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Bella's head throbbed, and she faintly heard voices swimming around her. She was lying on something cushiony, and her hands rubbed over a soft blanket.

"Just a minor bump on the head. Nothing serious," she heard Carlisle say. She moaned then and fought to open her eyes. The last thing she remembered was Edward lunging at Jacob, bloodlust in his eyes.

"She's coming around." That was Esme.

"Thank God!" Edward. Bella struggled to focus and could see multiple faces swimming before her. She put a hand to her eyes. The light was blinding her.

"Bella? Bella? Can you hear me?" Edward asked, leaning close to her cheek. Then she realized that if Edward were still alive, that meant --. She bolted upright and groaned as the throbbing in her head crashed against each side of her temples.

"Easy," Carlisle said, grabbing hold of her shoulders, "Not so fast, or you will pass out again."

"No, no. Jacob. Jacob's dead," Bella whimpered, tears pooling in her eyes. "He's dead." She fell back on the couch, splaying her hands across her face and tried to hold back the pain and sobs that were forcing to break free from her chest. All her fault. All her fault.

That's when she heard the voice. His voice. The voice she never thought she would hear again because she just assumed Edward had killed him. "I'm right here, Bells," Jacob said, coming around from where he'd been standing behind Edward – out of her line of vision.

She sucked in her breath and whipped her hands away from her eyes, not believing what she was hearing. Only when she saw him standing there, shirtless, with only his sweats on did she believe he was real. She sat up and the pain was only slight that time. She grabbed Jacob's hand and suddenly pulled him down on the couch beside her, grabbing at him and clutching at him. "Jacob. Oh, thank God. Thank God. I was so scared," she let the tears go then, but silently they ran down her cheeks. She glanced at Edward who was looking at her with pain in his eyes, and she was so thankful to see him alive as well. In the next instant, she had him in a headlock as well, clutching both men to her body. She muttered, so only Edward and Jacob could hear, "I love you. I love you both so much. Please. Don't ever do that again. I couldn't stand losing either of you. Ever."

The smell of vampire and wolf were evading both Jacob and Edward's senses, but they felt if they tried to escape Bella's embrace, she would just cry that harder.

"Well, this is something I thought I'd never see – a vampire and a werewolf loving it up," came a booming voice just then. Emmett. He and Rosalie had just come back from a hunt, and walking in to see Edward and Jacob practically making out was just too much for them. Rosalie snorted and rolled her eyes and wondered what on earth either man saw in Bella Swan.

"Bella had an accident," Carlisle explained.

"Bella's under there?" Emmett asked. Then he howled with laughter.

This was too much for Edward who finally had to break the embrace. Jacob too. They struggled into sitting positions, one on each side of Bella, who continued to sniffle and wrapped a hand (as best as she could) around each man's bicep.

"Um. Where's Alice and Jasper?" Edward asked, trying to change the subject. His crazy brother would never let him live this down. That's for sure. And if Emmett knew what he and Jacob got in a fight about . . . well, he would NEVER hear the end of it. But then Emmett was pretty kinky, so he may think the whole idea was intriguing.

"They decided to come back tomorrow. Something about watching the stars," Emmett replied, still grinning. Rosalie grimaced then and growled, "Ugh. Can't someone let the DOG out? He stinks!"

Jacob bared his teeth, but had no intention of starting anything else with the Cullens. He'd had enough. But he also wasn't going to let Rosie run roughshod over him either. "I'm not going anywhere," he said in a low voice.

"Rose, why don't you come upstairs with me?" Esme suddenly interjected. She knew Rosalie still didn't accept Bella, and she certainly wasn't going to accept Jacob Black. So, trying to avoid any more conflicts, Esme decided it was best to get her adopted daughter out of the room. Emmett, though, decided to stay. Carlisle was busy shining a bright light in each of Bella's eyes, checking the dilation of her pupils. By this time, she was calm and sat patiently as Dr. Cullen examined her for any other bumps.

