Part 5 in my mini-series of the saga that is (or not) the Romance between our two favourite characters.

Spoilers: Season 7 – Grace

Very short tag, straight to the point.

Rating: T

Warnings : nothing

Summary: Sam is stranded alone on the Promethues and is beginning to wonder if she and Jack will ever be together.

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Holding her throbbing head in her hands, Sam couldn't believe that they were still tiptoeing around each other. It seemed that their time together would never come, especially now. She was sitting alone on the bridge of the Prometheus, with a serious concussion and headache to boot. Everyone else had disappeared. She knew she was hallucinating when her friends started appearing, it wasn't until Jack appeared that she knew things were taking a turn for the worse.

Meanwhile back on Earth Jack was having a conversation with Daniel, one that he'd rather not have.

"Eighteen hours past due for contact, yeah, I'd say something went wrong…And you can tell the Tok'ra that if they're gonna be allies with us they need to start jumping occasionally and not sitting on their snake head butts. We're always ready the lend a hand when they ask for it, but come on, Daniel, don't look at me like that, you know perfectly well that they're never, and I mean NEVER able to help when we need them the most, and if they do it's because Jacob has finally been told and he's the one that always brings a ship or something."

"Listen Jack, I know you're upset, but we'll find The Prometheus, we'll find her. We'll find Sam".

"Yeah, we always do eventually, but it doesn't stop me worrying about her out there. Look, I've got some stuff to do. I'll see ya later".


Back on board the Prometheus Sam was trying to remember what imaginary Jack had said "Let's face it Carter, I'm not that complex" "I'm a safe bet" And then that kiss, how she couldn't wait to see him again, to kiss him for the first time. Sure they had kissed before, when she was infected with the Brocca virus, when they were Jonah and Thera, but she wanted to kiss him as herself. Even though they had confessed to each other how they had felt, she had been feeling recently that perhaps they had waited too long. He seemed to have been distancing himself. He had recently told her on more than one occasion to "get a life". Was he trying to push her away? She longed to be in his arms, she missed him so.

Sitting by her bed in the infirmary, Jack watched her sleep. This was the only time he got to see her unguarded. He wondered if they would ever be together. She seemed to have become distant these last few months. Had he blown his chance? He loved her so much, had they waited too long? His spirits soared at the sound of her whispered question "Jack", but before he had a chance to stop it, his military persona took over, they were on base, he was there officially in the capacity as her CO, not her want to be lover "excuse me?" and before he could take it back, she called him "sir" and then the moment was gone.

Their day had come and gone and they had failed to grab on to it with both hands.