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Syaoran May Cry

Syaoran slowly turned over in the bed and moaned lightly deep in his throat. Tomoyo looked up from her book and smiled at him.

"Good Morning." She greeted him, reaching over and offering him a glass of water as he sat up.

The young boy chose to drink before speaking, and was glad he did so when the cool liquid slid down his thought and quenched his thirst and allowed him once more to breath properly. "Ohayo.."

"Sakura-chan and Eriol-kun are in the kitchen." She informed him. "It's my turn to look after you."

"Look.....after me?"

"Hai.... you have been unconscious for three days now."

"Nani!?" Syaoran quickly threw the covers off him, but regretted it drastically when his body felt like it ripped apart. "Ugh!" Without thinking, he grabbed his sides and held himself.

"Don't move!" She told him matter-of-factly. "You are still healing." She patted his head and lead him back to the bed. "I'll go get Sakura-chan. She'll be so happy!"


' I feel a heck of a lot better now.' Syaoran thought to himself as he slid on an oversized shirt and some loose pants. His bandages were reduced to very few after his bath, and he found himself feeling a lot better now that he was refreshed and clean.

Knock knock.


"Syaoran!?" Sakura shouted as she burst into the room and wrapped him in a hug. "You're okay!"

"Of course." He replied, wincing at the tight embrace. "But I'll snap in two if you don't let go."

"Hoe? " She let him go. "Gomen ne."

"Hate to break this up, but I finally found something about what's been going on." Eriol said, leaning on the doorframe.

"Eriol." Syaoran nodded. "Nice to see you again." He gave the boy a smirk. "And don't get used to hearing that."

The reincarnation of Clow mearly nodded. "Un. Come. You'll need to sit down for this."


"Here's the deal." Eriol stated seriously. They were all sitting at Sakura's dinning room table with a large book in the middle, facing Eriol. "The demons are from a person named Mundas. The ones that attack in groups are nothing more than possed marionettes, and the others that Li-kun fought lastly were called 'Shadows'. A person named Dante fought them a long, long time ago with the help of a girl, Trish. They beat Mundas and sealed him back into the underworld."

"Sounds strangely familiar." Syaoran stated, taking this in.

"It should, a similar storyline was placed in a game for the PS2." Eriol responded, deadly serious. "But this isn't a game, as you know."

"Ugh, I know."

"Anyway," Sakura interrupted. "Continue, please. How did Dante beat him?"

"Dante was the son of a great demon." The blue haired boy explained. "He had the blue blood of a devil flowing in his veins. That, along with some powerful guns and weaponry, gave him the power he needed to succeed. However, the most important thing he had was his ability to go 'Devil Trigger'."

"What's that?" Tomoyo asked, coming in from the kitchen and setting down tea cups with hot tea. "Sounds frightening."

"Oh, it was." Eriol agreed. "Dante had three modes of this ability: Alastor, Ifrit, and Sparda."

"Wasn't the first two summonable demons?" Syaoran asked, drinking. "I studied on them when I was being taught magic."

"Un. Alastor is a being of lightning. Ifrit is of fire. Sparda was the name of Dante's father."

"Since..... none of us can do this 'Devil trigger' thing, I'm guessing we need the weapons?"

"Need: no. Want: yes." Eriol advised. "We can beat the demons without them, but they would help us tremendously." He drank slowly. "I suggest we try to find these weapons and put them to good use, ne?"

"I'm game." Syaoran nodded.

"Un." Sakura touched Syaoran's hand.

"Count me in." Tomoyo agreed.

"Yosh." Eriol grabbed a scroll and rolled it on the table as Sakura got the book up. "Here's the plan."


Eriol: We'll split into two groups...

Syaoran handed the person by the door two plane tickets and nodded when he was ushered to the first class section with Sakura.

Eriol: Syaoran, Sakura, You two will head to the island where Dante fought Mundas. The closest plane will take you out of Japan, to another island. From there, head east. You won't miss it. I'm sure the powerful aura is still lingering.

Syaoran sat down in the comfy seat and smiled at Sakura when she sat down next to him

Syaoran: Where will you go?

Eriol: We will go to the national museum in England. Dante's guns were kept there after they were sold reclaimed after being sold on the black market.

Sakura looked around the plane nervously. Last time they had split up, they had almost died in the final fight. Looking to Syaoran, she found comfort in his smile. It would be okay.... Their love had always let them come through somehow. This wouldn't be any different.

Eriol: Syaoran, Ebony and Ivory should still the on the island.

Syaoran: Who?

Tomoyo: Dante named his guns. One is white and the other is black.

