*And there's another to match,* Hinata thought as she made another cut on her already multiply slit wrist. After a few moments of watching the blood trickle from the cut she rinsed the blood from the sink and ran cold water over it. She then went back to her bed and laid down. She faked sleep as she heard her roommate Temari come in, stubbing her toe on a corner.

Eventually Hinata drifted off into a dreamless sleep. When she woke up she thought, *Great another day in this hell they call a school.* Sighing she soundlessly got up and dressed in dark blue baggy jeans and a black hoodie and a black dog collar around her neck. With that she went to the cafeteria for breakfast. She hardly looked around as she got her normal tray of ceral. She took her customary table by the doors. Nobody except Shino, from time to time, would sit anywhere near her. Naruto and Kiba were the only ones that really made an attempt at talking to her. It didn't bother her though. She had grown accustomed to the loneliness and silence. Although..., the one she wanted was just a few tables over. It would never happen though... She had accepted that long ago. Hinata moved her lilac gaze to the bubblegum pink haired girl, taking in her beauty for just a moment. With a sigh of reluctance, she got up and threw her tray away, time for morning classes, oh joy.

Sakura was sitting beside Hinata in the back of History, 4th period meaning lunch was next. Sakura glanced over at Hinata and saw her staring either at the desk or floor, Sakura couldn't be sure which it was. So she ripped a piece of paper from her notebook quietly and wrote, "This sure is boring, huh?" and folded it and tossed it onto Hinata's desk. Hinata barely glanced over to Sakura before opening the note. After reading it a small smile tugged at her lips and she wrote back,"Yeah, doesn't even realise hlaf the class is sleepin." She tossed it back. Sakura stifled a giggle and wrote, "Totally, so wanna hang out later?" then tossed the note back to her. Hinata read the note and rolled her eyes thinking Sakura didn't mean it, so she tossed the note back unanswered. Sakura opened it shocked to find no answer anywhere. She planned on asking Hinata what her deal was when class was over.

Hinata was one of the first out. She quickly went back to her room and put her books up and got the ones for the rest of the day. She went into the bathroom and pushed the sleeve of her hoodie up. She made another angry cut for thinking Sakura would care about her even the slightest. Nobody cared bout her, least of all Sakura. And none knew, none could ever know. She quickly cleaned up the cut and sink. With everything back in place Hinata went to lunch.

Sakura was disappointed that she didn't get to talk to Hinata after class and didn't see her at first in lunch. Right then Tenten and Kin and Temari walked over to her table and began talking to her so for a time she forgot about Hinata.