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Day in Uchiha manor


Sunny morning. English countryside not too far from London. Near end of 19th century. Old manor house.

A figure was walking silently by the large corridor. He was holding a tray which was loaded with breakfast. Dozens of old paintings watching his every step. The figure walked to the end of the corridor, behind a door and nodded. "Young Master." He asked. "Are you awake?"

No answer. Figure opened the door and walked in. He glanced over the room to a large bed. Sheets had curled into a shape of a body. The figure sighed and walked over to night stand and placed his tray to it and then to the window and opened the curtains. Light filled the room.

"Close those damn curtains you idiot. I want to sleep some more." The bed said annoyed.

"Im afraid I can't do that." The figure answered smugly. "Young Master has a busy day and I couldn't forgive myself if I would allow him disregard it." He walked over to the bed and pulled the sheets down revealing brooding face and eyes which shot daggers in the figures heart.

"Shut up." Young Master said with clear anger. "You dope of the working-class, Uzumaki Naruto! Butler of Uchiha family!" His dark brown eyes glared daggers into the young mans smiling face. His unruly blond hair, his bright blue eyes which were hidden behind his closed eyes and his polite smile irritated him greatly. He had dressed in clean suit.

"You flatter me, Young Master." He simply answered. "Now then, I have made your breakfast ready." He walked towards the night stand. "Today's tea shall be Ceylon and we'll be using Royal Doulton dishes." He explained as he poured some tea to the cup and handed it over to his master who was still glaring at him.

Finally giving up he pulled of his covers and sat to the side of the bed and took it from him. "Paper?" He asked while holding his other hand. Today's news paper was sliced placed to his hand. He rolled it open with one hand while kept drinking his tea with the other. "Today's plans?"

"After breakfast you will have your studies. Your teacher has gotten ill so I have taken the liberty to send for a substitute. He has excellent recommendations from the Sarutobi family. After lunch you have your monthly meeting with your companies' presidents and inverters. Then, during the afternoon your fiancé will be arriving with her family for the dinner."

Uchiha Sasuke grinned annoyed. "Idiots." He muttered and finally stood up. "Send a telegram to that fool, Nara. Tell him the buy more silk. Its prize is rising in near future. And tell him also to sell all my share of Hugehill building company. It's finished."

"As you wish." The butler bowed. "I have chosen your outfit for today." He pointed towards the chair where fine black suit was neatly folded. "Is there anything else?"

Young Master leaned back. "… yes. Those damn dogs kept me awake the whole night. Do something about it."

"Of course." Naruto smiled and walked out of the door.

Black haired young man snorted and walked to the chair and picked his clothes. "Dope."

Lord Sasuke of Uchihas. Age, sixteen years. Last member of his family after the murder of his parents by the hands of his older brother. He had taken hold of his family's fortune; it's trading company and family states which he had almost lost due bankrupt. He had saved his family fortune from a doom and had made it wider than ever. He was now one of the wealthiest people in England.

And had a butler out of this world.


Naruto walked leisurely to other end of the manor. To the kitchen and from there to servants quarters. Men in the first floor while the women in the second. He smirked slightly from expectation when he walked inside the men's bedroom. "Rise and shine everyone! Rise and shine!" He clapped his hand loudly.

Beds started to groan and to move. "C'mon! Cant we sleep little while?"

"No." Naruto smirked. "Young Master will be having a busy day and we all have our duties, Chouji. Now get your ass out from there and start to make breakfast for everyone or someone will kill you."

"Yeah! Chouji! Get your fat ass out of the bed and start making breakfast!"

"Shut up, Kiba! Im not fat!" Chouji was up and wake and was ready to rush ahead when a hand landed on his shoulder calming him down.

"You shouldn't do that. Ladies are still sleeping." Naruto said smirking.

Chouji grunted but nodded. He dressed quickly his cooks' uniform and walked outside. "Kiba! Young Master had enough of your dogs barking all night. Do something about it or I will!" He added some seriousness to his tone to make sure he got the message. Kiba grunted and rushed out of the bedroom.

"Shino. Northern side of the garden seems to getting wild again."

"I'll deal with it." Shaded man nodded politely back. "Butler-dono."

"Lee… is not here is he." Naruto sighed.