In the next airplane, Eriol and Tomoyo sat down in their seats after putting up their carry-on luggage. Eriol almost immediately took out a book written in Latin and started to read from it. Tomoyo took out an audio recorder and started to keep an audio diary of their current events so far.

Syaoran: I can't use guns!

Eriol: these aren't your normal every day guns, Syaoran. Combined with Dante's Devil power, they shoot bullets of energy, taken from your own soul. No one person could keep them for over a week without passing out in battle. After seen as a curse by one thug turned collector, he dropped them back on the island they were found from an airplane.

Syaoran:.... Fine, I'll find them

Eriol: Be careful when you shoot.

Syaoran: Un.


Night. A peaceful time for some, but trouble for others. Yue stood on the battle field and surveyed the damage. Keroberus padded through the blood ridden snow and sighed.

"The attacks are getting stronger."

"They will make it back in time. Until then, we'll protect Tokyo."





"What was Dante like?"

Eriol sighed and closed his book. Everyone else was already asleep, so he could tell his partner a little about what he knew. "Well, Dante was the son of the Legendary dark knight Sparda. Sparda realized a sense of justice in him and raised up to rule the underworld until his death. Dante has the power of his father, but not the same sense of justice. He lived as a free-lance mercenary that would only take certain jobs. If he was uninterested, he wouldn't take the job, not even for a stack of Yen to the ceiling."

"You mean jobs about the underworld?"

"Well, not just that. You see, he lost his brother and mother to some people when he was younger. I think he might of fought to find them. I'm not sure."


"Well, if he fought and sealed Mundas, he can't be that bad of a guy, right?


Syaoran shifted the sleeping Sakura on his back and walked into the hotel. It was late, and only a few people were around at this time of night. Two of which, were the receptionists.

"May I help you, sir?"

"Un. I need a room for the night." Syaoran shifted his girlfriend again and reached for his credit card in his pocket. "Here ya go."

"The woman behind the desk smiled and took the card. "Name, please?"

"Li Syaoran."

"Just a moment please, Li-san." Several clicking sounds were heard as she scanned the hotel for a vacancy. "We have a double on the second floor, or a single on the third? Any preferences?"

"A single will be fine." He replied with a smile. "I need to conserve my vacation money."

A nod and giggle. "Hai." She typed some more and slid the card through a reader. "What are you going to do here in our lovely town?"

"We are going to the island off the coast to explore the old castle."

The person behind the desk almost dropped his card. "The castle!?" Syaoran bit his tongue. Maybe Mundas was expecting them to do that and sent spies! "I wouldn't recommend going there, sir. Its dangerous."

Syaoran carefully weighed his words. "It's okay. I have a crew with me, we'll stay together.... It's for an architect dig.." It wasn't completely a lie.

The lady slowly nodded. "Just be careful." She handed him his credit card back and a key-card with it. "Your room in the fifth from the elevator on the right, room 305."



A man with white hair turned the corner and looked at the door in front of him. A sword with a dragon handle and a 5 foot blade coming out of his mouth was impaled in a figure of a girl. The man blinked, as if words were whispered in his head.

Lightning fast, the sword lunged out of the door and impaled him, tacking the poor guy to the ground with blood oozing under him, matching the blood red cloak that he wore. Time stood still for a moment, then another. Finally, the body jerked as the impaled heart beat again. The man opened his eyes, and smirked. Pushing himself up with will power alone, he forced his body to actually move up the blade. When he reached the abnormally big handle and guard, he showed no signs of slowing down. He pulled his body through it and stood straight up. Then, without pausing, he turned and grabbed the sword in his hand and yanked it from the ground. Holding it above his head, he let out a war cry, and lighting struck the sword from the sky above the glass opening above him- now in shatters.

Time slowed down to the man as he swung his new weapon around, getting the feel for it. After ten or eleven thrust, swings, and moves, he decides to keep the sword. The second he stopped moving, the glass shards finally hit the ground. Speed was obviously great with this person.

The man smiled in his own special way before moving to the door.


Syaoran sat up straight in his bed in a silent scream. Images were still fresh in his mind. The sword, the blood, the man.

Panting, he brought a sweat covered hand to his face and placed it lightly on himself. His eyes were still dilated and his mouth could not seem to get enough air into it. His shaking body somehow made it from the bed and into the bathroom. Syaoran's hand automatically went for the light switch to illuminate his view. When the light came on, he found his eyes to adjust instantly. He would of found that strange, but the poor boy's eyes were fixed in the mirror, where he saw the man in his dream.

"Yo, son." It greeted him with a light, one-motion wave and carefree, yet serious smirk.


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