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Naruto smiled when Sasuke handed him the leash of his horse. "What?" He asked glaring.

"Young Masters tie is wrinkled." His butler answered quickly correcting it. "You should beware of yourself." He walked pass him. "It won't take long."

"What?" He asked.

"When you can start your honeymoon." Naruto smirked and handed leash to Kiba.

Sun had set when they had returned to the mansion. Hinata had been blushing which was covered by the darkness. But when Tenten had helped her down, she noticed this and started ranting quietly about perverted acts and what not.

Sasuke and Naruto stepped into his bedroom. "So, how was it?" He asked smiling while undressing his riding clothes.

"Was what?" Uchiha ignored the question while he removed his jacket.

"That good?" Naruto smirked. "Figures. Someone with such a dirty mind has to be pretty damn good."

"Shut up. Is the dinner served?"


"How have my other guests enjoyed themselves?"

"Poorly, if I may sir." He handed new set of clothes. "I had them play croquet in the garden and it appears that Young Ladys younger sister has more steady hand than her cousin or her father."

"Anything else?"

"Hiashi-sama tried to inquire about Uchiha family business from Shikamaru which was waste of his time."

"Anything else?"

"Yes actually. It appears that Sir Kakashi will stay with Tenzo-san at his cabin."


"It appears that they have many stories to tell each other. And Tenzo-san had many bottles of liquor to consume. And then they started a firing contest afterwards."

"So that's the reason of those shots." Sasuke nodded understanding. "Anything else?"

"Yes. I was shot." Naruto answered walking away with dirty clothes.

"Shot?" Sasuke snorted. "I asked if anything important."

"Im sorry." He turned back. "Nothing special happened."

"Then we shall return to our guests." Sasuke walked outside.

Dinner was served in dining hall. Everyone was present. Hinata was telling the highlights of her riding trip leaving most important parts out. "Shall we?" Sasuke sat down to table. "Please. Enjoy."


"Is this okay?" A man with a revolver asked from a man with silver coloured hair and glasses. They were leaning to a wall of Uchiha manor. Dozens of henchmen armed with their personal favourites.

"Of course. I have sent half of you to circle to the forest to take out his guards. There wont be anyone to call for police." Kabuto muttered while correcting his glasses. "I shall revenge Orochimaru-sama personally. You can take everything from the house and kill everyone on your path. Leave 'Young Master' to me. Got that?"

"I certainly do." Everyone was startled and looked up to the wall. Dark figure was standing on tpo of it. "But Im sorry for having to interrupt your plans. But my master is having a dinner with her fiancé and her family. It would be a quite inconvenient if you had to interrupt it."

"Who are you?" Kabuto asked.

"Me? Im just a simple servant of the Uchiha manor." Figure revealed a cooking knife and jumped down.


"Naruto." Sasuke turned his head to his butlers leaned ear. "Where is Sakura?"

"Who knows?" Naruto smirked. "But she could be cleaning out some bugs which have infiltrated among us."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "Bring me a souvenir."

"Of course. Excuse me." Naruto walked away.

"Sasuke-kun!" Hiashi called out from the other end of the table. "I heard that you are starting another company of your own."

Sasuke smirked. "Yes."


"Aaaah!" Man screamed as the giant cooking knife cut through his chest.

"Kill her! Kill her!" Kabuto screamed but she was too fast. Sakura run around his henchmen and cut through each and every one of them until only Kabuto was standing. "S-so it's true. Sasuke-kun really has more help than just a single demon."

"Demon?" Sakura turned around revealing her blood coloured face. "Don't unite me with such filthy creatures." She smirked. "Im a shinigami."

Kabuto laughed madly. "Of course. A demon and a shinigami! This is perfect! Per-GYAAH!" An arm just ripped his neck off. Kabuto fell of dead revealing smiling Naruto behind him.

"Such ugly words, shinigami-chan." He said and placed gloves back to his hands. "You make me sound like an ordinary human being."

