Chapter 2

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Edwards P.O.V

"NO!" I fumed "No Way!"

"Don't be such a wuss" Emmett snorted "You could do with some excitement in your life."

I opened my mouth to interrupt.

"Oh wait let me guess" Emmett put on a very bad imitation of my voice "'Bella's all the excitement I need. If your relationship with Rose was as good as ours you would understand. Blah blah blah"

I gritted my teeth "Well it's true"

"Riiight, if your relationship is so 'exciting' how come you've never..."

I caught onto his trail of thoughts and cut him off. "Can you please stop talking about mine and Bella's sex life"

"More like 'Lack of a sex life'" Jasper cut in, holding his hand up for Emmett to high-five. The resulting sound would have been like a clap of thunder to anyone nearby.

"As I was saying. Stop talking and stop thinking about it. There is more to my relationship than the physical side of things"

"There would have to be otherwise Bella would have cleared off a long time ago"

My blood boiled, metaphorically speaking. I pinched the bridge of my nose.

"Now now, Edward, we were only kidding, You need to try and keep your emotions under control. Tonight is all about having fun fun fun!" Jasper channelled a wave of enthusiasm at me.

"Well, even if we do go on this road trip tonight, you wouldn't be able to get me back in time" I said as I tried to fight the enthusiasm from seeping into my words.

"Actually, I've already checked with Alice and she says she could see us all present at the ceremony tomorrow" Jasper said "So no more excuses and get in the car" he shoved me into the passenger seat of Emmett's Jeep. Before I could escape my brothers climbed into the car and locked it; Emmett in the drivers seat and Jasper sitting in the back.

"Are you ready for one of the best nights of your life?" Emmett asked turning to face me with a mischievous grin.

I rolled my eyes. "I seriously doubt you could take me anywhere that could warrant as one of the best nights of my life"

"Oh really now? What would be classed as one of the best nights of your life?" Emmett teased as he started the car up.

"Use your imagination" I muttered and turned to face out the window. Very quickly vivid images filled my head, they were a little too vivid.

"Ugh, I didn't mean it! You two have vile minds"

"What? You said, and I quote, 'use your imagination' and I did!" Emmett exclaimed

"I obviously didn't mean it, even a werewolf could have figured that one out"

"Listen Edward, it's not our fault that you choose to use your pervy party trick to hear dirty thoughts. Besides, don't try and pretend you didn't like what you saw because your emotions are telling me otherwise" Jasper smirked.

Not being able to think of a come back, I turned to face out the window again and tuned out their thoughts. We were heading out of town. I soon got bored of staring out the window and began to think of Bella. I longed to be with her. To be honest anyone would be better than my two demented brothers at this current moment in time, even, dare I say it, Jacob Black. It seemed that their true motives for tonight were just to embarrass and antagonize me as much as possible. I sighed and went back to thinking of Bella. Her beautiful brown eyes, her warm skin, her soft--

I get money, I, I get money

I, I get, I get, I get, I get,

I get money, money is got

I get money, money is got

"GAH! WHAT. IS. THAT!" I shrieked covering my ears with my hands as the horrid sound filled the car.

"Uh, 50 cent" Emmett said as if it was obvious.

"My ears are dying!" I stated as I tried to change the song. All of the songs were the same. A mix of hip-hop and rap music, if you could call that noise music. "If you insist on taking me hostage tonight can I at least choose the music"

Emmett sighed but handed me the CDs. I flicked through finally selecting one of my favourites. Soon the sound of a piano filled the car.

"Ugh, what is that?" Emmett said with disgust.

"Uh, Debussy" I said mimicking his tone from earlier. He looked at me like I was mad. "You know, 'Clair de Lune'"

"No, I don't know" Emmett said slowly shaking his head. A few seconds later he spoke again "How much longer can this torture last?!"

"This isn't torture! This is real music with meaning, not that mindless rapping crap you listen to!"

"That song had meaning! It describes the unfair distribution of money around the world. What meaning can you find in this, it doesn't even have any words!"

I groaned. This was going to be the longest journey ever.

"Guys" Jasper interrupted "I have a simple solution, Edward listens to his iPod and Emmett uses the car radio"

I was happy to go along with that, at least I could drown out the two of them for the rest of this journey. After a while I became aware to the fact that Jasper and Emmett were having a whispered conversation. I paused my music to listen and they carried on, not noticing I was eavesdropping.

"So Emmett, where exactly are we going?"

"To be honest, I'm not entirely sure, I was just hoping to follow this road until I figured out what to do. Maybe a strip club isn't such a bad idea" Emmett said thoughtfully.

"We can't, if Alice checks up and sees us at a strip club she will actually kill me" Jasper hissed.

"Hmm, but what else can we do?"

"I'm not sure, let's carry on into the next town, we can make a stop there and then decide what to do next."

Great, I'm stuck in this car, in the middle of no where and I have no clue where I'm going. Could this night get any worse? My question was answered moments later as the engine of the Jeep started spluttering and then came to a stop.

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