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'Mostly Thinking'

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Tsuna couldn't stop the one tear that slid down his cheek. Wiping it away, shocked, he chuckled slightly to himself.

"Why am I crying? It has nothing to do with me…" Suddenly Tsuna gasped. "I forgot my hat! I should go back…but I cant! I left with such drama that it would be awkward." He walked around in circles muttering to himself. He was on his fifth circle when he heard someone call his name. Tsuna's head whipped around to the voice.

"Onii-san!" Tsuna raised an eyebrow at the panting man. "What have you been doing?"

"I have been all over this ship a dozen times and I still couldn't find you! Where were you!?" Ryohei snapped before kneeling over and panting more. Tsuna kept his eyebrow raised.

"I was eating. I told you onii-san." At this Ryohei stood straight and looked at Tsuna.


"Yes, I asked you while you were painting and you kept saying 'Extreme!' so I thought that was your way of saying yes!" Tsuna crossed his arms. Ryohei groaned and held his head.

"You know never to ask me something when I'm painting! I was probably yelling at my painting!" Tsuna huffed.

"How was I supposed to know that!? I was right next to you!" He exclaimed.

"Well, wasn't it obvious that- Wait! We're getting out of topic!" He changed topics drastically. "Where were you?" Tsuna shuffled his feet at the sudden change in atmosphere. It was almost like Reborn and whenever he asks Tsuna a math question. Almost. Nothing could ever compete with the 'Get it right and you get nothing, and Get it wrong and you die' method. Tsuna mentally shivered and turned back to Ryohei. He was just about explain his whereabouts but he stopped himself. He just realized how stupid it sounded!

'Well, y'see onii-san, a complete stranger who knew about my hero offered lunch. I agreed and didn't see at all how dangerous it was. Hehe?' Like that? No way. And how stupid was that!? Tsuna should've known not to have gone. What was he thinking? Going to lunch with a complete stranger…

"Tsuna?" Tsuna jolted at Ryohei's voice. "Your answer?" Tsuna fidgeted under the pressure. He could feel Ryohei's impatient waves attack him. Sweating, Tsuna finally gave in.

"Well, y'see onii-san…"

Tsuna glanced at the large clock. Four o' clock. Two and ½ hours since his arrest. Well, by Ryohei. He had locked him in this room ever since he heard his story and Tsuna would be getting out only by dinner.

'Great,' He thought. 'He probably told Mukuro. At least dinners starts soon enough.'

"Tsuna! I didn't tell Mukuro!" Ryohei burst through the door, leaving Tsuna on the floor, shocked.

"Onii-san! You almost gave me a heart attack! And why didn't you?" Tsuna asked as he stood up.

"I knew you would get into trouble. And I cant do that to my little brother!" Ryohei ruffled Tsuna's hair. With tears of joy, Tsuna hugged his brother tightly. Breathing in the scent of paint and a spice, Tsuna hugged him harder. Ryohei patted his head. "You can leave now. I can only not see you unhappy for so long." Grinning, Tsuna squeezed him again.

"You're the best Onii-san!" And ran off. Ryohei chuckled and watched him off.

"I am, aren't I?"


Tsuna journeyed around the ship once again. He whistled a merry tune and looked out into the water. He puckered lips closed, though, as he heard some commotion.

He ran(skipped) over to the scene and halted.

"Hibari-san!?" Hibari's head turned to him. Then, he shrugged off the guards and walked towards him. Tsuna tilted his head at the officers. "Is something wrong?" He gave them a cute smile and left them stuttering and blushing while walking away with Hibari. He decided not to ask what that was about.

"H-Hibari-san," He started when they walked to a safe distance, "I wanted to wait until dinner but I think that now's a better time." Hibari stopped and looked at Tsuna.

"I don't need to be thanked. You wouldn't have jumped anyway." He stated blandly. Tsuna blinked his widened eyes.

"I don't think I want to ask why, but still." Tsuna bowed deeply. "Thank you Hibari-san." Tsuna straightened up and immediately had something shoved into his arms. "Ah…?" He rose it up to see his sunhat.

"You left it again, you idiot." He rolled his eyes and Tsuna blushed.

