A Very Shassie X-Mas Part 6

Lassiter stirred slowly the next morning. He'd had a long night talking to Shawn about life, love, pineapples…pretty much everything. They even talked about things that would seem trivial to others. But for the two of them it was the only thing keeping them going during the night. But at least they weren't alone.

He looked around as he pushed the blankets off of him. Glancing at his wristwatch, he saw that it was nearly ten o'clock. He looked beside him to see Shawn curled up peacefully emitting quiet snores. A loud bang caused them both to start and Shawn began fumbling around for Lassiter. The banging stopped and was replaced by the sound of many footsteps hurrying around. Carlton removed his sidearm from its holster and held it at the ready as the footsteps grew louder.

"Detective Lassiter; Shawn Spencer are you here?" a voice echoed through the halls.

Carlton let his arm relax. They were being rescued. The faint barking of dogs grew louder until a German Sheppard appeared around a corner closely followed by Buzz.

"Over here guys!!" he called over his shoulder. Flashlights gleamed everywhere, blinding Shawn who buried his face in Lassiter's chest.

Medics rushed forward and began poking and prodding, checking heart rates and securing oxygen masks. One of the medics slid a needle into Lassiter's arm, administering a quick working sedative. His eyes grew blurry as Karen Vick approached and the last thing he remembered before passing out was the Chief's voice saying.

"Merry Christmas boys; Get them into the ambulance and I'll m-"

Carlton woke slowly hearing the sounds of steady beeping and people talking. The voices hushed when he opened his eyes. It took a minute to get his bearings but soon he could make out the faces of Detective O'Hara, Buzz, Shawn's father, Gus and a few others.

He could hear the Chief talking to someone, but their voice was hard to make out. He turned his head to the source of the noise, and saw Shawn sitting up, chatting happily.

Noticing that everyone else had stopped talking, Shawn looked over and smiled at Lassiter.

"Merry Christmas Lassie." He grinned noticing that the detective's heart monitor had sped up a bit.

Lassiter maneuvered himself until he was sitting up as well. He forced himself to take on his normal, cold visage.

"Spencer," he nodded in acknowledgement.

Shawn frowned slightly and began messing with his heart rate cords.

"So I was just talking to the Chief here about our little stay at the Mall," he began grinning deviously. "And about how I got mild hypothermia that was quickly remedied by some shirtless cuddling." He flashed a smile in Lassiter's direction.

Carlton blushed slightly as Shawn told about the incident. Chuckling darkly he glanced at the psychic. "You didn't seem to mind too much." He said in a mocking tone.

Noticing the downward spiral in the conversation, the Chief began to usher everyone out of the room leaving Shawn and Lassiter alone.

Shawn glanced over toward the door as it closed and quickly climbed out of his bed and into the detective's. He placed his head on Carlton's shoulder and sighed.

"I didn't mind."

"Neither did I Shawn."

Lassiter wrapped his arms around Shawn and kissed him deeply. Leaning back, he pulled the hospital blankets over both of them and smiled as sleep began to overtake him.

Damn he loved that psychic.