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Chapter 6: The True Flame Can't Be Extinguished

Rikki's POV

It was Saturday evening, the night of the full moon and I was currently being escorted by Zane who was bringing me to his house after telling me his surprise was finally ready. I admit when he showed up to my house in a tuxedo and carrying a dress bag in his arms I had been shocked. I had grown even more curious about this surprise when he wanted me to take the dress bag and told me I needed to dress formally. I admit that I had been hesitant to go out with Zane because of the full moon, but then I had remembered what Cleo told us a few days ago so I had finally decided to take the dress from Zane. Wouldn't you know it that the dress he gave me was the exact same one he gave me before and his response was that it was more about the significance of it and not about the money. I hadn't been too sure if I believed him or not but I had decided to get on the back of his motorcycle properly dressed and go with him anyway. When we at last arrived at the front of his house he shocked me by covering my eyes with a blindfold.

"Is the blindfold really necessary?" I asked in an annoyed but playful tone.

"Well knowing you, if I told you to close your eyes, you'd take a peek and ruin the surprise," Zane joked as I felt him leading me inside the house.

I had to smirk at that because I knew he was right. It's hard for me to handle surprises since I'm not one that likes being caught off guard; however for Zane I can make an exception. Though there's no way I'm telling him that!

Zane continued leading me and I started getting excited as thoughts of what the surprise could be went around in my mind. I tried my best not to show it, but when Zane stated that we were almost there, I knew he could tell how eager I was. We eventually came to a stop and he let go of me, telling me to take the blindfold off. I did as told and untied the cloth that was covering my eyes. When my eyes were finally uncovered I was stunned at what I saw. We were in a candlelit dining room with a dinner table set for two. Basically the room looked like the inside of a fancy restaurant, the only difference was that there was only one dinner table (the small square kind) and trays and bowls of food were already on the table and waiting to be eaten.

"Judging by the look on your face and lack of response, I'm guessing you like it," humored Zane.

"It's nice…though it would've been easier if we just went to an actual restaurant," I commented giving him a playful smile.

"It would…but then I wouldn't have been able to cook the food for you then, now would I," he responded as a smirk grew on his lips.

I looked at him immediately when I heard that and knew surprise had to be shown on my face.

"You…Zane Bennett…actually cooked?" I said with clear disbelief in my voice.

"Is that really so hard to believe?" he asked putting on a mock hurt look on his face.

I purposely lowered my head a little and avoided eye contact with him as a small teasing smile graced my lips, giving Zane my answer to his question. I could tell he got the message as he started getting an annoyed look on his face.

"Here I am trying to be romantic, and all I get in return is skepticism!" exasperated Zane, though he sounded upset, I could tell that he was still being humorous.

"Well; what else do you expect from me when you told me you cooked?" I questioned with sarcasm and a sly grin.

After I said that a mischievous smirk appeared on his face as he pulled me closer to him.

"I expected something like this," he whispered to me before pressing his lips on mine for a tender kiss.

I closed my eyes as I leaned more into the kiss, while my arms encircled his neck and his hands were on my waist. Suddenly, I felt my tongue slide against his teeth, asking permission to enter. This took me by surprise because I had no idea where this action came from. Nevertheless I quickly got over my surprise and tried to break off the kiss only to find that I couldn't. I tried to move my arms, legs, head anything so I could break away from Zane. Yet no matter how hard I tried, my body seemed to have a mind of its own. This was further proven when my tongue rubbed slower and harder against his teeth demanding entrance into his mouth.

I felt Zane shudder in response, whether from surprise or delight I wasn't sure. However I soon got my answer when his tongue greeted mine. My tongue reacted immediately to this and started fighting with his for dominance. I felt my body moving closer to his and his doing the same. My hands moved from his neck to the back of his head and pushed his head closer to me, making the kiss deepen. I then felt one of Zane's hands move from my waist to my thigh causing a moan to produce from my mouth. I knew then that this had to stop now! I don't know what's going on here and Zane clearly doesn't know either! I made another attempt to get back control of my body but no matter how hard I tried it ended with the same result. Fortunately for me, air was soon needed and Zane and I (or more accurately my body) had to break off the kiss.

