Yup. This is the final chapter. It was originally supposed to end with the previous one but I thought of this one and I had to put it in.

White mist swirled around the two Brighthearts. The air was silent. Nothing seemed to move except for the mist.

"That was a surprising thing you did," said the other Brightheart her white tail flicking behind her. She chuckled, "I didn't think you had it in you to take control like that. Impressive."

Brightheart stared at her. The cat that looked exactly like her. The cat that was her. Something she tried to suppress for so long that became her own cat. What could she say? This Brightheart was a part of her and now they would probably never see each other again. "What now?"

The other Brightheart titled her head to the side, "What kind of question is that? We both now where we are headed."

Brightheart nodded and looked sadly at the ground "Yes. I know."

"Good. Now go. I don't want to look at your face anymore." The other Brightheart got to her paws, turned and was about to leave but looked back. "Stop regretting it," she spat, "What's done is done. Move on." Those were her final words as she disappeared into the mist.

Brightheart waited. She sat there, looking for the other her but she never came back. She did not know how long she waited in that mist before turning and heading in the opposite direction that the other her had taken.

The mist thinned the further she walked until it was gone, revealing a forest shining with starlight. Waiting before the forest were Frostfur, Swiftpaw, Bumblepaw and Firestar.

A lump rose in her throat and she skidded to a stop when she saw the leader. How would he react to this? What would he think of her entering StarClan?

"They have told me everything I needed to know," said Firestar gently, stepping forward. His orange fur shone in the moonlight and his green eyes sparkled. He looked nothing like the cat she had killed. This was the Firestar she had looked up to.

"I…," Brightheart lowered her head, "I'm sorry. I wish…I wish I…"

Firestar licked her on the head, "Don't worry. It does not matter anymore." He moved to the side so Frostfur, Swiftpaw and Bumblepaw could approach her.

"My kit," whispered Frostfur, burying her head into Brightheart's fur, "How much you have suffered."

"I still think of you as my mentor," said Bumblepaw looking up at her, both of his eyes sparkling with joy. "I will always look up to you."

"I'm sorry I could not be a better mentor," she said lowering her head to Bumblepaw. "I'm sorry I could not save you."

"It's alright," Bumblepaw replied, "I knew you would if you could."

Brightheart looked over at Swiftpaw who stood a pawstep back to let Frostfur and Bumblepaw have the first words with her. "Swiftpaw," she managed to choke out.

The black and white tom shook his head, "You don't have to say anything. I know as well." He walked over to a small star filled pool nearby and gestured for her to come closer. "Look at yourself now Brightheart. Look at yourself as a member of StarClan."

Frostfur and Bumblepaw stepped to the side to let Brightheart pass. She walked over to the pool and looked within it. She let off a small yelp. Her fur was clean, beautiful, doted with stars. However it was not that that shocked her. Her face. Her scarred face, it was healed. Her right side looked like her left. Her right green eye sparkled back at her, welcoming her back.

Brightheart did not know what to say so she turned back to the four cats who were all watching her proudly. "I…"

Swiftpaw stepped forward. "Let's go Brightheart. The rest of StarClan awaits."

Dark Forest

The other Brightheart walked through the shadows confidently, her scarred face visible for all to see. Her steps were purposeful. She glimpsed other cats every now and then but they meant nothing to her. They were pathetic weaklings.

She wandered for a long time, not really knowing if she would get there or not. She did not know if she would be traveling this place forever. However she did not stop. She continued on, never getting tired.

She reached a large clearing and within it were two toms, a large dark brown tabby and another who looked just like the first, the only difference was his eyes, a piercing blue. They looked up in surprise as she walked into the clearing.

"My name is Brightheart," she spoke. "Would you like some help?"

Well that's it. A Scarred Face and a Torn Heart has come to an end. When I started this story last November I did not think it would become as popular as it as and for that I thank all you fans who stuck through to the end. May I see you all in the future! (And anyone who wants to can check up my blog where I will posting the possibility of a sequel…) See you later folks!