I raced into the dilapidated ballet studio. "Bella!" I yelled, searching. I heard her whimper from the corner. Turning, I saw James leaning over her. I snarled and leaped toward him. He backed away. I feigned to the left, and he followed. I lunged, but then he was pressing me against the glass. I wasn't going to make it… Suddenly, I heard glass shattering and the pounding of paws thudding against the wooden floor.

"Wolves," shuddered Bella confusedly. I froze. Wolves? Whipping around, I saw them. Three wolves stood, growling menacingly, in a sloppy triangle. The biggest was a deep black, and the others were faded shades of reddish-brown. What were werewolves doing in Phoenix? Then, they collided with James and started ripping him apart. I stared, and I knew that Bella must be, too.

"Don't look Bella," I commanded mechanically. Bella… Leaving the wolves to deal with the tracker, I ran to her and knelt by her side. "Bella, are you okay? Bella?" She nodded weakly.

"It's just-"she winced, "my leg. I think he broke it." I snarled again. Suddenly, I felt Carlisle's hand on my shoulder.

"It's good that we made a treaty with the wolves of La Push. Otherwise, it may have been…too late." His eyes lingered on Bella. I shook his hand off and leaned in to kiss Bella. Considering the situation, I thought it was hilarious when she blushed.

"I love you, my little tomato," I sighed. She scowled.

"I love you, too," she said, snuggling into my shoulder. I lifted her off the ground and started to walk out of the studio. I could hear Carlisle and the wolves starting a fire behind me as I carried my love into the safe shadows of Arizona.