"You had to hit me didn't you?" Sam grumbled, rubbing his now bruised cheek.

"Well you weren't gonna listen to me, so I made sure you didn't do anything you'd regret." Dean said pointedly. They sat in silence for a moment; Sam staring at his laptop screen like he wanted to burn a hole in it; Dean sitting in front of him, waiting for him to say something.

"You mad at me?" Dean asked. Sam shook his head.

"No." He said, though still looked angry.

"Then why do you look all pissed?" Dean said.

"Because," Sam sighed. "With every resource possible on this thing I cannot find a damn thing on her."

"Bella's not an easy person to track Sammy." Dean said.

"I know, I just wish something in our lives would go right for once." Sam muttered. Dean shrugged.

"Get used to it Sammy. That's just how it goes," He stood. "C'mon," He grabbed his jacket and tossed Sam his. "Let's try and do this the old fashioned way."

"It wouldn't look like anything special when she first showed it to you," Sam said. "But when you looked at it closely it would have been worth a lot."

The ancient looking man shook his head. "I'm sorry young man," He said slowly. "But there hasn't been a young woman that you described trying to get anything appraised today, or yesterday for that matter."

"Are you absolutely sure?" Dean asked impatiently. The man nodded.

"Yes. What exactly does the CIA want with a young woman with a jar anyway?" He asked. Dean cleared his throat.

"Sorry Sir that's classified." He said sternly.

"Oh, yes, yes I see." The man said.

"Thank you for your time." Sam said. The old man smiled and nodded. The brother's turned and walked out of the auction house, feeling more disappointed than they did going in.

"Well that was a huge waste of time." Dean griped, yanking at the tie around his neck. Sam nodded.

"Yeah, that was the last lead we had," He said, following Dean into the car. "Maybe we should call Bobby and see if he knows any of Bella's 'other' potential buyers."

"Or we could check her house." Dean said, wanting to hit himself for not thinking of it earlier.

"Would she know we're coming?" Sam asked. Dean shrugged and turned on the Impala.

"If she does, we'll kick her ass. If she doesn't we'll kick her ass and make a surprise out of it." He grinned. Sam shook his head.

"No, no, no, I go for ten million, or nothing do you understand me?...No, this is not a negotiation Mr. Crowley…Well then you talk to your investors and then call me back…No, I swear to you…Mr. Crowley I do not sell knock offs-"

"Mr. Crowley?" Dean said with a grin. "Really?" Bella looked up at her front hallway, and scowled.

"Call me once you talk to your investors." She said, hitting end on the phone and dropping it on the counter.

"Hiya Bella," Dean smirked. "I think you have something that belongs to us." He said. Sam nodded. She placed a hand on her hip and smirked back at them.

"Now boys, why on Earth would I take anything from you?"

"Same reason you'd shoot my brother, money." Dean spat.

"Oh are we still mad about the bullet that I put in Sam's shoulder, really? There was no way that could have killed him and you know it Dean."

"You shot me," Sam said slowly. "That generally puts you on our bad side."

"Where's the jar Bella?" Dean asked darkly.

"What jar?" She said, attempting, and failing, to look innocent. Dean's smirk deepened and he raised the .45 in his hand.

"Alright bitch," Dean began. "Either give us the jar or I blow that thing you call a face halfway to China." Bella frowned.

"What makes you think I should give it to you?" She asked. Dean flexed his jaw.

"The offer still stands." He said, shifting his grip on the gun.

"Even if I did have it," She said. "Finder's keepers."

"'Finder's keepers?'" Sam said, cynical. "You either followed us around, or you and the crossroads demon are buddy-buddy." He said fiercely. Bella's fiery stare faltered for only a moment. She placed her hand on her hip and returned Dean's smirk.

"Why would I follow you boys around?" She asked sardonically. "I mean, you aren't really that interesting."

"Enough bullshit Bella," Dean said. "Give us the jar or we'll look for it on our own." He growled.

"I don't have it," She said, folding her arms over her chest. "I sold it."

"Yeah that's why you were talking to another potential buyer." Sam said darkly.

