Me: Hey, here is my PPG story! Brick, read the disclaimer.

Brick: MewMewKitty78 doesn't own anything except her laptop and some cloths.

Butch: And boobs! :D

Everyone except Butch: ……..

Me: I'm going to kill you…

Boomer: On with the story!

Bubbles: nice save!

Boomer: (blushes)


Brick's POV

Ok so it's a dumb Monday morning and me and my bro's just got here. It's a place called Mega Ville. We have to go to some dumb high school. I know Butch is bummed, Boomer could care less and I'm just glad we get to go to school.

When I got up at 6 in the morning, I totally knew today was going to suck. "Of course I'd like to go to the Prom with you Buttercup." I heard Butch say in his sleep. I laughed at my brother's words as Boomer fell off the bed. THUD! "Ow!" Boomer said rubbing his hair beginning to climb onto the bed. "Brick! Why did you do that?!?" He said. I laughed some more. "Sorry Boomer it's just that butch-" "I would love to kiss you Buttercup!" Butch said leaning toward me for a kiss. "Ew!" I said smacking his face with the back of my hand. "Now that's just nasty." Boomer said. Butch rubbed his face as he yawned. "Hey! Whatcya do that for? I was having a dream where I was about to kiss-" "We know." Me and Boomer said together. Butch growled and landed face first into his pillow and put the cover over his head. "Boy hey really isn't a morning person is he Brick?" Boomer joked with Butch moaning.

Boomer's POV

It was 6:30 in the morning as I laid my head on my pillow. It was lumpy and I fluffed it but still lumpy. I reached under my pillow and got out a picture of Bubbles. I took out the poem I was going to read to her sometime in this life. I read it out load by accident but luckily, butch went back to sleep (tell me something I don't know) and Brick went to the bathroom. Bubbles was my Puff. All of my bro's the Rowdy Ruff's have a special Puff and Bubbles was mine. As you can see, Buttercup is Butch's and Blossom is Brick's . It was Monday and we just moved here. Mojojojo our father was making us go to some high school. I missed Bubbles. You should tell her. No way dude! Well than, that Klarc might get her first. It was true. Before we left, Bubbles met someone named Klarc, and he was totally into her. Klarc couldn't of moved with her. Could he? Never know Boomer. He could have. I bit my lip. What if he did? I have to tell her! Good boy! Now go to sleep! It's freaking 6:47 in the morning! I laid on my pillow holding Bubble's picture close to my chest. I am going to tell her…

Butch's POV

Ok I am trying to sleep and someone is jumping on the bed and singing! I hate it when they do that. Bet it's Boomer! "Boomer! Shut up!" I said at the top of my lungs. "But Butch! I'm not saying anything!" I heard him say from the bathroom. I opened my eyes to see Brick on the bed jumping. "Brick!" I called him as he hopped off the bed and flipped off the music. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked him. "Nothing…" He said blushing. "Your such a dweeb." I said getting up. "What time is it?" I asked him. "7:15." He said opening the door for me. I groaned. "Boomer! Its almost 7: 20!Hurry it up!" I told him. "Aww man! Do you have to go that bad? I'm trying to look good today!" Boomer argued with me. My pulse raised as I banged on the door. I nearly knocked it down. Boomer opened it. "GET OUT!" I yelled at him. He grabbed his stuffed and flew out with a blue streak fallowing him as I huffed and went into the bathroom.

Brick's POV

I waited for Butch which would take forever. Boomer walked past several times with a comb and a mirror. "Brick, where is the hair gel?" My younger brother asked me. "I donno know. Why Boomer?" I said to him. "I want to look good for-" He stopped. "Never mind." He said. "Come on Butch!" I said. He walked out in his regular green baggy t-shirt and green baggy jeans with two belts on. One crocked and one straight. His hair was as messy as usual. "I finely brushed my hair Brick!' He told me. I rolled my eyes and went in the bathroom.

I was ready and flew down for breakfast. Boomer had on his blue shirt sleeveless, blue jeans and his hair was slick and neat today. I had on a red shirt and blue jeans. We all had on either red, green or blue sneakers on. (Can you guess who had which color?)


At the Puff's house…

Blossom's POV

We moved around a nice little place called Mega Ville. We have to go to the high school. I feel upset for Bubbles because the Rowdy Ruffs moved. And she really misses Boomer. I miss Brick a little. Buttercup doesn't even notice Butch is gone. But I know she misses him. We were all ready to go while we ate pancakes. My hair was longer and I was taller than usual. Buttercup's hair was a bit longer and Bubbles' hair was longer in braids. I wore a pink dress with pink high tops on, Buttercup wore shorts with a green tank top on that said, "Mean Girl". Bubbles had on a light blue skirt with a light blue shirt with a bunny in the middle. "Ready for school girls?" The professor asked. I nodded Bubbles shrugged and Buttercup moaned.

We left saying goodbye to the professor and flew off leaving pink, blue and green streaks across the sky. When we got to the school, it was crawling with 6th graders.

Bubbles' POV

We landed in the park where Buttercup sat on the ground. "Buttercup, don't you want to go to school?" I asked her. She grunted. "I didn't even want to get up this morning! Do you think I want to go to school idiot!" She said harshly. I whimpered at her remark. "Sorry Bubbles, it's just I don't want to be here. I want to be at Townsville high school, not Mega Ville high school!" Buttercup said. "Oh it's ok Buttercup. I know you didn't mean it. "It's over there Brick!" Someone said. Brick??? I know that name. "Bubbles?!?" Buttercup!!!" "Blossom!?!" Three voices shouted out to us. I looked in shock. Buttercup glanced in horror and Blossom turned her head in amazement! It was, it was,

Buttercup's POV

It was the Rowdy Ruff Boys and that means, Brick, Boomer and Butch! "What the hell are yall doing here?!?" I asked in anger trying to hide my happiness. "We moved here. You?" Brick replied. "Same." Blossom said to him. She ran over into his arms and hugged him.

Brick's POV

We figured out that the Puff's go to our high school. Right now Blossom is in my arms. "I am so glad you are here! Now I have a friend in school that's someone just like me!" Blossom said. My heart melted from her words. I just began to like this year.