"He left two hours ago." Shino answered before leaving the room.

"When you see him, stop wasting time and repair those chariots as I have asked."

"I shall!" Shino yelled back.

"And for the rest of you… Konohamaru! You go to the lobby to greet Young Masters substitute teacher. Udon, your place is outside with Kiba." Two young boy's jumped in the air exited and rushed out. "Tenzo is in his cabin. Kotetsu and Izumo are both in the gatekeepers cabin (wake hopefully) and that leaves us Sai." He faced a pale looking young man whose smile matched to his. "I want you to help the maids with the cleaning and watch after the trainees. And now to the ladies."

He walked up the stairs and softly knocked the door. "Anko-san! Sakura-san! Ino-san! Tayua-san! Kin-san! Its time to wake up." He cracked the door open. Soon as he looked inside r a knife flew towards him. With excellent reflexes he grabbed it between his fingers. "Good morning, Anko-san."

Purple haired woman covered by her sheets grunted disappointedly. "I would have wanted to see Naru-chan to bleed for once."

"Im sorry. I guess it just wasn't your day." Naruto smiled politely but he soon frowned. He glanced over five beds around the room. Four of them were occupied and at least half of them made snoring sound. "Others haven't risen yet? It's your duty as head maid to make sure they are ready for the day."

"Yeah yeah." Anko waved her hands lazily. "I wake them up. Anything special happening today?"

"Young Masters will have guests after lunch and again during the afternoon until evening." Naruto explained. "I want Tayuya-san and Ino-san to clean rooms in the east wing. You shall go to city for shopping. Chouji will give you the list and ask Kotetsu from the gate to escort you."

"You don't think I can protect myself?" Anko scowled him angrily and pulled out another knife. Where did she hide those?

"When did I say he will be there to protect you?" Naruto smirked when her face faulted and another knife flew across the room. He simply caught it between his fingers again smiling. "That's exactly what I meant. Ino knows her duties in the kitchen. And ask Sakura-san to report herself to me when she is decent."

"Having little private time with your girlfriend?" Anko smirked.

Naruto only smiled politely. "I don't know what you're talking about?"

"Oh you don't huh?" Anko smirked and took a deep breath. "PERVERT!!!"

Downstairs, in the kitchen Chouji smirked when familiar looking butler flew down the stairs to the floor. "You'd think someone would've learned by now."

"AND STAY OUT!!!" Girls screamed in unison. Naruto simply stood up and whipped the dust out of his jacket. "Pervert!" Someone added with fury voice.

Chouji looked up. "You don't mind her calling you a pervert?"

"Who?" He asked confused.


"I don't know what you're talking about?" Naruto answered and walked out. "Anko will go to the city today so give her shopping list."

"Sure. Any requests?"

"Young Masters fiancé will be joining him for today's dinner with her family. I was thinking for something more… fancier than usually."

Chouji thought. "So Stuck-Ups are coming today huh?" He frowned.

"Chouji, you shouldn't insult Young Masters future wife and father-in-law."

"Of course I shouldn't." Cook snorted. "Anyway, I will do something fancier for them."


At same moment six young woman in cute maid outfits walked out of the staircase. Three of them glared daggers into Butler's face who only retaliated with a smile which only irritated them more. "Pervert!" Kin, Tayuya and Ino screamed in unison. "Stop sneaking into our bedroom!"

"Of course." Naruto answered. "When you start waking up by yourselves."

Then one of the maids rushed ahead and smacked his face with a fist. "Don't ever come up to that room, again!" Pink haired maid screamed angrily and marched out. Naruto simply stood up and re-swiped dust of his jacket. Others smirked to him. "What?" He asked confused. "Anyway, we will have a busy day ahead of us so hurry up!" He clapped his hands making everyone move. Anko, Ino and Chouji walked into other end of the kitchen. Tayuya and Kin walked out of the room still glaring at him and muttering about perverts and what-not. Last one was about to join them but Naruto stopped her. "Temari-san, is your husband wake?"

Blond maid turned back and smiled to him. "Good morning Naruto-san. And yes, Lazy-ass is wake and ready for days challenges."

"Good thing." He smiled back. "Go and help the other girls with their cleaning."

