Breaking Dawn Sequel

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I was sitting there watching closely as sunk his teeth into her arm. A growl rippled from my throat. And I got ready to pounce.

Chapter 1: Nerves Can Get the best of you:

"Bella , love, don't worry. Charlie will take it just fine." Murmured Edward, reading my mind. Sometimes I forgot when I was letting him in past my mental shield, usually it was when I was fretting about something. I had never known my shield better, it was now not difficult at all to take it down or put it up. It was like playing a sport that you've played for years. It was easy as cake.

Edward, Renesmee, Jacob, and I were driving in the car. Leah was flat-out sprinting in the forest beside us, Leah still doesn't care for us, she only there for Jacob. They're closer than the average person would think, closer than me and Jacob. We were all on our way back to Forks, to visit Charlie, my father.

I guess you could say a lot has happened since we were facing the Volturi in the clearing seven years ago. But quite frankly, nothing has. I took a quick glance in the mirror. Nothing different. My brown hair framed my porcelain skin in wavy locks that went past my shoulders about five inches. I looked the same as before, but with golden honey eyes instead of red scorching flames.

Edward and I went to Dartmouth for a few years after we left. I decided I had enough of college and we were going to move to a different town soon. But first, we would visit everyone in good old Forks.

I looked over at Edward. " I know, I'm just nervous about what he'll think. I mean its not like I've changed in the last seven years! I mean Renesmee is only supposed to be seven years old and she looks like she's ten years older than that!" I said.

"Charlie will be happy to see us. I mean, what has it been four years? Since his and Sue's wedding, right? He really misses you. Sue probably does too, love. And he'll be ecstatic to see Ness--"

"--DAD! It's Renesmee! You know that I want to be treated like an adult" Renesmee yelled. She was leaning into Jacob, who was sleeping silently with his arms around her. Renesmee looked even more gorgeous than she had when she was a baby, if that was even possible. Her long bronze curls wound to a little below her shoulder. Her milk chocolate eyes make her pale skin glow. She was more beautiful than even Rosalie.

Jacob woke up suddenly to the yelling. "What's....going....on...?" Jacob said half-asleep.
Jacob's black eyes searched the inside of the car. He caught sight of Renesmee's flawless face and smiled. The smile glowed on his russet skin. He was just happy to see her.

She returned the smile with a gleaming blush crossing her pale face as he raised his hand to brush her cheek. Edward looked in the mirror and saw this exchange. He was annoyed he didn't like to be around when they did this.

"Renesmee, will you call Grandpa for me?" I asked, holding my cell phone out to her, before Edward could say anything. I understood that they couldn't help themselves, sometimes it could get a little irritating, but Edward and I were like that too.

"Sure, Mom," Nessie responded. I could tell she was a little embarrassed but also a little annoyed that I interrupted the moment they had. She grabbed the phone and started dialing. There were a few beeps and then she closed the phone. "It's busy." she said placed her hand on my cheek and showed me an image of her anxiousness, she was worried too, about what Charlie would think. Edward sighed. He saw this too.

"Will everyone just stop worrying? Bella, love, we're just going to tell him what we are. He will still care for you, even if you are a vampire"

"I know, I know, but I'm worried about his reaction...what if he is disgusted or afraid of me. I won't be able to look at his face if he is. I don't want to hurt him." I said quickly. Oh, man, was I nervous.

Edward didn't respond. I could tell we were getting near and he was starting to listen to Charlie's thoughts. That meant that we were really close.

I focused on staying calm by listening to the rain drops plopping on the Volvo. Jasper would be proud. Jasper and Alice were driving in their own car, Alice's yellow Ferrari. Rosalie and Emmett in the monstrous Jeep. Carlisle and Emse in their Mercedes.

We stopped and pulled into Charlie's driveway. And Charlie came running out.

What will happen when Charlie sees how everyone looks the same, but Renesmee she looks way too old?

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