"Tha-thank you." He put it on his head. Something black caught his gaze. In Hibari's hand was a black, rather large book. He pointed to it. "May I…?" Hibari nodded and handed it to him. Tsuna sat on a nearby sunning chair and flipped through it as Hibari laid back on it and enjoyed that breeze.

"Wow! You're rather good aren't you? Hm…" Tsuna goggled at it. Then he blushed hard. "Th-this woman…" Hibari sat up to examine it.

"She had pretty hands." And laid back down. Tsuna sweat-dropped and returned it. Then, he laid down and turned his face toward the other's.

"Can I tell you something?" Tsuna whispered. Hibari glanced at him and closed his eyes. Tsuna took that as a yes. "I don't want to marry Mukuro." Tsuna closed his eyes. "I love him…but not the way he loves me. I like him like I like my friends…What should I do?" He reopened them to have piercing black eyes staring at him.

"Don't marry him." Was his response. Tsuna smiled sadly and nodded.

"I wish…" There was a silence. Minutes later, Hibari broke it.

"Thanks. For Gokudera." Tsuna smiled genuinely and sat up. He walked to the railing where there was nothing under them but water. Hibari came up behind him and placed a gun in his hand. Tsuna's eyes widened.

"Wh-what!? Hibar-" Tsuna was silenced as Hibari positioned his hands the right way. With his hand over his, Hibari shot a round into the water. Tsuna blushed at the warmth and was shocked at the same time. "Why do you have a gun?" He asked. Hibari shrugged.

"That idiot Yamamoto made me carry one around. Herbivore." Tsuna looked up at him.

"He doesn't eat meat?" Hibari smiled a little and nodded. "But didn't we have sushi?" His smiled disappeared. He frowned as he shot more rounds not hearing Tsuna's protests.

Finally, after a minute, he spoke.

"You need these skills. You never know what could happen.." Was all he said but Tsuna could hear the concern. He blushed as Hibari shot rounds and this time gave instructions. When the teaching was done (there were so many bullets!) Tsuna asked, "Where did you learn to shoot." Hibari froze. Tsuna realized this topic was off limits and changed it. "I-I mean draw! Where did you learn to draw Hibari-san!?" He forced the topic with a loud voice.

"I learned how to shoot from my dad. I learned everything from him. Drawing included…" He trailed off. Tsuna smiled cheerfully.

"He sounds wonderful!"

"He's dead." This time Tsuna froze. Hibari noticed. "Do not pity me." Tsuna shook his head.

"I don't pity you…I admire you." Hibari raised an eyebrow.


"I could never live without parents…You're so strong. You handle it well." Tsuna concluded. Hibari was silent for a long time. Long enough that Tsuna started to space out.

"I didn't handle it well. I completely lost it. I don't remember. All I know is that I ended up with those two." Hibari spoke suddenly. Tsuna knew who he meant by 'those people'. He didn't need to ask. They bathed in a conferrable silence again…until Tsuna noticed their close proximity and pushed Hibari away. Having their hands tangled together, Tsuna fell with him.

Hibari was too shocked to do anything and fell in a compromising position. Very much like the first time, but this time Tsuna sitting on him. They both blushed and scrambled to get off. A cool voice stopped them.

"Is this what you were doing this entire time Dame-Tsuna?" Reborn stepped up and smirked at them. Tsuna blushed harder while Hibari glared at him.

"Who are you?" He asked. Reborn's smirk grew larger.

"I am Reborn. And you are?" Hibari just glared harder and didn't reply. Reborn chuckled. "I see…this is your hero?" He turned to Tsuna, who was still blushing. Tsuna nodded quickly and bowed slightly to Hibari.


"Anyways, I'm here to inform you that your nanny is coming. Oh, there she is." Tsuna tensed up.

He started to remember the first time he met her. She was so nice and friendly that Tsuna almost fell in love with her. But then one day she came up with the idea of the proposal. He wasn't sure how she did it, but she managed to persuade his parents. 'She just wants our money. Like she doesn't have enough.' Tsuna thought bitterly. Hibari noticed the drastic change of Tsuna's mood but didn't mention it.

"Hello Tsuna!" An attractive woman with black hair tied back with bangs , not much older than Tsuna greeted him with a light hug. Tsuna smiled back, his mood lifted.

"Hi Haru." Tsuna replied. Haru smiled and stepped out of the hug as another woman the same age stepped up.