I felt myself panting from the kiss, but also a huge smile was formed on my face at the same time. Since my eyes seemed to be glued to Zane, I could see him in a similar breathless, yet grinning state as my body was. Even through all this, neither Zane nor my body had left the position they were in during the kiss. Once our breaths evened out Zane spoke.

"If I knew this would happen, I would've cooked for you sooner," he humored with a grin still on his face.

Now that my mouth was free I tried to open my mouth and speak so I could tell him that something was wrong and that he was an idiot to not notice this. Unfortunately it seemed I couldn't even do that! So all I can do is hope that my lack of response to his statement would start to get through that big head of his. I felt my lips form from a smile to a smirk and then to my surprise a response came out of my mouth.

"I would've told you to cook for me sooner too," my body replied making Zane chuckle.

I can't believe this! It's bad enough I lose control of my body, but my voice too! Now there's no way for me to tell Zane what's happening! So all I can do is watch? When I noticed Zane was about to speak again, I calmed myself down some so I wouldn't miss anything that was happening. Just in case there's a chance for me to gain back control of myself.

"Speaking of dinner, we should eat before the food gets cold. We don't want my hard work to go to waste, do we?" he asked playfully as he removed his hands from their positions to grab mine in his.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind that if we could replace dinner with where we just left off," my body said in a soft seductive voice while pressing closer to his body.

Zane looked like he was losing it badly and as much as I wanted to; I couldn't blame him for that. I was starting to enjoy the closeness of our bodies and seeing Zane lose his composure like this. Maybe this isn't so bad…No! I won't give in like that! I refuse to let my body take over my mind too! Yet, Zane's voice broke through my rant.

"Rikki…are you…serious about that?" he asked in a somewhat shaky but eager voice.

My body responded to his question by giving Zane a passionate kiss. My body ended the kiss and locked eye contact with Zane.

"That better have answered your question because I don't want to waste time explaining it to you," my body said with a stern tone.

Zane gained a serious look on his face and tightened the hold he had on my hands.

"It did," he stated softly but with certainty before slowly moving his head towards me, going in for another kiss.

But before he could kiss me, my body placed my finger on his lips ceasing his action. A questioning look appeared on Zane's face and I too was a little surprised by this. It was obvious what my body wanted to happen and now Zane did too, so why did my body stop him? However it didn't take long for me to get my answer as my mouth opened.

"Not here," was the simple, yet significant reply.

Understanding was shown in Zane's eyes and a small smile formed on his lips.

"Follow me then," he instructed as removed one of his hands from mine while the other hand still held mine.

He used his hold on my hand to gently pull me while leading me out of the dinning room and up the stairs. When we reached the top of the stairs, he took us down a hall and stopped us in front of a door. After he opened the door and we both entered the room, I could tell that this was his room.

"So, what do you think?" Zane asked as he closed and locked the door.

My head moved from left to right, with my eyes doing the same. Since I had no control over this I had to observe the room as well.

"It's definitely you Zane," my body replied with a slight grin formed on my lips.

"That was a compliment, right?" he apprehensively asked.

My body moved closer to Zane and gave him a short tender but strong kiss on his lips. Once my body ended the kiss, I felt my lips curve into a smirk,

"It's whatever you think it is," my body merely answered.

Zane smiled and put his hands around my waist, pulling my body closer to him.

"Then I should thank you for the compliment," he replied before placing numerous kisses along my neck.

A light moan escaped my mouth to which Zane responded to by nibbling and sucking my neck. While he was doing this, my hands had unbuttoned his shirt and were now roaming around his well developed chest. I really wanted this to stop because, as much as I hate to admit it, I was enjoying this. I may not be in control of my actions, but it didn't stop me from experiencing the feelings that came from them. I know if this keeps up I'll eventually give in to this and that's something I definitely don't want to happen.

I suddenly felt Zane's hands pulling down the zipper on the back of my dress and then slid down my dress enough to expose my breasts to him. Yet before he could do anything else, my body stopped him monetary and slid off the dress completely leaving only my panties on. After the dress was off my body went towards the bed and laid down on it giving Zane the whole view of my front side. Once that was done, my face looked directly at Zane and gave him a predatory smirk. It didn't take him long to get the hint, so he took off his shirt and pants leaving him in only his boxers. He then got on the bed and crawled his way towards me making him hover over me.

