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Raven gasped for breathe as she sat straight up and woke with a start, practically panting out. She placed her hand over her heart and felt it pounding against her chest, as if about to burst at any given moment. She looked around, confused and scared, to see herself in her bedroom and in her bed. She felt her hair, shirt, and tossed the covers away to look down at herself.

She wasn't dead. She was in the tower. She was alive.

She got up without a word and levitated to her mirror, staring at her 16 year old face and body, and suddenly it smiled back at her. She hadn't known happiness like this in a very long time. That dream – that nightmare – with Robin –

… Robin!

Her eyes widened and she dropped to the floor on her feet with a soft thump, taking off to the door and sliding it open, running down the hallway in search of her leader's room. The adrenaline she felt inside of her was barely containable. Their earlier fight didn't matter anymore. She needed him. Needed his arms around her and his comforting words.

"Robin!" she called out as she turned a corner and continued to his room, suddenly halting when she saw him running though as well in her direction, in mid call of her own name.

"Rave - ! … Raven…" he stopped running as well now as the two stared at each other in the hall from feet away, unmoving for a moment. Finally Raven sprinted back over to him and grinned as he opened his arms to her as she jumped into them, wrapping her own arms tightly around his neck and buried her face in it.

"Azar, you're here, my dream… "

"You too?" he questioned softly, stroking her hair as he held her against him. She glanced up, shocked.

"So you…"

"I think we just... that dream?"

She nodded to his question. "I think our bond is stronger then we first thought."

"That's fine with me," he said with a small smile. "You're in my arms again where you should be…"

"Now ain't that just swell?"

Raven and Robin slightly jumped in surprise and glanced back to see Cyborg who had just blurted out with the other two standing beside him, all still in their night wear with small smiles.

"Would you two like to partake in breakfast with us?" Starfire kindly asked in a hopeful tone. The two birds exchanged a glance and nodded, Robin looking back at Starfire.

"Count us in," he said with a smile to his alien friend. She nodded back and the three of their teammates continued down the hall towards the Main Room, already debating on options.

"Come on… let's join our team," Robin said as he gently set Raven back down on her own feet. He took her hand in his own and was about to walk down the hall when there was a light glow from Raven's side through her pajama shorts. Both teens looked at one another before back at her side.

"Do you know what that…?"

"I have no idea," Raven cut in, hesitating for a moment before slipping her hand in the pocket and wrapping her hand around the glow. She took it out only and opened her hand palm up to see a diamond. Her brow furrowed in confusion.

"What the… "

Suddenly Raven froze and stopped speaking, staring intently at the gem as realization took over. She looked up and both Robin and herself shared a knowing look.

"The Amethyst Diamond," Robin whispered.

And as Raven stared at his eyes, she knew they had been in anything but a dream.

The End

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