"How are you Kyoko?" Tsuna asked. Kyoko had long hair, with short bangs in the front with a floofy dress. She smiled cutely.

"I'm fine, thank you." Tsuna smiled back. Then, he turned to his nanny, who was quietly behind the rest. "How are you Nanny?" Tsuna asked, the smile turning fake. Chrome rolled her eyes.

"Why don't you call me Chrome like you used to, Tsuna?" She asked. Tsuna replied blandly.

"Why, it would be rude to call my sister-in-law something like that." He stated the whole thing in such a polite yet frightening tone that Chrome mentally widened her eyes.

"I see. Well, its time to get ready for dinner. It starts at six." Tsuna glanced at a clock. It was five already! Reborn cleared his throat and caught everyone's attention.

"Everyone, this is Hibari Kyoya. This is Tsuna's savior." He announced. Tsuna and Hibari looked at him strange. Didn't he just ask who he was…? Kyoko and Haru grabbed both of his hands.

"Thank you!"

"Wow! You're so handsome!" Kyoko nudged Haru.

"I cant believe you just said that!" Kyoko scolded.

"Hey! Don't you think so?" Haru defended herself. Kyoko blushed.

"We're right in front of him!" She pointed out. Hibari looked flatly at both of them. Then bowed his head lightly.

"Thank you. You ladies, too, are beautiful." Kyoko and Haru blushed. Tsuna did also. Who knew he could be such a gentleman? While they were gazing at Hibari, Reborn glanced at Chrome. She looked disgusted by him. She waved at Tsuna.

"Tsuna. Time to go. Nice meeting you." She nodded at Hibari and turned on her heel. Tsuna stared at her and turned to Hibari.

"See you at dinner Hibari-san." Tsuna bowed and hurried after Chrome. Hibari stopped him and cleanly slipped the gun in Tsuna's pocket. Tsuna noticed and hugged Hibari to cover it up. Then walked again. Reborn gave a hand of dismissal and followed.

Haru and Kyoko looked at Hibari who was staring at Tsuna's retreating back.

"What're you going to wear?"

The two women squealed at Hibari. He was in a tux and even though there was no gel in his hair, it looked perfect.

"I knew my husband's suit would fit you!" Haru grinned. She saw Hibari's face and added on, "I accidentally packed it, he's not here though!" Kyoko sighed and straightened Hibari's collar.

"I should get married soon…" She sighed again and looked out into space. Hibari didn't like the she 'manhandled' him and stepped out of her touch. She blinked and looked sheepish. "Oh… I'm sorry." Hibari nodded and turned to both of them.

"Am I done?" He asked in an impatient fashion. They had taken more ten minutes just finding it and he was getting They nodded and ushered him to the door.

"Meet him at the grand clock." They said and shut the door, getting ready themselves.

He turned and walked towards the finest clock on the ship.


Hibari saw the nanny and Mukuro walk towards him. They looked identical, except for the fact one was wearing a dress.

"Hello. Hibari is it?" Mukuro greeted Hibari without much care. Hibari just stared until Mukuro averted his gaze. "Yes. Well, we'll be off." And walked away with the nanny glaring. He mentally rolled his eyes and physically crossed his arms, waiting for Tsuna. He didn't notice some women goggling at him, even with their husbands. He was busy looking at Tsuna walking down the stairs.

Tsuna was dressed in red layered dress with a little black top hat and black gloves. Since his hair just reached his shoulders, it concealed the straps which were thick yet delicate. Tsuna was smiling at him until he reached Hibari. He grinned larger.

"Why, you clean up nice Hibari-san. Who helped?" Tsuna's eyes seemed to know everything.

"You know who." Hibari replied and held out his arm for Tsuna to take. He complied and walked away to the kitchen.


Tsuna was pointing out everyone and everything. Hibari just growled and didn't say anything. He was bored and Tsuna knew. He was just teasing.

"Oh, that's the royal teacup, the one the captain drinks from. Oh! There's the architect. There's the wife…" Tsuna peeked up at Hibari who was glaring at everything. He giggled but quickly clasped a hand over it as Hibari changed his glare direction towards him.

"What's so funny?" He asked in a low voice. Tsuna had to stifle his laughter by pressing more hard.