"As you wish." Temari curtsied politely. She was the only maid who didn't call him a pervert. Mainly because she slept in her own bedroom with her husband these days. Naruto walked back up to third floor and stopped in front of a door. "Shikamaru! Wake up!" He banged the door from experience.

"Shut up you troublesome butler! Let me sleep!" Lazy voice answered from other side of the door.

Naruto opened the door and glanced around. Small two room apartment came visible to him. First room was obviously a work place which was quickly chancing into a child's room. From the first room there was one door which led into bedroom. Door was open and he saw familiar long hair man snoring lazily. Naruto sighed and walked next to his bed and slapped mans cheek painfully waking him up.

"Ow! Not again! Cant you wake me up more gentle way you idiot!?" Shikamaru jumped up screaming while tending his cheek.

"I've been instructed both Young Master and your wife to use violence if words wont wake you up." Naruto answered. "Anyway, what's with the crib? Is Temari-san-"

"NO!!! God no!" Shikamaru screamed terrified. "She just brought it here to wake my maternal instincts or something like that but frankly it freaks me out." He glanced to other side of the bed where small baby crib was placed. It was empty… for now. "Troublesome woman."

Naruto gave small sound that sounded something like a laugh. "Anyway, Young Master has instructed me to tell you to buy more silk. Its prize is rising in near future. And also, sell all his shares of Hugehill building company. It's finished. He said."

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow to this. "What you mean? Hugehill made just large building contract with Tranquilt family. "

Naruto shrugged. "I don't know. That what I was instructed to tell you."

Shikamaru thought it for a moment before nodding. "I'll send a telegram to London soon as I get out bed."

"Good." Naruto smiled. "Now, join everyone for breakfast before you're left without. Shikamaru started moving suddenly even it took at least another ten minutes before breakfast would be ready.

As Naruto followed Shikamaru downstairs, he found ladies already eating while Chouji kept working with the food. Others greeted them with usual manner glares to pervert and snorts to the lazy-ass. Shikamaru sat next his wife with reluctant manner for being the only guy eating. It was so troublesome eat with troublesome women.

Naruto exited the kitchen to meet rushing Konohamaru. "Boss! He is here! That weird guy who states himself being Masters teacher!" He yelled after almost knocking him down.

"Thank you. Go and call others for breakfast while I shall lead him to Young Master."

"Wohoo! Thanks Boss!" And young boy rushed out of his way. Naruto smiled and walked to greet this 'weird guy'.


Sasuke was on a bad mood. It was nothing new. He was always on a bad mood. He could actually count with one hand all the time he was happy this year. He was sitting in a table on his bedroom while finishing the newspaper and his breakfast fully dressed now. Only interesting news was that small plot near the London had been a scene of murder. Murder itself didn't interest him but the other fact did. The plot was owned by Tranquilt family and murderer had been family's son. Peace of land was now worthless when its owner's reputation had been lost. They would have to sell that peace of land to save their son from prison and so they would also had to pull back the deal with Hugehill Company what had been on a brink of bankrupt. He had been interested only when they had shown interest with working with Tranquilt's and it had been saved. But now it would loose its one and only contract and they would be ruined. He would need to save what he could. If he was lucky, he could double what he had once used to purchase those shares.

He had just finished his breakfast when the door was knocked. "Young Master? Are you there?"

"What is it?" Sasuke frowned recognizing the voice.

Door was open and always smiling butler of his walked inside. "Your new teacher has arrived." He bent his neck respectfully. "He is waiting in Young Masters study."

Sasuke stood up and walked pass him out of the door his mind darkening as he walked by. His last teacher, Iruka Umino had been a pain in his butt. Man was always smiling and using stupid methods to teach him the things he had learned when he was ten. He always wondered why he even had to study anymore. He was sixteen! A man already! Men didn't study. Then he glanced behind himself. Reason was walking behind him like a shadow. Naruto Uzumaki. His butler. They were peers but always treated him like a child and he hated it. He did take good care of his household. Better than anyone else could.

They entered his study to find one of oddest looking man Sasuke had ever seen. First of all he had silver coloured hair. His face was buried by some book which label he wasn't too sure of. He guessed it was something useless. But the oddest thing of the man was his way of dressing. He had dressed in British army uniform. Even though his dress was so sloppy and dirty made Sasuke wonder if this really was the guy. Did Naruto play a trick on him?

