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So beautiful.

So perfect.

Like an angel.

My angel.

My Bella.

I watched Bella sleep. Her long brown hair fanned out behind her like a halo. Her chest slowly fell with each breath she took. Her heart beat was slow and measured.

"Edward," she murmured.

My unbeating heart seemed to flutter as she said my name in her sleep.

What did I do to deserve her?

My Bella thought she was unworthy of me, but I was not worthy of her. It continuously baffled me that an angel could love a monster. I didn't understand. Bella was the epitome of purity, beauty. I, on the other hand, was a soulless creature of the night that had killed numerous people for no other reason than that of being thirsty.

"Jacob. My Jacob."

Jacob Black. I was forever indebted to him for all that he had done for me; for Bella. When I left Bella and she was suffering and heartbroken, Jacob saved her from some of that suffering and heartbreak.

He saved her from dying.

He saved her when I could not.

As much as I hated that werewolf for trying to take my angel away from me, I couldn't dislike him. He loved Bella too – though not nearly as much as I did – and sometimes I wished she would come to her senses and pick him over me. He was the less dangerous option.

"Edward," she whispered again, "I love you."

My heart felt like it had started beating again; like it was going to beat out of my chest. This was why I loved being with Bella while she slept. This was my only chance to get a glimpse into her mind without her editing her thoughts. This was when my greatest fear was put to ease and I found out once again, that an angel really could fall in love with a monster. This was when I realized that Bella could, and did, love me.

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