"Hehe…Mmph…" He managed to get out before Hibari glared again and looked straight again. Tsuna sighed and put a hand to his heart. He shouldn't do that more often. Then, he spotted his bodyguards.

"Oh! Reborn! Ryohei! Gokudera!" Tsuna yelled loudly and earned a few stares. He blushed and half hid behind Hibari. Hibari glared harder at the annoyance of it all and made the people cower back. Reborn walked over right away

"Finally. What took so long?" Reborn asked looking at Tsuna suspiciously. Tsuna grinned cheekily.

"I was showing Hibari-san what everything was." Hibari scoffed at the underestimated statement. Ryohei came jogging up.

"Hey Tsuna! Gokudera said something came up. He wont be here this dinner." Tsuna sighed. Then turned to Hibari.

"I'm sorry Hibari-san. Maybe you can see him tomorrow." Tsuna apologized. Hibari didn't say anything.

"Lets go to the table." Reborn escorted them to the large awaiting group. Everyone was chatting and Mukuro noticed them first.

"Nice of you to finally join us." Mukuro stood and kissed Tsuna on the cheek, smirking at Hibari. Tsuna sat down without a word and placed the napkin on his lap. Hibari mirrored his actions. But when he looked down he blanked out. There were so many different utensils that he didn't know where to start. Tsuna noticed and whispered without looking at him, "Start on the outside then work your way in." Hibari calmly picked up a tiny spoon and started to sip the soup, as was everyone else.

"So, Hibari, what do you do for a living?" Mukuro asked as the main course was set down. Tsuna glared at him for asking such a rude question. Mukuro paid no heed.

Hibari didn't even flinch as he reached for a bread role.

"I play poker and draw. Here," He said, passing his black sketchbook to him, "look at a few." Mukuro tried to look unconcerned as he flipped through the pages, but that was hard to do. Hibari really was a good drawer. This was proven as the sketch book got passed around the table. Murmurs of appreciation were coming from around the table. Tsuna beamed.

"Its good isn't it?" He asked. Everyone nodded. Hibari nodded as his book was passed back to him. Mukuro twitched as his plan to humiliate completely backfired. He tried again as Hibari yawned.

"You seem tired. Are the bunks in third class hard?" He jeered. Tsuna gasped and lightly nudged Mukuro. He again paid no attention. Hibari mentally sighed, exasperated at the childish remarks Mukuro was making.

"No. I've slept in worse conditions. Even under a bridge." He said. Mukuro twitched again and Tsuna was amazed.

"You've slept under a bridge?" After a nod from Hibari, Tsuna clasped his hands together. "Wow! You're amazing!" Mukuro's eye twitched at the compliment. Mukuro stopped with the pranks and just ate through as the women asked Hibari questions. Tsuna smiled secretly to himself. Hibari had managed the entire dinner. And by the looks on the women's' faces, they were completely charmed by him.

The men were getting impatient and Mukuro stood. Tsuna turned her head slightly to Hibari.

"He's going to take all the men to the smoke room." He whispered.

"Well, men, shall we head to the smoke room?" Mukuro suggested. The men nodded vigorously and stood, after kissing their wives. Mukuro did the same only rougher. Tsuna whimpered and kept his eyes open. Mukuro smirked at Hibari, who was bristling, and walked off. Hibari also stood.

"Well, this is my cue. Farewell." Tsuna stood up and Hibari took his hand and kissed it lingering a little before walking the other direction. Tsuna widened his eyes and sat down.

He quietly unfolded a paper note that Hibari had passed to him and read:

Make it count. Meet me at the clock.

Tsuna contained his excitement well and excused himself, ignoring Chrome's look.

Gokudera looked around, making sure this was the right door. He looked at the paper in his hand. Reborn had given it to him saying something about Yamamoto, so he had to go.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door.


Hibari smirked when Tsuna arrived.

"Took you long enough." He said when Tsuna reached the top of the stairs. Tsuna pouted.

"Do you know how many clocks there are on this ship? How was I supposed to know it was this one?" Tsuna exclaimed. Hibari raised an eyebrow.

"This is the one we started with." He started calmly. Tsuna blushed and looked away.

"Well…what now?" He asked meekly. Hibari smirked again.

"Do you want a real party?"

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"…Gokudera…" Yamamoto whispered. Gokudera looked away.


Preview End!

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