"I'm fine. Really," she said, after the third time he held two fingers up and asked, "How many fingers?"

"OK. Just want to make sure I don't send you back to your father without a proper examination," Carlisle said.

"Charlie! He'll be worried sick about me!" Bella exclaimed suddenly. She started to jump up and race for the nearest phone, but Edward put a restraining hand on her thigh and assured her, "I called him. Told him you were spending the night here with Alice."

Bella's heart stopped thumping, and she breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks. OK. That's a relief." She was on thin ice with her father as it was, and she didn't want to cause him any more gray hairs. He was complaining that every one that was popping out in his black hair had her name on it.

"So, if you don't mind me asking," Carlisle began, "What was this all about? I thought you were OK with Bella's friendship with Jacob?" He addressed this last question to Edward, of course, who clenched his jaw and looked at the floor. The trio remained silent.

"It was stupid," Jacob spoke up then. "We antagonized each other too much this time. It got out of hand."

"I'll say," Emmett interjected. They had forgotten he was still in the room, which was funny considering how much space he took up.

"OK, well if you don't want to tell me the real reason, then I won't pry. But if this happens again, we're going to have a pack war on our hands. Jacob's tribe has been very lenient with us remaining here. I don't want to jeopardize that," Carlisle said. He gathered up his medical supplies, put them in his black bag and snapped it shut. "I'll be upstairs, if you need me." He was gone in a flash.

"So, what's REALLY going on?" Emmett asked. He knew there was more to the story that the three sitting on the couch weren't telling.

"Just let it go, Emmett," Edward said, taking a chance to look at his brother. Emmett crossed his arms, and then said, "For now. But I'm going to find out." He cocked his head as if hearing something meant only for him. Then a grin broke out on his face and in a flash, he too was gone upstairs.

The three sat in silence for what seemed an eternity. Finally, Bella was the one to break it. "We've got to talk. Civilized," she added this last word for both men's benefit. She looked at each of them – Edward clenched his jaw again, but nodded. Jacob assented as well.

"Let's take it outside. On neutral ground," Jacob suggested, getting to his feet. He reached a hand out to Bella, which she took, but she also held Edward's right hand in her left. The three walked outside. Dusk had come, and there were some stars trying to peep out from the cloud coverage. They walked down to the stream that divided the Cullens' property from the forest and stopped there. Bella turned to face Jacob and Edward. She held one of their hands in each of hers, caressing the tops with her thumbs. Fire and ice. Just as she imagined. Night and day. They remained silent, waiting for her to speak.

"This is hard for me. Much harder than either of you know. I wish I could make a choice between the two of you, but I can't. I love you both, and I want you both. More than you can imagine." The rush of words came from Bella's lips in a flurry because she was afraid she would lose strength to go on. The confession in the road had been crazy. She didn't prepare Edward enough. She shouldn't have blurted it out. She should have told him when they were alone. But now it was too late for regrets. All she had was now. And she was prepared to take her chances. Of the two, she could see Edward walking away first. Never Jacob. But somehow, she knew Edward would. Because he wanted to keep her human, and Jacob was that answer, whether Edward liked it or not. And if he had to make that sacrifice to keep her human, then he would. He'd done it once by leaving her the first time.

Edward spoke first. "I'm not leaving you." She been concentrating on the contrast of their hands and when she heard these words, her head jerked up to meet his amber eyes. He took his other hand and caressed her cheek and continued, "I made that mistake once, and I'm not making it again. If I have to share you, so be it."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "What are you saying?" A stupid question, she knew, but she had to know if she had heard right.

"I've always known how much you care for . . . Jacob," Edward replied, fighting to keep control, "If I was a normal man, I probably would not be agreeing. If I were a normal man, I could have given what you wanted a long time ago," Bella blushed at these words, and Edward continued, "But I'm not normal. I'm so afraid I'll hurt you . . . but this way . . . maybe we can all have what we want."

