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Chapter 1: Secret Power

Lewis's POV

It's been one week since the showdown between Emma, Rikki, Cleo, and Charlotte. Things had gone back to normal, or as normal as it gets around here. Emma and Ash can officially be called a couple now, especially now that he knows the truth about the girls being mermaids. Rikki and Zane, still the interesting couple, having more fun battling wits with each other than going out on dates. And now that Cleo and I are back together not only are we dating frequently, but we've gotten a lot closer.

Indeed everything's back to normal and I don't expect any danger coming anytime soon. After all if something bad was going to happen I would be the first one to know because of my "warning sense" that tells me when something bad is about to happen. Or I would have some kind of vision of the possible danger ahead. Even though I know there are limits to what I can sense, I don't think we have to worry about anything right now.

It's strange how at first I despised having this power. Now I seem to rely more on what it tells or show me. I felt like I was more cursed than blessed when I realized what was happening to me. This power is a part of what I became and what I still am. I've accepted this change, maybe even going so far as embracing what I am and its gifts.

It's funny that the girls are not the only ones who have a huge secret now. What I am and the effects are my secret and mine alone. I feel the girls might not accept it just yet, especially after what happened with Charlotte, so I haven't told them. It's not that I don't trust them with my secret, in fact I have been thinking about telling Cleo as long as she promises not to tell anyone else yet. I just want to make sure they would be able to handle everything I have to tell them about my changes. After all these changes are the reasons for why I acted the way I did with Charlotte and the girls. Well I guess I can't blame my powers for all of my behavior, especially when I got warnings not to do some of the things I did or when I misinterpreted what they was telling me.

One of the most costly and dangerous misinterpretation that I made was Charlotte. I had spent more time with her than the girls because of the pull I felt to be as close as I can to her. I thought maybe that she was actually the one I was supposed to protect and not Cleo as I originally thought. I now realize how ignorant that was of me to think that. It wasn't telling me to get close to her to protect her; it was telling me to get close to her to protect Cleo from her. I was being pulled to Charlotte because she was the most danger to Cleo and the girls, and that I needed to watch her carefully. If I had realized this sooner I would have saved all of us a lot of pain. It's why I didn't fight back much whenever Rikki blamed me for the whole thing knowing that I had caused a lot of it.

I knew something bad was going to happen the day when Rikki got injured from the crate. That's why I wanted to reassure them that I was still there for them and not to trust Zane, knowing that something would go wrong and that they would need me. I know something really dangerous was going to happen during the full moon when Cleo had to go camping on Mako Island. That was why I was more paranoid and protective during the time, and then that warning told me not to bring Charlotte with us. I should have realized it then, but I started doubting the warnings after the girls handled the full moon that night. However, when I think back on it I realized that if Charlotte didn't come with us she would have never discovered the moon pool and possibly never became a mermaid.

The more time went on the more I started ignoring the warnings and thus I was causing more harm to the others especially Cleo. That's when another part of my power was revealed to me and I had my first vision. This vision had scared me, seeing Cleo being exposed as a mermaid on the beach with people around her talking and taking pictures and her telling me she missed me. When I realized this was a part of my power, I didn't understand the purpose for receiving the vision. As the vision kept playing over and over again in my dreams I figured it was trying to tell me that Cleo would be exposed. Since I still doubted my powers back then, I was doing my best to act natural and hoped the visions would just go away. But when the scene from my vision along with the same people played in front of me at the water park I knew then not to doubt the warnings or visions again. The thing that I get now that I should've got then was that it was also telling me that I had abandoned Cleo and that she still needed me with her.

The next warning was given to me the day of another full moon, though this one wasn't as bad as last time. I learned by now that I won't get a warning if the girls didn't need me and that it diverges to a certain level depending on the amount of danger that will occur. Unfortunately I couldn't tell them that when they said they had everything under control, so I had to leave them and hope they would call me when needed. And that's exactly what happened when I got a call from Emma and I stopped her from being exposed by Ash.

The most urgent warning I felt was when I learned about Max, and Charlotte learned that her grandmother was a mermaid. This one truly frightened me because I didn't know at that time what would be so dangerous. So I started doing research again to see if I could find out what will happen or prepare the girls for whatever was coming. When Max proposed the deal about taking him to Mako in exchange for his research I was going to decline. After all I didn't know Max that well then, and I wasn't sure if he was what the danger was. And even though I may not show it enough I do care more about the girls' safety than anything else. But at that moment I found out my powers not only tell me about bad things happening, they also tell me when there is no danger or treat coming when I believe there is. I felt a strong positive vibe go though me as a confirmation that there was no danger, meaning that I could trust Max. When I saw Max heading towards the moon pool I started doubting my powers again. I kept getting more positive vibes letting me know not to worry but I still had until I learned Max already knew about the mermaids. This once again proved that I should trust my powers a lot more.

