The world in darkness


There once were two people who were madly in love. But the darkness swallowed one. So will he save he lover or will he die trying to save and protect his light form the darkness.


In a small town park were two small beings. One had blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and was wearing a white shirt, orange shorts. The other kid had black hair, coal black eyes, and he was wearing a blue shirt, navy blue shorts.

The two boys were sitting together and they were talking. Naruto said "sasuke will stay together forever right".

Sasuke said yes Naruto we will stay together forever I promise you this.
As this was going on someone was the house destroying and killing the family inside. Why do this to a normal family we don't know. The killer had left and called someone telling him it was going all according to plan. The plan was a secret and only the people of the organization know what the plan is.