But before he could ask any questions his butler took actions. "Lord Sasuke of Uchiha." He stated to a man who didn't react in anyway. "Meet, Sir Colonel Kakashi Hatake from her majesty's army."

"Please, call me Kakashi. No titles. Im not even in the army anymore." Kakashi lowered his book revealing an eye patch and face scarf witch covered his lower face. Then he suddenly let out a perverted giggle.

Sasuke's eye twitched and he turned to Naruto. "Are you kidding me?" He whispered.

"Of course not. I have here a letter from Sarutobi family which gave us recommendations." He handed out small piece of paper. Sasuke read it quickly.

"Excellent teacher? Vast knowledge in several areas. Hero of war? Okay, which one of you was high?"

"I don't understand, Master?"

"Either it was him when that senile fool wrote this or you when you actually allowed him stepping inside my house." Sasuke muttered angrily. "Get rid of him!"

"Excuse me but mind if I ask, why he requires a teacher again? He seems quite capable if you ask me." Kakashi glanced over his book.

Naruto turned to face him. "By all means I think it obvious. He spent so much time on his adventure that he completely neglected his schoolwork. And I couldn't forgive myself as a butler of Uchiha family if its head and sole heir were academically disadvantaged."

For the first time Kakashi looked directly into Naruto and blinked. "Come again?"

"That's what I said." He nodded.

"So you mean that because he did drugs when he was younger he became a retard so everything must be repeated again and again."

"Something like that." Naruto smiled. "Anyway, Young Master, because Sir Kakashi is already here, it would be foolish to waste this chance to learn something from this man. Don't you think?"

"Actually I don't think I want to teach some retard so Im leaving anyway. It was nice to meet you Naruto-san. I've heard so much of you from the 'that senile fool who is high'." Then he shrugged. "I guess all those praises of Uchiha family were just rumours. I didn't actually expect that much from emo like that. Uchihas are not that great anyway. So if you excuse me." He grabbed his suitcase and started walking until a fist almost send him flying. Almost. Lazily Kakashi raised his hand and grabbed flying fist to his own. "So he is retard and violent. What a bad combination for a master of a house."

Sasuke was fuming. He was furious. His family had been insulted. He had been insulted. No-one insulted neither him nor his family. This man could be a freaking prince of England! He would pound this guy back to the Stone Age! He backed away and kicked towards mans knee but he lazily raised it and the kick flew right through. He hadn't even raised his gaze from his book.

A real fight broke out. Sasuke with fume of his youth started kicking and punching everywhere his hands and legs could reach.

"I shall leave you two alone, now that you have gotten know each other." Naruto bowed and exited the room.

After a while Kakashi got bored and simply kicked his new student to a stomach. "You have no style expect all-out-brawl. That might work against some opium high elders but not against me."

On the other side of the door, Naruto smirked when Sasuke rushed ahead in blinding fury.


Naruto walked towards the gate where there was going a brawl already. "I don't need any escort!" Anko screamed to gatekeepers. She was sitting in a wagon with Ino.

"Im sorry Anko." First one said. "But Naruto was clear on the matter. You're not allowed to leave the states without an escort."

"Im here, aren't I?" Ino said angrily.

"That doesn't matter." Naruto appeared like from nowhere startling others. "Uchiha family cant stand anymore rumours about rowdy maids." A knife flew across the air but he captured it lazily. "Luckily they are only rumours so far. Anyway, Kotetsu, your chariots awaits."

"You heard the man!" Kotetsu yelled and jumped in, very close to Anko. "Im your knight." A flock of hair fell to the ground.

"I dare you to say that again." Purple haired woman whispered with threatening voice and licked another knife.

"Have a safe trip." Naruto waved his hand as chariots slowly were drawn away. "Izumo, be aware that Young Master will have guest right after lunch and today afternoon. First shall be his companies presidents and later his fiancé with her family."

"So its weasels and then the stuck-ups?" Izumo thought it for a moment. "Oke!" He raised his thump and smirked. "Leave it to me."

Naruto walked back towards the manor house. It was large and old house with large states around it (A/N: think some Victorian Age house). He walked through the main doors to meet face to face with one of his maids. "What is it?"

