Chapter 1: This is how it started

I was five years old when my dad told me that I was moving to France, see my dad is Koru Mishimoto, the best, and most famous, soccer player in Japan, but the French team bought him, so you see, I had to move. I was born in Japan, so I was just starting my life there, yeah it kind of sucked, but I did it anyway. My first year at Saint Mary School for Girls (SMSG) was kind of suckish; I didn't know anybody so I was alone. Until one day they paired me up with this girl whose name was Kimi Ryoko. She was silent and didn't talk very much.

One day she went to my house to finish the science project, when she looked at my wardrobe she started to say how I should dress. You see Kimi's mom is Marie Cornelia, a famous French fashion designer, and her dad is Kobo Ryoko, a famous Japanese music manager, and their both called the power couple. Because, if Kimi's dad hired a new singer they had to wear Kimi's mom clothing line. I don't know why, but ever since then we've been best friends. I liked to call her Loli, because of her Loli-Shotta look.

She had long blonde pigtails, with big honey-brown eyes, she was colored cream and she always wore sun dresses from her mom's clothing line. You see, in our school we don't wear uniforms, we wear normal clothes (Hello, we're in France, the fashion capitol of the world). So, anyways then my mom arrived home and she started to play piano with a student of hers. See my mom is Miriam Vonrusell, the famous pianist from Austria. My mom is from Mozart's dynasty (and so am I) and we all have the same talent (Playing the piano and making concertos).

A few months later, my mom had a new student. It was during summer and Loli went away with her mom, so I was alone. My mom said that he was really good at playing piano. One day my mom was teaching him a song, but he didn't quite get it, so my mom told him to get a five minute break. He went to the bathroom and I went down and started to play the piano (basically, I don't like mom to hear me play). All of sudden, I stopped playing and I started to hear claps. When I looked it was a blonde haired boy, with purple eyes.

Then he opened his mouth and said: "That was real good, you play like a princess. Can you tell me your name?"

I stood there silent and then I said:"My name is Izumi."

"Nice to meet you, you must be Miss. Vonrusell's daughter."

I nodded in a yes way and then he continued talking:"You must be a pretty good pianist like your mom. By the way, my name is Tamaki, and I've been waiting so long to meet you and ask you…can we play a piece together?"

I stood there and I looked as his smile grew wither and I nodded a yes and we started to play. Just then, my mom came in and started to clap and I knew it was the start of a new friendship. Five years passed and Tamaki, Loli and I were the best of friends. All of a sudden a new girl came into our school. Her name was Amanda Michaels; she's the daughter of Steve Michaels. A famous archaeologist, who (recently) discovered the Lost City of Atlantis. She was very quiet, so Loli and I decided to talk to her.

"Hi my name is Kimi, but they call me Loli. What's your name?"

"None of your business." She said angrily.

Loli shed a tear and went to sulk in the corner, so I said: "Who do you think you are, making Loli sulk like that?"

"Do you want to fight?"

"Right here, right now!"

We were at it, but when I was going to throw the first punch the school principal stopped me.

"Miss. Mishimoto you can just start a fight like this. Both of you will get detention for three weeks."

"What!?" both of us said together.

We tried to negotiate with the principal, but it was no use. So we served our sentence together. We never spoke with each other, because of the whole incident. But, one day Amanda came to detention crying. I hate seeing people crying, so I sat next to her and I started to talk with her.

And then I asked her:"Why are you crying?"

She looked at me and said:"I'm crying, because today is the day that my mom died in a car accident."

I stood there silent and then thought:"So that's why she's always angry with everybody. No wonder!"

Then, I didn't know why, but I hugged her and told her that everything it's going to be fine. She sat there and started to wipe her tears off. Then we kept talking about a lot of things. I noticed that we had a lot in common. When we got off detention I told her if she wanted to go to my house to dinner, she nodded a yes and we were off.

When we arrived home Loli and Tamaki were there to, they were both afraid of her, but when I told them everything that happened to her they accepted her. After a few weeks the four of us were best friends. It was so, that every time one of our parents was in business trips we would stay in a different house (except Tamaki's house, because he was a boy). We were really close until something happen. When we were 14 years old and Tamaki left without telling us, we were really upset. But, it was his decision, so we didn't meddle in his business. But I knew in my heart that this would be the start of a new adventure.