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Secret Santa

A 21 Jump Street Christmas Fic!

"Secret Santa! Fuller, you have got to be kidding me!"

"Yeah, we aren't in elementary school any more!"

"Besides, what if I get someone I don't like!"

"Guys!" Captain Fuller raised an impatient hand, "I think Secret Santa is a wonderful idea to get us all into the Christmas spirit. Besides, all of you all have been at each other's throats lately and how better to enjoy the holidays and put a little joy back into Jump Street than participating in Secret Santa?"


"No buts, Hanson," Fuller shot the young officer an irritated look; "Now then, you all will participate. That's an order! Write your names on a scrap of paper and put it into the bag. We'll draw names…"

"What if I get my own?"

"Then you'll draw again, Penhall," Fuller exhaled exasperatedly, "Each of you will purchase a gift for the person's name you have drawn. The gifts will be under twenty dollars but more than five. That means no getting anyone a chili dog, Penhall."

"Aw! You're no fun, Fuller!"

"Well at least I am more in a Christmas-y mood than you guys! Seriously! Hanson, putting a water balloon in Judy's chair? And you, Penhall, 'accidentally' leaving a chili dog in Booker's desk over Thanksgiving? And Judy, slapping Booker…"

"He was inappropriately coming on to me!"

"I merely complimented you on your hind quarters and told you that I wouldn't mind seeing more where that came from when you walked past my desk…" Booker defended nonchalantly, earning himself a shove up against the desk from Hanson.

"Hanson!" Fuller barked.

"He can't say that to her!"

"Easy there, Hamburger," Booker chuckled, "Don't get your bloomers in a bunch."

"You're dead, scum!" Hanson hissed.

"And this is exactly why we need to do a Secret Santa. We'll give each other the gifts at the Christmas party next week. Now, put your names in the bag or I will put them in for you!"

The members of Jump Street grumbled and each grabbed a pen and a scrap of paper off of Fuller's desk. After scribbling their names, they dropped them in the brown paper bag that their Captain held out for them. As Hanson dropped in his, he shot Fuller a look and rolled his eyes.

"Come on Hanson, usually you love Christmas!"

"Usually I don't have to work with a psycho but then again, we all can't be happy, can we?" His acidic tone was not welcome.

"Hanson, you and Booker haven't gotten along since the second you met. Now, could you at least try and pretend you like him…at least until after Christmas?"

"Can he at least try and pretend not to be a whack job…at least until after Christmas?" Hanson's voice was mocking and Fuller decided it was best not to reprimand him. Hanson did have a point. There was something…odd, for lack of a better term, about Dennis Booker but he was a good officer, almost as good as Hanson, and they'd both just have to deal with each other. At least until after Christmas.

Both officers walked to separate ends of Adam Fuller's officer to await having to draw a name from the bag. Judy offered to go first. She extended her hand and plunged it into the sack without a moment's hesitation. After a few seconds, her hand emerged and with it, a folded slip of paper. She unfolded it and smiled behind it secretly. She had drawn Doug Penhall's name. That would be easy enough.

Next, Ioki followed suit. He drew Fuller's name from the bag and his eyes widened nervously. What would he ever get for a man who seemed to have everything? It wasn't as if he could run down to the joke shop and purchase a gag gift like he'd have done if he had drawn Hanson, Penhall, Booker, or even Judy's name. No, this one would be tough. Frowning, he slipped the piece of paper into his jeans pocket.

After Ioki, Doug went and drew a name from the bag. He glanced at it and smirked. He had drawn Harry Ioki. That'd be easy. He would just run down to J&B's Joke Shop. He could easily pick up something that would most likely cause Judy to call him immature (how could he pass up that opportunity?) and Harry to not know what in hell's name to do with it. Maybe this Secret Santa business wouldn't be so bad after all…

"Alright, Hanson, Booker, you two are next."

"Cap'n do we really…"

"Yes, Hanson, you really have to do this. Now draw!"

Hanson rolled his eyes and plunged his fist angrily into the bag. After shuffling the two pieces of paper left, he withdrew his hand and looked down at the paper it had surfaced with. After mentally cursing, he shoved it heatedly into his pocket. Of all the names to get it just had to be Dennis Booker! Dennis-Frickin'-Psycho-Freak-Booker!

"Alright, Dennis. You're next."

Booker too rolled his eyes and plunged his fist angrily into the bag. The only difference between him and Hanson was that Hanson hadn't verbally cursed upon reading the scribbled name. Booker, on the other hand, didn't waste anytime.

"Damn it!"

"Booker…" Fuller warningly raised an eyebrow.

"Cap'n this is ridiculous! Of all the damn names in the world…"

Booker decided against continuing his sentence and sulked back over to the wall he had previously been leaning against, took his prior position, and folded his arms crossly across his chest.

"Aw!" Hanson smirked, unable to let the perfect moment for an insult pass, "Look at lil' baby Dennis sulking in the corner. What's wrong? Throwing a temper tantrum, are we?"

"Shut up, Hamburger!" Booker spat.

"Both of you!" Fuller raised a hand once more, "Leave each other alone! Now then, we have all drawn names except for me."

Fuller placed his hand in the now crumpled bag and withdrew the last name. He smiled upon reading Judy Hoffs written neatly in cursive.

"Alright, get back to work! And don't forget to go shopping for your person. Remember, the Christmas party is on Wednesday next week. That means you only have today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and for most likely Doug, Wednesday. So get busy on your cases and on thinking about your gift!"

After dismissing his officers, Fuller sat down in his leather swivel chair and leaned back as far as the recline would permit. Christmas was next Friday and he hoped that the Officers of Jump Street would be able to put aside their differences, at least for Christmas, and he hoped that his Secret Santa idea would do the trick!

"Hanson! Penhall! You two bafoons are dead!" Judy's irate voice echoed through the chapel.

Fuller rolled his eyes and put his head in his hands. Maybe he should just start hoping a little harder…

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