Sakura snorted. "Just because higher-ups have a keen interest in you and your 'master' doesn't mean I would cut you first chance I get."

Naruto sighed. "What ever you say, my dear shinigami-chan. Clean up this mess before a patrolling police will find out." He picked Kabutos glasses and placed them inside his jacket.

"By the way," Sakura put her cooking knife back to inside her apron. "can you please explain why everyone inside the mansion think that we are lovers?" She was obviously disgusted of the idea. "Mere filthy demon with a goddess like myself." She smiled and winked. "It's blasphemy."

Naruto only smiled. "Because it might seem that the two of us often disappear together for notable periods of time." He turned away. "But don't worry. I will keep denying those rumours so your reputation won't suffer."

"You better." Sakura spited. "That would be the best! Tsunade-sama and the others hearing that the 'Pink goddess of death' doing immoral acts with a demon would ruin my reputation." She suddenly took out her cooking knife and it grew enormously. "Perhaps we should finish this. Kyuubi-kun."

Naruto revealed his eyes. Slits and glowing red. "I would prefer not to." A little fox jumped from the wall on top of him revealing its teeth to Sakura. "I would have to explain to Young Master why I would be needing a new set of clothes." Fox disappeared from his shoulder in a puff of smoke. His eyes turned back to normal blue. "And besides, I don't approve Kyuubi-kun having a fight with such cute shinigami-chan." Naruto smiled and jumped over the wall. "Please hurry with the clean-up or others will get suspicious." He jumped to other side and disappeared from sight.

After he was gone, a smirk started to from to her lips. "Baka." She whispered and put her cooking knife, her shinigamis scythe away.


"And if my hunch is correct, I can soon start building for a main office for this company." Sasuke ended his explanation while Naruto appeared next to him holding a tray which was covered with a cloth and nonchalantly placed them next to him. Sasuke quickly glanced what was under it before nodding. "Give that to Anko-san."

"As you wish."

Naruto took the tray and walked out of the dining hall. He walked through the corridors into servants' quarters.

He could here laughing from inside. Besides from Ino and Temari and Sai who were currently serving the guest, everyone was else were sitting on the kitchen table.

Kiba and his new friend Deidara kept going on about their woman adventures. Konohamaru and Udon were playing checkers. Shikamaru was sitting on the table while smoking. Izumo was talking to Kin who was trying to act nonchalantly as possible. Of course deep blush didn't help her. Kotetsu was kneeling in front of Anko and begging for a chance to prove himself to her. She was sharpening her knifes but trying to act normal as possible. Tayuya was telling a joke to Chouji and Ino who were laughing like maniacs. Lee was doing sit-ups and counting. "120, 121, 122…" Shino was holding a glass jar where a giant centipede was crawling around. His eyes were like he was watching a re-incardination of a god.

Anko saw Naruto coming first. "Yo! What you need? Anything happened?" Suddenly Sakura appeared all wet from a quick bath in nothing but a bathrobe. "Oh I see." She smirked. "You two were having a quickie weren't you?"

"Absolutely not!" Sakura screamed angrily but it was too late.

"Ding ding ding! We have a winner!" Kiba howled. "Naruto has scored again!"

"Such a cute couple." Kin whispered pretending being all modest.

"Oh Naruto-kun! I love you! Won't you love me tenderly!" Izumo acted while hugging Kotetsu.

"Yes, Sakura-chan! Please let me do this one more time! Chu! Chu! Chu!" They made kissing noises. Others laughed in chorus.

"Not bad, Boss!" Konohamaru smirked and raised his pinkie. "But you have to do something with her manners. She's like a wild dog." He jumped over the table to avoid a fist that was ready to send him flying.

"STOP THAT!!!" Sakura screamed blushed from embarrassment. "Nothing happened!"

