.

After crazy stuff that happened in the Winchester's lives, after angels and demons and God and all the rest-when Sam finally had the chance to live a normal life he went back to Lucy, because when she needed comfort and strength he was there, and at the end it was comfort and strength that Sam needed and Lucy was there.

The End