As I saw Charlotte watching the film that showed her the existence of mermaids I knew this was the reason for the dangerous warning I received earlier. I did my best to keep Charlotte from the truth, at the same time trying to comfort the girls so they wouldn't have to worry as much as I was. However both of these things did not go well at all. The girls were still worried and scared, even if they didn't admit to the last part. That's why I wanted to reassure them that they would be safe. I do not like it when someone I care about feels this way and I can't seem to ease or help them when they needed me the most. In fact that is the main reason for why I have my powers in the first place, so I could help protect them.

It only got worse when Charlotte told me she talked to Max and he told her everything. This shocked me because I had thought I could trust Max, which is why I gave him back the research instead of keeping or hiding it myself. That event made me realize an important thing about my powers; they will help the people I also start to care about too. So since I had started caring for Charlotte there were no warnings or signs that she was following me and that she would learn the truth, especially since it was something Charlotte desperately wanted. So now I have to be very mindful of whom I care for because if I happen to like the wrong person, like Charlotte, my powers will start helping them as well.

I level of the warnings kept increasing when Charlotte showed me she was a mermaid and when she realized she had all three powers. This encouraged me to try to bring the girls together hoping that if all of them could get along that the dangerous warnings would stop. But it seemed that no matter how hard I tried they just couldn't agree with each other and disliked what the other was doing.

After a while I learned two very important things about my powers. The first one is that my powers don't warn me about me being in danger. It won't let me know when I'm the one in danger, only the ones I care for. I know this because if it did I would have taken Nate more seriously and probably wouldn't have gotten hurt like I did. But this doesn't bother me too much because I care more about the girls safety than mine's anyway, I just have to be more careful about the things happening to and around me without the aid of my powers. The second and probably most important thing I learned that day was that my powers could actually enhance the girls' powers. When both sides were fighting for control over my boat that Nate had taken. They were actually even in power with each other and I knew that it was going to continue going both ways. At that time I wanted so bad to be able to help the girls and stop Charlotte from hurting Nate that my powers responded to me and the girls were able to fight off Charlotte. I didn't know what happened at the time but I knew I had something to do with it.

I realized that I had enhanced the girls' powers when Charlotte showed me that she had "mastered" hers. She thought that she was a better mermaid because she controlled her powers before the others did, when in truth it was because of me enhancing her powers. I guess because I wanted Charlotte to have more control of her powers so she wouldn't hurt anyone or risk exposure my powers reacted to her and gave her more power. Again proving that it helps the people I begin to care for. So basically I can strengthen the abilities of the people I want to help; as long as it's a person I care for and when they actually need my help.

Another one of my foolish acts was when I ignored a high warning that came when I had agreed to not socialize with Rikki, Emma, and Cleo anymore. Ironically I reluctantly agreed to this because I got my second vision the night before about Charlotte battling against the girls. That did eventually happen, though my vision didn't tell me who would win. My vision was of Charlotte making creatures out of the water and the girls using their individual powers to stop it but then the creatures were trapping them and moving them towards the water. I thought that if I broke off with the girls for a while it would keep Charlotte away from them and she wouldn't have a reason to hurt them. This proved to be in vain when I found out that she not only stole my phone but Cleo's necklace as well, which made me finally realize that I needed to be by Cleo's side when the girls would face off.

My vision of the girls face off continued like the first vision letting me know that moment was coming soon. After Max told me about the effects of the fifty year full moon I hoped that I would be able to stop Charlotte so the showdown would not happen. The fact that the girls told me she used her powers to hurt them earlier when they were trying to warn Charlotte of the full moon proved to me that their battle was coming fast and I needed to act quickly. It was one of those time were I wished I could be warned when I'm in trouble because then maybe I wouldn't of fallen for Charlotte's trap. The showdown happened just like in my vision though I had noticed a few things were left out. At the end they had won and Charlotte lost her powers forever. What they don't know is that I helped a little by strengthening their powers in the end. However I did not win it for them, they did it themselves and I just helped a little. Although I'm sure if I told them about it they, mainly Rikki, would think that I didn't believe they could do it on their own. That is one of the reasons why I haven't told them about my changes and how much it affected everything, they might take it the wrong way believing that I didn't think they could handle themselves.

Even though things have settled down now I feel that a big change is coming, but in a good way. I'm not sure if it's just a natural feeling or if it's my powers telling me that. All I know is it will have something to deal with Cleo's and mine relationship. Maybe it's because I might finally tell her about what really has been happening to me. If she does take it in a positive way I can see us doing a lot more things together and understandings well defiantly be going around. The ironic thing about that is that if this happens my change makes us closer, when the reason I got them is because we were falling apart. Yes, there's no way I could forget that all of this happened because I had made that one secret wish.

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