"That was just a-"

Dean didn't give her time to give yet another excuse. He wrapped an arm around her chest, lifting her off the ground and carrying her like a child, her waist pinned to his side, grabbing a chair and turning it around. All the while she was screaming:

"LET GO OF ME THIS INSTANCE YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!" He nodded to Sam, who jogged behind him, a rope in hand. Bella squirmed in his arms, kicking like crazy, her heels striking his back in repetitive battering. But her shrieking voice was what made him wince.

He slammed her down in the chair, holding her shoulders while Sam quickly tied her wrists together.

"I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU TWO DON'T LET ME GO RIGHT NOW I WILL MAKE YOUR LIVES HELL!!" She screeched. Sam clamped his hand over her mouth; Dean bent down in front of her, smirking.

"Sweetheart, Hell's just a couple months away for me, so it doesn't really matter anyway. But right now, you're gonna sit there and be real quiet, and we won't kill you. Plain and simple. You scream, I will have to hit you."

Bella jerked her mouth away from Sam's hand. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to hit girls?" She mocked. Dean sneered at her.

"Bella, you're everything but a girl," He snarled. He brought his hand up to her mouth and slapped a piece of duck tape over it. "Now, stifle it." He stood and turned.

"Damn, why do they always wanna do it the hard way?" He asked rhetorically.

"I can't believe the bitch was telling the truth!" Sam whispered harshly. Dean rubbed his temples.

"If I could still hear girls' thoughts this would be a helluva lot easier." He grumbled. Sam shook his head.

"After what happened last time, I'd rather we do this the hard way." He said.

"So what do we do?" Dean asked. His brother sighed.

"Try and get her to tell us who she sold it to." He suggested.

"Yeah right," Dean snorted. "We tied her to a chair in her own house. She already hated our guts before this; you really think she'll tell us anything? She'd rather die Sammy." They stood in silence for a moment, glancing at Bella every so often. Sam looked at the counter, pushing through the papers absentmindedly. Slowly his expression changed. His brows formed a line as he looked at them, his mouth curving to a smile.

"Dean," He whispered. "We don't have to get her to tell us anything." He showed the paper to his older brother, who returned his grin once he read it. Sam put the paper back on the counter and headed toward the door. Dean sauntered over to Bella, bent down and yanked the duck tape off of her mouth. She winced and scowled at him.

"You did that on purpose asshole." She spat. Dean said nothing. He reached behind her and untied her wrists.

"See ya Bella." He said. She didn't move as he walked out the door, just stared after him, shocked. She stood when he was gone, still unable to comprehend that the Winchesters had just left her house, and she was unharmed.

"Oh God what the hell do they know that I don't."

Dean put the Impala in park, staring at the building through the windshield. He grinned when he saw the woman standing there, hand on her hip, glaring at him and his little brother. He shoved the car door open and walked toward her.

"I swear to the holy father," Tina said, shaking her head at them. "If you boys ever come near my shop again for anything other than a friendly visit, I'll kill you." She said sharply. Dean rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Tina, I swear on my mother's grave we'll leave the supernatural stuff to ourselves." He said.

"That better go for the both of you." She said through pursed lips.

"I swear too." Sam said with a soft smile. She handed Dean a small paper sack that was formed around the jar.

"Now put that somewhere where that Whore of Britain can't get it alright?" She said playfully. "And it's true owner too. I don't want that woman near me ever again."

"Ditto." Dean snorted. Tina glared at him.

"'Ditto', how absurd. The way young people talk."

"Thank you Tina," Sam said. "I know getting this wasn't cheap." She shrugged.

"Yes, well, my artifacts were insured, so I thought I'd put it to good use." She said.

"How'd you know Bella had it?" Dean asked. Tina made a clucking noise with her tongue and shook her head back and forth.

"Now you know that saying about magicians." She said. Dean cocked his brow at her. "Oh I know I'm not a magician, I'm a psychic, you smart ass. Sheesh. I know my way around the hunting grounds, let's put it that way and be done with it." She said, folding her arms over her chest in defiance.