"Sakura," Tayuya touched her shoulder. "I say you could have picked out worse than that pervert. Think about it." They scanned through the male candidates of the room. "See what I mean?"

"I guess your rig- HEY!!! Wait just a minute! Naruto and I are not a couple and stop saying that!"

Meanwhile Sakura was teased by others Udon noticed the tray Naruto was holding. "Naruto-san, what's on that tray? Is it something to eat?"

Naruto only smiled and handed the tray to Anko. "Young Master asked me to give you some glasses to help with your eyesight." He uncovered the tray revealing a pair of glasses. Everyone was confused and watched from Naruto to Anko.

"Do you need glasses?" Kiba asked.

It took a moment for her to realize whose glasses those were. She took them from his tray.

"Those look kind of old." Konohamaru pointed out suddenly looking over her shoulder. "Did Master really buy those?"

Naruto didn't reply.

"I doesn't matter." Anko smiled and closed her fist. Glasses broke into thousand pieces. "You two have obviously mistaken. I have nothing wrong in my eyesight!" She threw a knife across the room piecing a piece of bred Chouji was eating. "See that!"

Naruto nodded. "My mistake." He quickly collected the shards when the bell rang. "Our guests are leaving." He informed. "Deidara-san, Kiba shall help you with your carriage."

"Thanks, yeah." Blond man nodded and followed after Kiba.

Naruto walked through the corridors to main hall.

Sai was currently placing a jacket to Neji-san while Temari was covering young Hanabi up.

"We'll see you again soon." Head of the Hyuuga said with his cold tone while walking down the stairs with Sasuke. Neji, Hinata, Hanabi, Tenten and Naruto walked behind them.

"Im looking forward to it." Sasuke replied. "See you again, Neji-san. Hanabi-san. Hinata-san." He greeted them while Deidara and Tenten helped them to the cart. "You're always welcome to my manor."

Hiashi snorted and knocked the roof the cart wit his cane. Deidara flipped his leashes and waved to Kiba while departing. They disappeared after a while.

"Sooo… was this all for today?" Kiba asked carefully. "Im kind of sleepy and all so…"

"You're free to go." Sasuke turned around Naruto following him. "Remember to keep your dogs quiet tonight."

Kiba nodded and walked to side entrance Akamaru following him loyally.


Sasuke was sitting in his office drinking some relaxing tea while reading few telegrams that arrived from the London. Naruto was dusting his shelves. His hand was still covered by a white glove.

"Naruto… are you sure everyone was taken care of." He asked raising his eye from the telegram. "I don't want any pests running around and ruining my day."

"Sakura-chan was most effective when it came cleaning the trash." Naruto answered.

"Has she revealed anything?"

"She has… the name of her superior." He suddenly smirked. "Tsunade."

"Does that name mean anything to you?"

"Well known supervisor of the European shinigamis." He turned around. "Means we have stepped on some serious toes, my Master."

"Will they be a trouble?"

"I don't think so unless we start dancing their toes." Naruto picked up a vase and dusted it well. "Shinigamis have relatively little power on the land of the living."

"Why are they so interested in us?" Sasuke asked leaning back. "I thought the contract is something between us only."

"And it is. I believe it has something to do with your former teacher." Naruto answered.

Sasukes eyes widened. "You mean Orochimaru was…"

"A shinigami as well." He nodded. "But because a mere mortal killed him so easily, of course it attracts their attention."

"Easily? I could barely move and he was still in his best condition." He lowered his gaze. "It was then you offered me a chance to live." He removed his glove. Pentagram was glowing red. "It was you who strike him down."

"Young Master. You really have forgotten everything I've told you about our world, haven't you? Demons like me cannot enter the human realm without a contract. Remember…"

Sasuke was breathing hard. He was dying on the floor and taking a beating.