"Are you sure you know what you're saying?" Jacob asked then, up to that moment just listening. His skin was burning hot, and his hand was getting sweaty in Bella's.

Edward turned to look at Jacob and calmly said, "Yes. I do."

Bella shuddered. She had to be dreaming. This couldn't be happening. The two men she loved most were agreeing to share her. And she didn't care how slutty it was. She loved them. She couldn't live without either of them.

"Well, how is this going to work?" Jacob asked.

Edward looked at Bella and said, "I think that's Bella's decision."

She blushed and knew how she wanted it to work, but didn't know if they'd go for it. They both looked at her expectantly, waiting for her answer. She dropped both their hands and reached up to the top buttons on her shirt. "I want you both. Right now. Right here."

Edward and Jacob both stared at her as she unbuttoned one button, then two, then a third one of her shirt. She shrugged the clothing off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground at her feet. She wore a plain white bra, but it was the sexiest thing either man had seen. Jacob felt himself hardened at the thought of kissing her creamy white skin, and he didn't even think about Edward standing beside him. He heard movement beside him and looked to see Edward shrug off his jacket and toss it on the ground, kicking off his shoes in the process. Then Edward was unbuttoning his own shirt. Well, Jacob certainly didn't have to worry about that considering all he had on was a pair of sweats.

Next, Bella slowly unfastened her jeans and wiggled out of them, kicking them and her shoes to the side. She had on a pair of plain white bikinis, and her flat stomach and toned legs were driving Jacob insane. It was all he could do to stand there and maintain his composure. The moonlight was streaming behind her and she looked like a goddess with the stream running behind her and the sound of the water rushing over the rocks. He realized he was stroking himself through his sweats, and Bella gave a little gasp as she watched him. A wet spot formed through the gray material where he began to leak. She walked to them and stopped inches away. She put a hand on each of their naked chests – one burning hot, the other cold as ice. She shivered. Edward moaned low in his throat. Her hand snaked down to the waistline of his jeans while her other hand ventured into Jacob's sweats. Her small hand fit easily inside Edward's jeans without having to unbutton them, and she stroked his ice hard dick in her hand. He gasped and clenched his fists. At the moment they were at his sides, and he was afraid he would lose control. She was doing such wicked things to him that he had never let her do in the past. He heard Jacob suck in a breath, and he knew the wolf was feeling the same sensations as he. At this point, he didn't care anymore. She could fuck them both, and he didn't care. He just wanted to feel himself inside her, and he was actually glad the wolf was there because he would make sure Edward didn't hurt her.

Bella stroked both their cocks, and she could feel herself getting wetter through her panties. She removed her hand from inside Jacob's sweats so she could use both to unbutton Edward's jeans. They were in her way. She knelt in front of her vampire who was about to become her lover and pulled his dark jeans and boxers down his muscular legs. His rock hard penis popped from its confines, and she marveled at its length and width, hoping it would all fit. Edward kicked his pants to the side. His unbuttoned shirt still hung from his shoulders, and she looked up at him to see his smoldering amber eyes boring into hers. He was a god. Her god. She took his hard dick in her hand and pulled on the shaft. He closed his eyes and sucked in a breath. "God. Bella. What are you doing to me?" As she continued to jack him, she felt movement behind her and knew it was Jacob. His large, hot hands were at her bra clasp. With one flick, the bra was hanging from her shoulders, her breasts free from the confines. Jacob was on his knees behind her, and she felt his hot breath on her neck as he reached around and cupped one breast in his large palm. She took Edward in her mouth and moaned around Edward's cock and that got another moan from him. It was like sucking on a fat Popsicle. She bit down, knowing it would not hurt Edward in the least. She went up and down, taking it all in her mouth. Every inch. She lowered her arms long enough for the bra to fall off, and then she went back to holding Edward's shaft while she fondled his balls. He was panting above her.