"Are you sure about this, Rikki?" Zane asked looking at me seriously.

I felt my face gain an annoyed expression.

"For the last time, I'm sure. Now are we going to do this or are you going to chicken out?" I heard myself ask mockingly.

My hope of finding a way out of this is officially demolished. There's no way Zane will let that chicken out comment go. So when I saw that smirk form on Zane's lips, I knew we wouldn't stop until we lost our virginity. I hated to admit it, but I knew there was no way to stop this now. I can't believe it has gotten this far and I can't do anything to stop it. I never thought I would ever summit to anything or anyone, that I would let nothing or no one control me. But it looks like I have no choice but to let my body take over me. I won't waste my energy on a now official futile fight.

When I felt Zane caressing one of my breasts, moans constantly escaped my mouth. I felt the sensations from his touch and I let the feelings take over me too. I've decided that since this is happening, I might as well enjoy it. After all they say if you can't beat them, join them, right? With my mind made up, for the first time I gave in and I'm surprised at the results of this. I instantly felt the need for Zane to be in me. I wanted him more than ever now, for us to be one and for us to be one step closer to becoming mates.

I then felt him sucking on my other breast as I said his name in a pleading yet demanding voice. He seemed to get the message, but Zane being Zane had to toy with me. He started sucking my other breast teasingly, while using his hand to remove the last of my clothing. He then put one of his fingers slowly and gently into my entrance, preparing and taunting me at the same time. He put another finger in me, so now two of his fingers were rubbing inside me causing my juices to flow on his fingers. Despite the pleasured moans and gasps that came from me, I really wanted to hit him for playing with me like this. His teasing was making me impatient and the desire for him to take me, grow.

"Damn it Zane! You better…take me now…or I'm going to…seriously hurt you!" I yelled to him in a threatening way.

I needed to let him know this was serious and that playtime was over. I wanted us to at least have this part of the mating ritual done, that way we would be guaranteed to be the others mate. When I felt his fingers leave me, I could tell he got that I was serious in my threat and he started to remove his boxers.

"Zane?" we suddenly her his father shout from downstairs.

We both cringed when we heard his father's voice causing us to cease our actions. I was angry that we had been interrupted when we were so close to unification and by the looks of it Zane was feeling the same way. This was further proven by what he said next.

"Damn it! He wasn't supposed to back from his business trip until Monday," Zane commented with irritation.

"Zane?" Mr. Bennett yelled again, only this time he sounded louder which meant he was getting closer to our location.

"You think if we remain quiet he'll think nobody is here?" I asked Zane.

"Let's hope so, I wouldn't mind finishing where we left off," he answered giving me a sly smirk.

"Well if you weren't playing so much we would have finished by now," I retorted.

"Fine…no more playing," he said quietly before moving back on top of me and catching my lips in a strong romantic kiss.

I could feel the strong emotions Zane was putting into this kiss and knew that he was serious about his playtime ending. Realizing this, I too put all of the feelings I had for him in this kiss.

"I saw the dining room Zane! I know you're here and not alone either!" he shouted as some anger inched into his voice as the sound of footsteps grew even louder.

That was it! I'm not letting him interrupt our mating! I broke off the kiss from Zane and told him to let me get up. I could tell he was confused by this but I'm glad he got off of me anyway. I wasted no time and went directly to the window in his room.

"Rikki, What are you doing?" he asked me in a confused voice.

I allowed a smirk to graze my lips as I pulled open the curtains, letting the beautiful moonlight enter the room.

"Getting more power," I replied before gazing up intensively at the full moon that was high in the sky.

The smirk on my face grew when I felt the wonderful surge of power flowing into me and I knew nothing would stop me and my future mate from becoming one now.

"Are you alright Rikki?" I heard Zane ask as he put his hand gently on my shoulder.

I turned around to face him and wrapped my arms around him.

"I've never been more alright," I proclaimed as I leaned up to kiss him once again.

