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Tsuna puffed his cheeks at the enormously large ship.

"I am not leaving!" He crossed his arms and planted his feet. Gokudera sighed.

"Tenth…your mother says you will ride it no matter what the reasons."

Tsuna was the tenth prince of his country. He was constantly stalked for his good looks and was forced into getting more than one bodyguard. Gokudera was his #1. He had known him for a long time, as long as he could remember. Gokudera refused to call him anything but tenth because he 'had his class', whatever that meant.

"Tsuna! You look extremely cute in that dress!" Came a voice. Red in the face, Tsuna turned to Ryohei. The fact was that he was wearing a dress. His mother wanted a girl she could dress up, but since he look a great deal like one, he would have to do. Tsuna loved his mom but wished she wouldn't dress him up. Anyways, Ryohei was his bodyguard #2. He was passionate with painting and was 'extremely' good at it(1).

"You don't have to say that! And even so! I am not leaving!" Tsuna nodded once for finality before climbing back onto the carriage. With the body guards trying to stop him, a cool, smooth voice reached their ears. Gasping Tsuna jumped onto the man.



"You're betting everything?" A tall, handsome raven scratched his cheek.

"Yes, now shut up Yamamoto." Yamamoto grinned at Hibari. It had taken him forever to say just his first name and it seemed to be all worth it. "It's not like we have anything to lose." Yamamoto glanced at Hibari. He couldn't say that he was lying. They had nothing. Except for his razor sharp sword, and Hibari's tonfas. Hibari was just like his weapon, cold and unforgiving. If anyone met the fate of being killed by Hibari, well, they could forget the movie where the hero escapes and kills the villain. That led to a funny thing. Were he and Hibari villains or-

"Say goodbye Yamamoto." Hibari had already gathered the winnings into a bag. Yamamoto grinned. Hibari always wins. The men they were playing against were squabbling.

"You idiot! You bet the tickets!"

"You didn't stop me!"

"!&#*^%" They started swearing in French. Hibari eyeballed the tickets to see if they were fake. They were interrupted by the bartender who was pointing at the clock.

"The tickets will be useless if you don't hurry. You got 5 minutes!" Yamamoto and Hibari looked at each other and ran out the door.


"I cant believe you got me to get on!" Tsuna pouted and punched Reborn lightly (2). Reborn chuckled.

"You heartily agreed after the mention of Lambo." Lambo was a little kid that Tsuna adored. No one else could stand him but Tsuna couldn't get enough of the little afro ridden child. Tsuna squealed at the mention of him.

"Where is he!?" Tsuna looked around with his dainty binoculars. He did a full 360 before see Reborn's striking face. He kept right on staring. "Well?" Reborn snickered before rolling his eyes.

"He's probably sleeping in your room. Nice dress by the way." Tsuna huffed and walked towards his room.


Hibari walked to his room. When he opened it he was greeted by a blond man making out with a pretty woman. He had just run a few miles and didn't even notice it when he walked to an empty bunk. The man and woman split apart and smiled at him and Yamamoto.

"Hey. I'm Dino, your roomie." The blond man introduced himself and then gestured the woman to do the same.

"My name is Bianchi and I am also your roommate. Got a problem?" Hibari just shook his head and fell into a short nap.

"Weren't the roommates supposed to be French?"


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(2)- Reborn is an adult.

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