"Oh God. You're going to make me cum," he growled, but she didn't want that this soon. She wanted to torture him like he'd tortured her for so many months, not letting them go any farther than a kiss. She removed her mouth from his cock, licking up one side and down the other. In the meantime, Jacob's other hand had found its way into her panties and one finger slipped between her hot wet lips. She gasped and flung her head back. His lips sucked on her neck while his thumb swirled around her clit. She fell back against his hot chest and wrapped an arm around his neck, completely exposing herself to Edward who was still standing above them. Edward moaned, shook the shirt from his shoulders, and dropped to his knees before Bella. Her eyes were closed, but she felt his cold breath touch her skin and she cried out when she felt his cool lips touch her nipple and bring it into his mouth. He was using so much control, she couldn't believe it. Then she heard him say, "You've got to watch me Jacob. Make sure I don't hurt her."

"I will," Jacob replied, pulling his mouth away from her neck long enough to answer. Edward's tongue swirled around her nipple, making it a hard little nub. Then he went to the other breast and did the same thing. Bella was squirming under Jacob's hand, and she wanted out of the confining underwear. She wanted to spread she legs wide open and feel the night air on her cunt. Jacob must've read her mind because the next thing she knew, he'd ripped them right off her. She was still leaning against his chest, and his finger was buried deep inside her. He found her g-spot and stroked it furiously all the while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She gasped and panted and knew she was getting ready to orgasm. Suddenly she felt coldness with Jacob's hotness and realized Edward was inserting a finger alongside Jacob's. Oh, my God. That feels so good! Her mind reeled. Her hips had a mind of their own as they started to buck against the two hands that were on her mound. She couldn't hold back anymore. Her inner walls started contracting like mad, and both Edward and Jacob groaned as they felt her muscles contracting around their fingers. By this time, Jacob was laying flat on the grass with Bella sprawled on top of him. She was still on her back. She could feel his rock hardness pressing into her shoulder blades and she wanted him in her mouth. She rolled over and deftly peeled off his sweats.

Hungrily, she covered his penis with her warm velvet mouth, and Jacob thought he would cum right on the spot. He sucked in a breath and grabbed at the ground on either side of him, pulling up big clumps of earth. Bella was on her knees with her ass in the air, and it was too much for Edward. He could see her wet cunt, the juices leaking out from where she had just came. He wanted to be inside her. Now. He knew he had to keep control. He had to. If he hurt her, he would never forgive himself. Slowly, he positioned himself behind her, and when she felt the tip of his cold hardness touching the opening of her pussy, she gasped. She removed her mouth from Jacob's cock long enough to pant, "Yes, Edward. Do it. Fuck me. Fuck me now!" That was all the encouragement he needed. In one swift move, he was inside her. She sucked in a breath when she felt her skin breaking and her virginity disappearing. Edward managed to keep still until she got used to him. He faintly smelled blood and he thought, "Oh, God. Please don't let me lose it. Please."

Suddenly, all he could smell was the smell of sex. As long as he couldn't smell the blood, he would be able to contain himself better. The venom that had been pooling in his mouth dissipated, and he slowly started to move within her. She was so tight and felt SO damn good. With each thrust, she moaned, all the while blowing Jake. She took her mouth away at one point to urge him on, but he didn't need much urging. His pale hands gripped on either side of her ass and he knew there would be bruises there.

"Faster, Edward. Faster," she panted. He heard the wolf groan and that actually made his dick get even harder. He took solace in the fact that he took Bella's virginity and not Jacob. He had that.

Jacob couldn't stand it much more. He knew he was getting ready to cum. Bella's mouth was so soft and warm, just like a pussy would feel. And that's all he could think about. Burying himself deep within her. As soon as the vamp was done, he would have his turn and he couldn't wait. The earth next to him was a mess where he had raked it with his fingers. Now, he had his hands buried in Bella's soft brown hair and he shouted, "Shit! I'm going to cum!" She never took her mouth from his cock and that excited him even more. He shot his load deep in her throat, and she kept sucking him until he couldn't stand it. The sensation was too great. "Oh, my God! You're killing me!" he exclaimed. He looked down at her and she was smiling at him with his cock still in her mouth. Jesus. She was beautiful. She took one last suck, pulled on his dick so the last of the semen would come out and licked it off his dick. His head fell back on the grass, and he was panting. He listened to their moans as Edward pumped his cock inside Bella. He made sure that all he was hearing were sex sounds and not sounds of Edward getting ready to lose it.