He of course responded right away and closed his eyes as the kiss became stronger and passionate. When I heard the door knob turning it was then I knew it was time to use my newly enhanced powers.

Normal POV

Mr. Bennett was already upset when he had to come home early because the other business company decided to drop off the deal at the last minute. Unfortunately when he went into the dining room and saw how the place was set up he knew right away that his son was here alone with his rambunctious girlfriend. He was very angry at this because he clearly told Zane that he wasn't allowed to bring anyone in this house when he was away. Yet not only did he disobey that rule but to bring his girlfriend here in a huge house with just them, Mr. Bennett could guess at all the things that would happen between them. He was beyond furious when he didn't receive any answer after he called Zane for the third time and that he was nowhere to be found, which left Zane's bedroom the only place left.

He was not surprised to find that the door to the bedroom was locked, which just increased his furry even more. He had had it when he couldn't open the door, so he gave up working on the knob and settled for barraging the door with his body. The third time was the charm as he finally busted the door open and was greatly surprised when he saw that no one was in the room.

Zane's POV

I felt groggy as I slowly opened my eyes. As my eyesight became clearer, I realized that I was no longer in my room if the dark night sky above was any indication. Once I got up from the ground I became shocked to find myself on a beach. After closer inspection I realized that this wasn't just any beach but the shores of Mako Island.

"What in the world? How did I end up here? The last thing I remember was being in my room with Rikki before some kind of orange light blinded me….Wait, where's Rikki?" I frantically thought after noticing that Rikki wasn't anywhere to be found.

"Rikki? Rikki, where are you?" I shouted as I turned all around hoping to find her somewhere on the beach.

Not having any luck on the beach I figured she may be somewhere else on the island. I was getting ready to head into the woods but an astounding sight stopped me in my tracks. That same orange light I had saw in my room appeared and seemed to be actually heading towards me. It wasn't until it was coming closer did I realize that that light was fire. The strange thing was that the fire looked to be in the shape of a large spinning ball light a comet. Not only that but as it was passing through the foliage none of the flames burnt or set fire to anything in its path. Despite that I was not going to chance it coming any closer to me I started running from it in another direction, yet to my surprise the ball of fire changed its course to the same direction I took. I immediately started running away from it as fast as I could. I knew they say it's never a good idea to glance back when you're running but I couldn't help myself from seeing how close that ball of fire was. Turns out that that hadn't been a good idea after all because it was now close enough to me where I could feel the heat coming off the flames. Just as I thought I was about to be done for the ball suddenly went passed me and stopped only a few feet in front of me, making me stop running before I could end up crashing into it. Unfortunately my sudden stop wasn't perfect and I ended up slipping on the sand and felling right on my back.

A groan escaped my mouth at the impact of my back and the ground though luckily it seemed I wasn't hurt too bad. That's when I suddenly heard laughter, a very familiar one at that. I sat up quickly trying to find where the laughter was coming from and to my amazement discovered it was coming from the ball of fire gravitating in front of me.

"Could it be?"

"Rikki?" I questioned, staring at the ball of fire as I stood back up on my two feet.

I was caught off guard when the flames of the ball stopped spinning and began to dissipate leaving the form of Rikki exposed before me.

"Took you long enough," mocked Rikki with a huge smirk on her face.

"Wait so that ball of fire was you?" I exclaimed, not happy that my girlfriend was trying to give me a heart attack.

"I believe I made that quite clear," she retorted back with a roll of her eyes making me get angrier.

"Do you have any idea how freaked out I was! I thought I was about to be…" was all I could say before I was caught by surprise at Rikki's lips being suddenly smashed onto mine.

I tried to stay angry at her, not wanting her to think that just because she's kissing me I would forget so easily. Yet the deeper she pressed her mouth up against mine and the intrusion of her tongue wresting with mine I couldn't help but let out a satisfied moan. Her arms circled my neck as I felt her body push closer to mine made me suddenly realize that we both were still naked because those nicely sized bare breast were smashed against my uncovered chest. Before I could think more on it Rikki's lips left mine while a serious expression showed on her face.

"Let's not start anything ok? Tonight is too special to be arguing," she proclaimed while her hand went to touch the side of my face in an affectionate manner, greatly surprising me.

