The bunnies were biting and since there is always time for a drabble (well, double drabble in this case :P) I had to write this ;)

Let your imagination wander...


"Should I be turned on or turned off? I mean, he is kind of betraying me..."

"Well, I'm definitely turned on! That's freaking hot!"

"Doesn't count. You were turned on by that tentacle thing, we captured yesterday..."

"You would be too, if you knew what that thing can do simultaneously, Gwen."

"Yuck! I would prefer those two skinny idiots to something slimy like that! Although... maybe not."

"Aw, don't be so mean, Donna. He sure has his qualities..."

"Oh ho! Care for some details, Rose Tyler?"

"Maybe later, Jack. Oh my... is he really going to...? We should tell them... we should really really tell them..."

"But that would be no fun. Ah... that's what he meant with 'research of bodily reactions to different stimulations'. And I would have been too happy to assist..."

"Yeah, but I have the right to 'assist' first, don't you think?"

"Never said you couldn't join in, Rosie..."

"Please, stop it you two! It's already bad enough to watch that. God... how is that even humanly possible?!"

"Well, they are only one quarter human... But I never knew, they were that flexible..."

"Ianto, another round of coffee, please. I think this will take a while..."