Sakura frowned. "I was told to report to you."

"You were? Oh yes… I want you to serve some tea to Young Master and his teacher." Naruto walked pass her. "Then you can make his bed and clean his room."

Sakura fumed angrily but didn't raise her voice. She curtsied politely.

Naruto walked through house checking on everyone and helping (correcting their mistakes) when needed.

First he visited the trio of maids who were working with the library. They only curtsied to him politely and continued their job. Kin, Tayuya and Temari. Maids of Uchiha manor house. Their main responsibilities were cleaning. Kin and Tayuya had followed Sasuke and Naruto from a brothel when he had returned from his adventure. Kin was from Italy and had been sold to whorehouse when she was ten. Tayuya was from Ireland who had been in a very great need of money and opium addiction. Then they had met at the brothel where they had met their knights in shining armour. Temari was an American but his brothers had to return home to take care of their father so she was left alone to England. After two weeks she had been robbed and out of money. Had been desperately looked for work when met black haired lord and his blond butler.

Then he visited Konohamaru who was now helping Shikamaru by carrying large piles of paper. Konohamaru was servant apprentice. Was an orphan from a street. Had tried to snatch Sasuke wallet but before he had taken two steps towards it, his hand had been crabbed by a blond servant who smilingly asked what was he thinking? After that became a servant at Uchiha manor. Wants to be a better butler than Naruto. And Shikamaru Nara. Young Masters private secretary. He took care of the money of the family. Had the education of a lawyer but was too lazy to work in any law firm. Had recently gotten married with a foreigner.

After those two he visited kitchen. Chouji. He had been famous gourmet cook until some big shot had died from his meal. He had actually choked to a chicken bone but it didn't matter. His reputation had been ruined. Had been ready to off himself when he had met the two who had offered him work.

He exited through the backdoor and walked towards the stables. He was greeted by familiar sounds of animals screaming their lungs out and large white furred dog rushed towards him tongue out of its mouth. It tried to crush Naruto under it.

"Down!" Naruto told it and the large dog stopped in the middle of the air and started whining.

"Akamaru! Don't jump over Naruto! You know better than that!" Owner rushed out of the stables. "Huh? You actually obeyed for once?" He grinned and petted it. "So what can I do for you?"

"Young Masters fiancé likes horses. Im here to make sure they are all right."

"Oh yeah. I remember. She actually fell in love with that Blackstribe, didn't she?" Kiba answered after a while. "They are very similar. Both beautiful and timid." Then he grinned. "And I would be ready to pay being able to ride both of them." He let out a perverted giggle but it stopped when he saw Narutos eyes. "I-I-I wa-was joking! Yo-you know that! Gotta go! I'll make sure that Blackstribe is ready when she comes to ask her."

Kiba Inuzuka. Deals with pets and horses of the manor. Had been once a member of Her Majesty's navy but had once found a puppy and couldn't get rid of it. So navy got rid of him. They had walked around the country until they had crushed in front of some gate. When he had regained conscious he had been offered a job.

Naruto walked pass his stables and walked to next one. He could hear some intense pounding.

"How's it coming along?" He asked from something green.

"Slowly, Naruto-kun but my flames of youth shall prevail! This wheel is hard to attach to this place… I wonder if…" Rock Lee continued to mutter to himself. "YOSHAA!!! Don't worry, Naruto-kun! I shall have it fixed before Young Master even notices."

Rock Lee. Carpenter of the house. Did everything from fixing roof to repairing chairs and chariots. Came originally from China but had stowaway from there. On the way he had been caught and he had to work. Luckily his uncle had thought him much of carpeting and he was able to buy himself a ticket. At England he had found himself in the middle of opium business before he even noticed it until he was offered a way out.

Naruto smiled and left him alone. On his way out he met Udon. He was best friend of Konohamaru. After week of his disappearance, Udon had followed tracks to Uchiha manor house. Konohamaru had persuaded them to give him a job too. So he worked as Kibas and Lees helper.

As he walked through the garden he met Shino who was kneeling before a rose bush. "Anything wrong?"