"Rikki…" but she just interrupted me again by placing her finger over my mouth.

"Shush, I want to continue where we left off," she declared before her lips once again took mine for a heated kiss.

I couldn't help but smirk during our kiss as my thoughts agreed completely with Rikki for us to continue what we started earlier in my room. Before I knew it, my hands gained a mind of their own and groped her soft yet firm rear. When I realized what I just did, I honestly expected a slap to my face. Yet to my surprise, Rikki soon broke off from the kiss before a huge smirk came across her face.

"Mighty eager now are we?" she teased as her arms began sliding down from my neck to my chest.

"Alright then," she added before her lips started nibbling and sucking on the side of my neck causing a small groan of pleasure to come from me.

I was getting lost in the pleasure of Rikki's treatment on my neck, figuring that by now a mark had formed. However the sudden feel of her hands grabbing my manhood had snapped me out of it. I immediately tore myself from Rikki not sure what to make of the suddenness of all this.

"What?" asked Rikki with some annoyance in her voice, probably having noticed the strange way I stared at her.

I firmed my brows at Rikki, trying to figure out what was up with her.

"What's bringing this on all of a sudden? …You haven't been around any amber grease lately, have you?" I questioned after remembering that little fiasco from a while ago.

Unfortunately, that seemed to make Rikki angry as I saw the fury enter her eyes and to my shock a small fire started to form around her. The flames didn't cover her completely like the ball of fire did but it was enough to act like a barrier around her.

"I don't believe you! I'm trying to mate with you and you decide to ruin it by asking me stupid questions!" yelled Rikki to which the flames themselves elevated higher to the anger in her voice.

Despite the twinge of fear that I felt from seeing how angry Rikki was, I was more curious about something she just said.

"Hold on, did you just use the word mate?" I asked confused to why she would say that which caused an exasperated expression to appear on her face.

"Yes Zane, mate as in mating, as in having sex, as in being bounded together forever! Don't you want that?"

I was speechless. Was she serious? However taking a glance at the hard look on Rikki's face pretty much answered my question, yet I just didn't know what to say. Nonetheless it seemed Rikki was fed up with my silence and before I knew it she threw herself at me, knocking us both down to the ground. Her arms had locked mine in place above my head while her legs were straddling my waist tightly. Her face was now only inches away from mine as I could feel her breaths grazing at my lips. I had to admit that this position was slowly but surely turning me on, but the stern look that came on Rikki's face started making me a little nervous too.

"Let me make this real simple for you Zane. Do you want to mate with me, yes or no?" she stated, staring straight into my eyes practically demanding an answer from me.

I was thrown for a loop at the ultimatum she just gave me knowing she meant every word of it. What did she expect me to say to that? As far as I know mating is for animals not people.

"Duh your girlfriend's a mermaid!" was the thought that suddenly struck me making me understand the situation just a little bit better.

"So then back to the real question, do I want to do this with Rikki? If this is the real deal then as far as I know there's no going back once it's done. Could I possibly be with Rikki for the long haul? Having constant banter exchanges, teasing and mocking each other, having more throw downs than make out sessions, dealing with her criticism, sarcastic, and rebelliousness as long as I live."

It actually surprised me how quick the answer came to me and something in my gut knew it was the right one too. I swiftly managed to get my hands out of Rikki's grasp and rolled her to the side before quickly placing myself on top of her and smashing my lips onto hers. I deepened the kiss further letting my tongue plunge its way into her mouth. I then let my hand sneak its way to her right breast and giving it a nice squeeze causing a sound to produce from Rikki's mouth. I then took my lips from hers allowing a smirk to form on my lips.

"That better have answered your question because I don't want to waste time explaining it to you," I answered back, teasing her with the same words she said to me earlier.

I instantly saw the desire enter Rikki's eyes as her tongue made a rapid sweep over her lips before a seductive smirk made its way on her face.

"It did, but I swear Zane if you try playing with me again I'm going to burn you alive," she replied giving me a strict glare making me chuckle.

"Don't worry, I won't hold back anymore, promise," I told her, giving her a peck on her forehead bringing a light smile to her face.

"Good," she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned up to kiss me once more.

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