I rolled on my back, bringing Bella with me and placing a quick kiss on her lips. We hadn't gotten a lot of sleep and yet I'd never felt more awake, or alive, for that matter. Her skin was as soft as silk against mine and only the urging matter of my brother's wedding prevented me from claiming her again.

"We should go see the others. Alice and Rose must be worried sick," Bella whispered. I put my hand behind her ear and pulled her in for a long, heated kiss. God, I would never get bored of doing that. Just kissing her over and over again, until our lips were raw, it was truly paradise on earth.

"Love, we're never leaving this room," I mouthed against her collarbone. She shivered, but not from the cold.

Our bodies were a perfect fit, responding to one another in a way that was very distracting, and I felt like making love to her again instead of getting dressed. She dissolved under my touch and I wallowed in the richness of her creamy skin.

I actually contemplated missing my brother's wedding, but at half past twelve Bella urged me out of the bed.

"Come on, Edward, Alice will freak if we're late." She grabbed my hands and forced me out the door even before I could arrange my tie.

Once outside, I felt her shiver underneath her coat, and I put my arms around her. Placing kisses on her neck again, I led her out of view. We'd agreed to tell Alice about us just after the wedding, to help her keep her cool. Anyway, I was the best man so I would be with Carlisle all day until the actual vows.

"Wow, leaving you, even for just a second, seems like torture." I whispered in her ear, and the moan that escaped her lips almost made me mad. "God, Bells, you have to stop doing that if I am to leave your side at all today."

"What if I don't want you to leave my side at all? She whispered seductively and I pulled her in for another long, perfect kiss.

We were interrupted by Alice's voice. She was cursing out loud, we both glances over the corner of the cabin to look at what she was doing. We watched, amused, as Alice almost tripped the whole way over to our porch. Bella's expression seemed to indicate she was more than enjoying seeing Alice battle like this with a pair of shoes.

"Damn, this must be how Bella feels in heels on a flat surface. I'll have to remember that the next time I want to put her in heels," Alice said, making Bella giggle. I put my hand over her mouth, wanting to see what Jasper, who was coming after her, had to say. She knocked on our door, and after a second came back into view.

"Maybe we should tell her right now, she seems really worried," Bells offered excitedly and I nodded. I took her hand in mine and she flashed me the most enchanting smile. We were so happy. I was about to step out of our hideout when I stopped dead in my track. Jasper had just put his arms around my little sister. I was totally outraged when he leaned in to kiss her. Bella tugged on my shirt, begging me not to move. I looked at her questioningly, but she was as shocked as I was.

"Someone could see us," Alice said, and I thought that indeed, someone had seen them.

Jasper Hale could be grateful this was the happiest day of my life, because at that moment, only Bella's lips placing butterfly kisses on my neck prevented me from killing him.

"Hey, none of that. I could be a certain brother, a very pissed off one with an inclination for homicide. I may find you annoying sometimes Jazz, but I have no desire to bury my brother here tonight." Rose's voice echoed around the lake, freezing us in our spot, our mouths agape. From what she said, it sounded like she had already known about Alice and Jasper before seeing their embrace and kiss. That meant that the relationship between Alice and Jasper wasn't something that had just happened recently. I turned to Bella, my eyes wide, asking a silent question. Did she know too? She shook her head, meaning to tell me she had no idea. The shock mixed with hurt I could see written on her face was proof of that.

"You would bury me?"

"Well, technically, Edward's one of my best friends, and I wouldn't want him to go to jail."

We couldn't help but grin at Rose's feisty remark, but Bella's face sobered quickly. She was afraid I would go crazy on them and she was hurt. I tried to sooth her, running my hands slowly up and down her arm.

We heard Rose's plan to go looking for us in my cabin and decided to stay hidden until Jasper and Alice were back inside the hotel.

"I can believe they didn't tell me," she whispered, the disbelief still painted across her face.

"God, Jasper and my sister, my sister and Jasper." No, my fucking teenage sister and my older friend Jasper, I thought. "I'll kill him," I said seriously, but my anger faltered when Bella placed a soothing kiss on my lips. It was still so new, so incredible to be able to touch her like this, and yet it felt like it had always been this way.

"They love each other," she stated with a radiant smile, and I knew it was true. I guess we would have seen the signs if we hadn't been so wrapped up in our own stuff.

"Still," I said begrudgingly. I guess I could understand how love could affect a guy, especially today. I groaned at the sensation of Bella's tongue meeting mine, and for five minutes, all thoughts concerning Jasper or my sister were forgotten. I was pressing Bella up against the wall. We both sighed in contentment when I released her.

"Well, we only have one choice. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked her in a conniving tone.

"We'll mess with them until they've suffered enough." The evil glint in her eyes made me love her even more.

"That's my girl," I growled, kissing her fiercely.