Edward tensed for the fraction of a second upon hearing soft footsteps behind him but a familiar scent soon had him relaxing again as a small smile played over his lips.

He turned to face the blond who he knew was hovering behind him, just that close to actually reaching out to touch him. His voice was soft when he finally spoke although he couldn't seem to find the right words to say. "Jazz... you're back."

Jasper showed the barest hint of a smile, a brief twitch of lips that anyone else sure would have missed. However, his eyes still seemed empty, the pitch black flecked with red. "Yeah."

Edward took a step closer, his hand softly brushing Jasper's and for a millisecond he thought he could feel the blond flinch away just the slightest bit, skin no longer touching skin. "It's been a while."

Not that Edward had counted but Jasper had been gone for 9 years, 3 months, 7 days, 5 hours, 11 minutes and about 58 seconds. He had never stayed away that long before. Not from him.

"I..." Jasper faltered after only one word, eyes settling on Edward's with such intensity it almost took his breath away.

Didn't want to come, had to come, couldn't stay away.

And before Edward knew it Jasper's lips were on his in a needy kiss, hands gripping his arms so tightly that it almost hurt, the older vampire's body moulding to his like it had always done, the feeling so familiar yet so strange after all the time.

Can't. Shouldn't. Had to.

Jasper broke away with a frustrated growl, pushing himself off Edward. "Why do you do this?"

Despite his ability Edward was puzzled. "Do what?"

"You... you keep drawing me back in. It's like I can feel you, no matter how far away I am. And you want me to come back when I just don't want to and still here I am. You have to stop. You have to stop wanting me to come back."

Edward watched him take a deep breath and in a flash the older vampire's body was on his again, both of them crashing to the soft ground, Jasper's lips capturing his in a kiss that was so desperate but so Jasper at the same time, the older vampire's need to take control, have control, keep control evident in even the tiniest slide of tongue against tongue.

Hands roamed his body, insistently pulling on fabric, pushing against skin, fingers ghosting over his skin in a touch so soft it seemed almost unreal, fingertips tracing every last bit of ice-white skin, memorizing the feel, the shape, his body.

An instant later Jasper was on his feet again, lips parted in a soft pant as he stared down onto the younger vampire splayed out in front of him. "You have to stop. Please."

Edward pushed himself to his feet as well, not stopping his movement until he was so close to Jasper that their lips almost touched. "Come back." Jasper softly shook his head, his hand coming up against Edward's chest, resting above his lifeless heart.

"Don't start that again. You know I won't. You, this family... it's not good for me. The way I live now, I'm happy, I'm finally back to my old self. You know I just... can't. I cant come back." No matter how much I love you.

Edward didn't follow when Jasper pushed away and was gone in a flash. Mostly because he knew Jasper would be back. He didn't know how long it would take but one thing was for sure, Jasper would be back.

They would always be drawn to one another, like gravity pulling them together. Because there was no white without black, no comfort without hurt, no Alexander without Hephaistion and no Edward without Jasper. Not in this life.