"Thanks again Tina," Dean said, getting into the Impala and starting the engine, Sam close behind. "We owe you one."

"No, you owe me ten million!" She shouted after them. They were out of sights moments later, and she turned back to her shop, shaking her head.

"That is a perfect example of why I retired."

She approached him first. To be perfectly honest he hadn't been paying that much attention to the women in the bar right now. Which was mongo weird for him. But, nevertheless, he smiled flirtatiously at the dark haired woman that sat in the barstool next to him.

"Hi," She said, sort of shyly. "My friends made me come over here." Dean laughed lightly.

"Now why would they do a thing like that?" He said, fake scorning in his voice. She smiled, her face turning pink.

"Because they told me I need to take more risks. I said 'Like what?' they said 'Like talking to the hottie down there.' I said 'like he'd really talk to me.' They said 'try.' So, here I am." Dean laughed, her face turned redder and she looked at the floor.

"And now you're laughing at me." She mumbled. Dean shook his head.

"No, no, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing because you think I wouldn't talk to you. If I woulda seen you sooner, I sure as hell would have." Her face was so red it was almost purple now. She looked at him, a small smile playing on the corners of her mouth.

"You're lying." She said. Dean shook his head.

"Nope. Swear to God," He said. Somehow she flushed deeper. "I'm Dean."

"Lila," She grinned. "And as you can tell, I talk too much." Dean laughed.

"So do I." He smirked. She giggled. He glanced over her shoulder and smiled.

"Are those your friends?" He asked. She nodded. Dean waved lightly at the goggling girls at the other end of the bar. They squealed and chattered amongst themselves in voices only dogs could hear. Dean looked back to Lila.

"College?" He asked. She looked down.

"How'd ya guess?" She said rhetorically. He smiled.

"Don't be so nervous," He said gently. "I'm don't bite, well, much anyway." She laughed.

"I'll try and relax."

Two hours later…

"Not even kidding!" Lila laughed. "He couldn't walk for three days!"

"Oh my god!" Dean giggled, holding his sides. They both took a moment to compose themselves. Lila took the last swig of beer that was left in the bottle and set it back on the bar. She looked around, sweeping her dark hair back over her shoulder.

"You wanna get out of here?" She asked quietly. Dean smiled and glanced at the floor.

"If you woulda caught me about a week ago I would've said yes in a second." He said.

"But..?" Lila coaxed. Dean sighed and looked up at her.

"This is gonna sound cornier than corny but, I respect you too much for a one night stand Lila." He said.

Holy shit, Lila thought. Never in my life have I met a guy so sweet!

"Wow," She said. "That's a first…You aren't saying that to blow me off are you?" She asked. Dean shook his head, eyes genuine. Lila felt her heart melt. He leaned forward, his beautiful face inches from hers.

"But I'll give you something to brag to your friends about." He whispered. Then his lips pressed to hers, his fingers braiding in her hair. She felt her hand on his neck, moving on its own accord. She gasped when his tongue slid into her mouth but quickly recovered.

Holy SHIT!

His other hand was on her waist, gently squeezing her hip. Their lips parted and joined again several times, sending her head buzzing with each move he made. He pulled away from her minutes later, or was it seconds, or hours, or days? She didn't know. Those big green eyes looked at her and he grinned.

"Okay…Is it alright with you if I changed my mind?" She smiled back at him and nodded. They both stood, and he let her grab her hand and lead him outside.

Dean pulled his T-shirt back on over his head, looking around and making sure he didn't miss anything. He tugged his shoes on and stood, making sure to be pretty quiet, as he had been for the past ten minutes. He walked over to the other side of the bed, gazing at the woman sleeping peacefully there. He brushed her dark brown hair out of her face and caressed her cheek. Slowly, her gray eyes opened, and she smiled up at him.

"Hi." She said, sleep thick in her voice. He smiled back.

"Hi," He whispered, still stroking her face. "You sleep alright?"

"Absolutely," She said, briefly closing her eyes. His smile broadened. They stared at each other for a long time, saying nothing. Her hand moved to his cheek. "'Bye Dean." She said.

"'Bye Lila."



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