Hinata sighed happily, she and Sakura had been together for more than a year now. The next day was thanksgiving and they planned on spending it together at the dorm.

She had no idea what they would be doing, Sakura clearly wanted to move forward with their relationship, but she hadn't pressured the other girl. It wasn't that she didn't want to be with her like that, she was just afraid of what the bubble gum pink haired girl would say when she saw the scars.
It would likely end it, no matter what Sakura said, there was no way she would be okay with the scars.

- Sakura -

She and Kiba were at the mall, both buying small gifts for their boyfriend/girlfriends. Kiba decided on a bright orange Fox shirt and Sakura had finally found a white Ke$ha shirt for Hinata.

"So what are you and Naruto going to do?" she asked as they walked out back to his Jeep.

"I don;t know yet, maybe just sit and watch movies for a while," Kiba replied with a shrug, "how about you and Hina?"

"I have a few things planned," she smiled devillishly.

"Haha, have fun with that," he laughed as they climbed into the Jeep.

"Oh I will," she replied, causing him to laugh again.

- Hinata -

She was sitting on her bed, knees up to her chest with her sketchpad sitting on her legs, colored pencils beside her.

She was, of course, sketching Sakura. A memory, when they had gone to the docks.

Sakura was standing just about knee deep in the water and Hinata had been sitting on the dock. Sakura's hair was blowing in the wind, she was holding up the peace sign and sticking her tongue out at Hinata who was laughing.

She had drawn Sakura in the foreground, taking up mostof the middle of the page, then drawn trees in the distance and the water around her legs.

Now she was coloring it in.

Not long into the coloring, her phone buzzed, meaning she had a message.

She finished coloring the trees before picking up her phone.

It was from Sakura, "You're not busy tomorro right?"

"Of course not," Hinata replied with a slight smile before continuing to color.

"Good. My room or yours?"

"Either, my roommate is gone tho."

"All right, see you tomorro."

Hinata placed her phone on the bed and returned to her picture.

- Midnight -

Hinata had been asleep before her phone started to play 'Bad Kids' by Lady Gaga. Groggily, she picked up her phone and opened it.

"Open your door," Sakura's voice came through the phone.

Hinata groaned into the phone but closed it and placed it back, stretching before getting up and opening the door.

She was knocked back onto her bed by the pink haired girl. Sakura nuzzeled the other girl's neck before planting a soft kiss on her pale lips.

"S...sakura... what time is it...?" Hinata asked sleepily.

"Midnight, it's thanksgiving," Sakura replied grinning.

"Can't this wait until morning?" Hinata asked.

"We'll have plenty to do in the morning," Sakura smiled.

Hinata stared up at her girlfriend.

"Gifts first?" Sakura asked.

"S...sure...," Hinata replied.

Sakura got off of the other girl and handed said girl the shirt she had bought earlier.

Hinata flicked on the lamp on her beside table thing.

She unfolded the shirt. It was a Ke$ha, We R Who We R.

"Th...thanks...," Hinata blushed.

"No problem," the pink haired girl smiled.

Hinata looked away and got out her sketchpad. She ripped her lat picture out and handed it to the other girl.

"Hina...," she said softly, blushing at the amazing amount of detail, she remembered that day.

"Hmm?" Hinata looked over at her.

"I love it! and I love you," Sakura smiled, pressing her lips to her girlfriend's.

A blushing Hinata returned the kiss gently.

Sakura pushed her girlfriend down on to the bed, placing the picture on the floor as Hinata dropped the shirt.

She leaned down and kissed her softly, hands exploring the soft expanse of skin that was her girlfriend's stomach. Hinata's hands lightly stroked the other girl's sides as said girl moved to kissing and lightly biting Hinata's pale neck. Hinata's back arched slightly into the touch, fingers digging into Sakura's sides. Sakura bit the other girl's neck, teeth sinking into the soft flesh.

Slowly, she began kissing down her neck, to her chest, stopped by the shirt.

She looked at her girlfriend questioningly.

Hinata bit her lower lip, staring up into emerald green eyes.

Finally though, she nodded and sat up to remove her long sleeved black shirt. She hugged herself, her plain white bra nearly blending with her pale skin.

Sakura smiled encouragingly, gently taking Hinata's wrists and moving her arms. Which was when she noticed the scars.

"When were you going to tell me?" Sakura asked quietly, a loose grip on Hinata's wrists.

"I... I don't know... If I was ever going to honestly...," Hinata said softly.

"Can I know why...?" Sakura asked.

"I felt trapped..., unloved, alone...," Hinata shrugged.

Which was when Sakura hugged her tightly. "You're not alone and I love you."

Blushing, Hinata hugged her back. "I know that now..."

Sakura unhooked her girlfriends bra before pushing the other girl back on to the bed. Hinata blushed a bright pink as her bra was then taken completely off. Sakura nuzzled each of the pale breasts before taking the left nipple into her mouth and sucking it gently, her hand gently squeezing and tugging at the nipple of the other one. Hinata arched into the touch, squirming beneath her girlfriend's touch as she switched nipples.

Sakura kissed down her girlfriend's stomach before tugging off her pants and panties. A blushing Hinata watched her with interest. Sakura licked at her girlfriend's entrance before plunging her tongue deep into the warm folds. Moving her tongue quickly and deep, wriggling it as well. It wasn't long before Hinata came on her girlfriends tongue.

"Tasty," Sakura smirked.

Hinata blushed before kissing her girlfriend forecefully and making her fall back on the bed. Sakura squeaked in surprise slightly before moaning softly as Hinata bit her neck.

Sakura was naked moments later, Hinata between her legs. Two fingers buried deep inside as Sakura fought for breath with each thrust of her girlfriend's long and slender fingers. Hinata added a third, pumping her fingers inside of her girlfriend, smirking as Sakura came, hips thrusting in time with her fingers.

Hinata removed her fingers and laid beside her girlfriend, pulling a blanket over them.

"Happy thanksgiving," Hinata whispered.

A blushing Sakura nuzzled her girlfriend's neck as they both drifted to sleep.

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