"My, my Sasuke-kun." Orochimaru licked his lips. "I don't know what came on to you but to actually think you can take me on? That's a quite courage you have there." He pulled out a katana. "But Im afraid I have to kill you now. Don't worry, it will be over quickly." Sasukes eyes were blinded. He could barely stay conscious. He could hear laugher from the background. "Don't worry. I will make sure we meet in the after life." He knew katana was approaching. He would die soon.

"My, my. Aren't you a pathetic one?" A voice whispered somewhere behind of his head.

Suddenly it all changed. Sasuke eyes became visible again. He was standing in front of a huge cage. Behind it giant bars, giant fox was glaring down to him. It red eyes glowing from hate. "So… he chose you?"

Sasuke looked around. Suddenly a man appeared in front of him. Young man like himself, wearing a black suit. He had blond hair. "He… interests me." Man whispered pleasurably. "Such an interesting person."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Fox growled. "Demon like yourself serving a human like him?"

Naruto turned around to face the fox. "As I said, he interests me."

"W-what's going on?" Sasuke tried to ask making the young man turn around.

"Do you want to live?" He stepped forward.


"DO YOU WANT TO LIVE AND AVENGE YOUR BROTHER!?!?!?" Narutos voice echoed through around the room.

"YES!!!" An overwhelming force rose from inside of him.

Suddenly Naruto was holding his hand. "Then give me your soul and you shall have my strength and skills to kill your brother. To avenge your family and revive your clan!"

Sasuke didn't know what had happened. "Revenge and reviving of my clans not enough." He muttered not know what came over him. "I want let make my father proud."

Naruto was taken back.

"I see now…" Kyuubi murmured. "why you think him being interesting. Do it."

Man turned around. "What?"

"Time is running low! Do it!" Foxs growled.

Naruto knelt before Sasuke. "Here I pledge my allegiance to you." He smiled. "Young Master." He held out his hand. "Here and now we shall make the contract."

Sasuke didn't understand half what was going on and if you had asked what had happened back then, he wouldn't have answered. Most likely he had glared and asked, what are you doing on his property? But this time he had a reason. When he recalled those happenings, he couldn't make any sense of them. Why did he agree on those terms? He didn't remember anymore but he was glad.

Orochimaru was lying dead on his feet. Sasuke felt stronger than ever. He could feel power through his veins. He turned around. Orochimarus henchmen were screaming in terror. "Let's kill them." Unnoticed by him, Kabuto fled the scene.

Sasuke was standing among the bodies of dead henchmen. He noticed one among them and grabbed its hand. Suddenly he could feel the power leaving him. Once healed wounds started bleed once again. Everything became blurry. Then the body he was touching stood up. It had changed. It now had blond hair and blue eyes. "Please, take it easy. Young Master." Naruto whispered before he lost everything.

Sasuke woke up in his room. All his wounds were bandaged yet his body remained sore.

"How're you feeling, Young Master?" He jumped in fright before remembering his dream. "I took the liberty to boil some tea. Would you like some?"

"Who are you?" Sasuke whispered warily.

"How silly of you, Young Master." Naruto offered him a cup of tea. "Im your butler (A/N: everyone who has watched the show and read the manga, knows that word 'butler' is written by a kanji 'akuma' which also means 'demon'. Clever of them, isn't it?). "There are two ladies outside waiting for audience. Shall I let them in?"

Sasuke was still little dazed but nodded. "Sure. After that go to town. I need some representative clothes." He touched his chin. "I must look like a mess. Before you go, make a bath and cut my hair and bear."

"As you wish." Naruto smiled and stood up. "Shall I let the ladies inside while you're waiting for your bath?"

Sasuke nodded. "Sure."

Naruto walked to the door. "Young Master will see you."

"I asked, who the fuck are you?" Tayuya screamed rushing in Kin following close behind. "Where is he? Sasuke you bastard! Where are you?"

Sasuke was sitting on his bed drinking tea. Such image took both Kin and Tayuya by surprise. "What are you doing?" Kin demanded in rage.

