Sorry for not updating in soooooooooooooooo long, but I have excuses:

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Second: I also was reading "Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy" (It's the second book after "I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill you), which took me another week to read.

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Fourth: Father's day was coming up (BTW; Congratulations to all the Fathers out there!!!), so we had to go shopping (Without my father seeing the gifts).

And fifth: I had writers block, but after reading two books I think I can continue.

So without much further delay, here's your next chapter…


Chapter 39: You're going down…

"So…let me get this strait? You want Amanda to prank on Katsumi, and her skank army; just so Suzu can date Mori without anyone interfering or threatening her, with marriage proposals or blackmail?" Loli asked while the three of us where in Amanda's room.

"Yes" Amanda and I said in unison.

"Oh, ok! Just one more question…ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS? You just can't prank on Katsumi like that! She rules the girls sporting world. Not even the Lacrosse team can beat her up without a blackmail line."

"Look, Loli, it's not just for us, but for the rest of the girls who can't enter the HC without being publicly humiliated! And besides, would you like it if she told you that you couldn't be with Hikaru?" I asked her while she gasped.

"Ho-how do you know?" She started to blush

"Oh, trust us we know!" Amanda said while she was working in the computer.

"Hey! Amanda…What are you doing anyways?" I asked.

"Oh, Kyoya can be the best stalker-hacker-evil-demon-lord, but I'm the best hacker-prankster-bored-lazy-otaku of the WORLD!" she said that while pointing to the sky.

"So, what are you doing?" Loli and I asked in unison while we sweat dropped.

"Well, if you must know…I'm hacking Katsumi's laptop to see if she has any embarrassing photos or videos."

"And then what?" Loli asked.

"THEN, I will create a SLIDESHOW, in which I will place to "YOU TUBE" and everyone will watch it. Then I will RULE the INTERNET EMPIRE, and then I will be the CYBER GODDESS; in which everyone will bow down to me! And then I will blackmail the world leaders, and then I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!! Muahahahahaha!!!" Amanda said this sounding like a mad-man or woman.

"Amanda…have you watched "Death Note" lately?" I asked.


"I've told you to stop watching that show…I rots your brain with power!" I said that while glaring at her.

"Relax, I was just kidding! Not…" She said while waving her hand: "Besides I already cracked the code and I've already edited the video."

"No shit!" Loli and I said in unison.

"Yes shit…now come and watch this…"

12 minutes later…

"Holy…laugh…crap…" I said through laughter.

"That is…laugh…your…laugh…best piece…laugh…ever" Loli said while rolling in the floor laughing.

"I know! Now bow down to me…" Amanda said while crossing her arms and placing them under her chest.

"We're not worthy; we're not worthy!" Loli and I started bowing down to her.

"Good…Now turn to the person beside you and give her a hug!" (A/N: Lol my friend and I always say that line.)

"Amanda…have you been watching "Happy Feet"?" Loli and I said in unison.

"Maybe…" Just then she was bombarded with pillows, courtesy of Loli and me.


The next day at lunch…

"Hey, Katsumi…wanna get together this night? Just you and me and champagne!" A guy with jet-black hair said.

"What are you talking about?" Katsumi said raising an eyebrow

"KATSUMI!!!!" at the end of the hallway the girls from Katsumi's group were running and screaming.

"Huh; what is it?" Katsumi said with irritation clearly in her voice.

"We have problems!" One girl with dirty blonde hair said.

"What kind of problems?" At this, Katsumi sounded worried.

"Check this out!" A girl with glasses took out a laptop and push play on a video in "You Tube".

The video goes like this…basically it has to do with Spring Break, Katsumi and her skanky army dancing on a pole without their shirts and wet. It goes on for 12 minutes…

"WHO THE HELL DID THIS???" Katsumi said breaking the table in half (How she did it we'll never know…).

"Well the username is L's-sex-toy (A/N: My friend that is based as Amanda actually has that screen name…) it could be anyone who watches anime or read manga." The same girl with glasses said.

"Well whoever it is they better be sorry!!!"


Somewhere under a cherry blossom tree…

"Muahahahahaha; Achoo; muahahahahaha…."

"Bless you Amanda!"

"Thanks Loli!"

"No, thank you Amanda!"

"Awww! You're welcome Suzu!"

"Air group hug!" We all hugged each other in victory.