"Of course not." Shaded man answered. Shino was an Anglo-Indian. English who was returning from India. His parents had died during the rebellion and he never came along with locals so he returned to his parent's country. He had accidentally being boarded in the same ship as Uchiha Sasuke and Naruto. He soon found out that Naruto was looking for a gardener for his Young Masters manor. "I have found some bugs here. Seems to be some kind of crickets." Passionate about bugs.

Naruto smiled and continued on. Now was the last place of his tour. He entered to woods. Little way from there was a small cabin. Smoke was rising from it. He walked to the door and knocked.

"Hello, Naruto-kun!" Older man answered smiling. "What brings you here?"

"Just checking up on you, Tenzo-san. If you wouldn't insist on sleeping in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn't have to do that." He answered smiling back.

"I guess so." Tenzo laughed. Captain Tenzo Yamato (A/N: they didn't gave his last name in Anime nor Manga so Im using Yamato) her Majesty's army. Served during the rebellion but couldn't face all the cruelty he had done so he resigned himself. After years of drinking and opium addiction he had found himself on a doorstep of a certain brothel. Four people had walked to him. Two ex-whores, a lord and a butler. He had been hired. He made sure nothing neared the manor uninvited. Man was dangerous with his firearms. "Want some tea? I was just making some."

Naruto glanced to his pocket watch. "Its almost 10.30. I can't. Young Master will finish his lessons soon." He turned around. "I think you would be interested to know that Young Masters new teacher is Sir Kakashi Hatake."

Tenzo tensed up. "Kakasi? He's here? Wow. There's a name I didn't expect to hear for a while. Would you mind if I would come and have a little chat with him?"

"Of course not." Naruto smiled. "They should be finished by the time you reach the manor."

"Thanks." Tenzo grabbed his coat and rushed away.

Naruto smiled but didn't follow him. He walked to slightly different direction. 10.35 he arrived to a small hill where he was expected.

"You're late." Sasuke muttered angrily while holding to his cane.

"Im sincerely sorry, Master." Naruto bowed. "I have no excuse."

Sasuke ignored him. "It was here where I found them." He watched to dark stones in front of him. "Dead. My parents killed by my own brother. I saw it myself."

Naruto remained on his knee.

"He was going to kill me too but servants arrived at the scene. He fled. I was only seven." He tightened his fist around the cane. "Three years… three years I waited. Used large amounts of money on bounty hunters and spies. Nothing helped. Then… then I had enough. I ran away. Lived four long years in the middle of scum and filth until I found him. It didn't matter even if I had to destroy a whole syndicate he was part of it didn't matter. I got my revenge." He held out his hand. "It was my right hand which finally penetrated his ribcage and broke his heart. I never forget the look on his face. That kind of madness… he didn't even flinch of the pain. His eyes… eyes just glared to mine until life left them. I don't know if what I saw was forgiveness or hatred or simply madness but he is dead. And Im satisfied."

There was a moment of silence. "It's exactly two years since I killed him. And exactly three years since you came to my life."

Naruto glanced up. He saw how his master opened his fist and removed his glow. A burn mark in his palm, shape of a pentagram.

"In the name of the contract…" Sasuke muttered. "you shall never leave me."

Blond smirked and removed his own glow. The exact same mark on the back of his hand. He raised that hand had lowered his head. "Yes, My Lord." Sasuke placed his palm over the back of his hand, pentagrams united.

Chapter END

A/N: Okay, Im here to set few things straight. Many of you must wonder this set up. "Why is Sasuke a lord? Why is Naruto his butler? Sasuke isnt cool at all! Hes is just traitorous idiot! Naruto is a dobe! Naruto doenst act like Sai! Naruto is lot more aloud and anxious!" As an answer for those questions is much simpler if you have watched the original series. Sasuke and Earl so alike that it was obvious choise. Both have lost their families. Both are from large families and have a obsession with revenge (Earl is a lot more humane but still) and also both have freaky eyes. And Naruto is kind of similar with Sebastian. Both are loyal to a fault. Both are demonic and a lot more than you could guess by just looking. Others... I just randomly placed them to jobs I thought would work for them.

A/N: Then there's a question from you who have seen the show. The pentagram which is on their hands. In Sasukes palm (Earl has it in his eye). The reason is that I didnt want to give Sasuke an Eye patch. Palm was good alternative.

Hope you enjoyed it. Continue soon...