"Drinking tea, obviously." Sasuke glared at them. "What does it look like?"

Kin looked dazed and looked into Tayuya.

"You just killed Orochimaru!" Red head screamed. "Have you any idea what is going to happen? Do you?"

"Kabuto fled." Sasuke muttered. "He will come for his revenge someday." He glared in direction of the bathroom. "Is it ready yet?"

"It's just finished." Naruto opened the door showing him the way in. "Shall your lady friends join you?"

"Who the hell are you?" Kin asked angrily. "And what do you think you are doing asking about baths?"

"Young Master wanted to have a bath." Naruto answered like it was obvious. "So I made one for him."

"Idiot! Don't you understand? Soon this place will be crawling with Orochimarus followers and they are going to kill you!"

"And you." Sasuke added while removing the clothes. "I might have said something about you while fighting against him."

"Y-y-you!" Tayuya was shaking from rage.

"If you have nothing else to say than insults, please feel free to leave. Kabuto will want to revenge his master. And Im his target." Sasuke said turning around. "Ones close to me, will have to pay the price."

Girls looked at each other waiting for a advice.

"Erhm." Naruto cleared his throat getting everyones attention. "Bath is ready. Might I ask young ladies keep Young Master company while Im getting something more fitting clothes for him."

Girls looked into each other confused. They were used to being told what to do. Now they were actually given chances to choose. But Sasuke made end of it quickly. "My shoulders a stiff. Kin, come and massage them. Tayuya, bring me a razor and a mirror."

Girls started moving on that instant. Naruto only smiled. "How kind of you." He nodded.

"Once you return with my clothes, you're going to explain me everything."

"Of course. My lord." Naruto bowed.

"Wonderful memories." He smiled.

Sasuke glared at him. "You're an idiot."

"Why you think so, sir?"

"Hiring a shinigami even knowing that she would only bring trouble." Sakuras voice pointed out from the door.

Naruto turned around. "Aah, Sakura-chan. What brings you here?"

"Nothing special." Sakura walked around the office acting like a child. "Just going to avenge how everyone keeps saying that we are a couple."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "So you finally made it official?"

"Not you too, Young Master!" Sakura screamed in frustration. "I hate this! There can never be anything between me and a…" She snorted. "a filthy demon."

"Don't be shamed." Sasuke said. "He is only a demon. But pretty good chose compared to what there is on the market."

"So why don't we make it official." Naruto smiled and stepped closer. A real smiled appeared to his face. "I wonder what kind of children we will make."

Sakura kept ranting how disgusting the two were, so she didn't notice small smirk forming to Sasuke face.

On the third floor, Shikamaru and Temari were doing their best to fill the empty crib (he only was having fun with his newly-wed wife). Anko was snoring in the kitchen after drinking vast amounts of booze. Kotetsu was sitting in the gatekeepers' cabin thinking new ways of proving herself to her.

"Stop wasting candles and go to bed!" Izumo yelled annoyed from his punk.

Lee was doing a midnight jog around the woods. Ino, Tayuya and Kin changed gossips in their bedroom. Chouji was doing some midnight snack. Kiba was sleeping the doghouse to keep the dogs quiet. Sai was sleeping soundly. Konohamaru was telling ghost stories with Udon.

Normal quiet night in the Uchiha manor.


Tenzo woke up in the morning in them middle of the forest, head killing him. "What did we do last nigh?" He asked.

"I think we drank bit too much." Kakashi answered. "Check up! Clothes?"


"Good. Guns?"


"Bad. Ammunition?"


"Bad." Kakashi sighed. "Good thing we are far of the manor house. There shouldn't be any vic-ti-ms…" they were lying in the middle of the field of bodies who once were Kabutos henchmen. He looked at Tenzo who gulped.

"Not again." He whispered holding back his vomit.

"So…" Kakashi looked around. "Will you dig the grave to hide them, or should I?"

Chaper END

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