When Jacob came, Edward thought he was going to cum as well. It was all he could do to hold back. He wanted to savor this moment for as long as possible. Bella's cunt felt so good around his dick, and he didn't want to stop. Her moans and whimpers were driving him mad. He stroked up and down her silky back and leaned forward to fondled one of her breasts. He heard Jacob panting after his release and for some reason that turned him on even more. With each thrust, he envisioned Jacob's dick going into Bella's cunt, and suddenly he couldn't hold back any more. With a shudder, he came inside Bella. She cried out as her own orgasm rocked her body. Her walls pulsated around Edward's dick, and he ground his loins against hers. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine it could feel this good. He closed his eyes savoring every last pulse and thinking that he never imagined it being this good.

"OK, Wolf, you're turn," he suddenly announced, slipping out of Bella and dropping on all fours beside the twosome. Edward rolled on his back and watched as Bella crouched above Jacob's huge dick and carefully sat down on it. He smirked thinking he was glad Jacob was not bigger than he was. Bella rocked back and forth on the muscular, bronzed body, and this turned Edward on even more. His hand slipped down to his own throbbing cock, and he wrapped his hand around the shaft. Slowly, he began to jack himself off.

"Hey, Bella," Jacob grunted, "Let's solve Edward's problem." Jacob sat up then and with Bella still wrapped around his cock, he suddenly flipped them over to where she was lying underneath him. He beckoned for Edward to come over, and Bella eagerly reached out and took Edward's cock in her mouth. Unfortunately, this meant Edward and Jacob's faces were mere inches from each other, but for some reason seeing the pleasure on Jacob's face as he thrust in and out of Bella aroused Edward in a way he didn't think possible. Jacob's eyes were closed, and he alternated from biting his lower lip to gasping between thrusts. Edward knew what he was feeling, as he just felt it moments ago. He looked down at the love of his life and watched her as she took all of him in her mouth. She acted like his dick was candy. She swirled her tongue around the head, licking the precum off the tip. He suddenly found himself clutching Jacob's right shoulder, and the heat from the teen's body radiated through Edward's icy skin. Then he slowly leaned over and stuck his tongue in Jacob's hot ear. Jacob shuddered involuntarily and throatily growled, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" but he didn't stop thrusting in and out of Bella. Bella moaned, seeing what was going on, and she whispered, "Kiss him Edward. Kiss him." And for some reason Edward wanted to. He wanted to feel those hot lips on his cold ones. Edward leaned in and caught Jacob's mouth in his own. God, his skin was hot. Jacob didn't try to pull away, but he didn't return the kiss either. He just kept thrusting in and out, in and out, pure ecstasy on his face. However, when Edward leaned in again and placed his mouth on Jacob's, he was surprised when Jacob's tongue slipped between his lips and touched his. Edward shuddered.

Then he tried something else. He didn't know what was making him do these things to another guy, but this whole situation had him so turned on that if Alice and Jasper walked up at this moment, he would ask them to join in. Slowly, Edward took his hand from Jacob's shoulder and moved it down his muscular back to his ass. Jacob's buttocks were hard as rocks, and they clenched every time Bella met his thrust. Edward moved his hand between Jacob's thighs and found his puckered asshole. He pushed his thumb against the opening, and Jacob suddenly moaned, "Shit. What the fuck are you doing?" Bella moaned as well. Edward moved around behind Jacob and slipped a finger in Bella's wet cunt. He slid it in and out to the movement of Jacob's dick. Both of them gasped together. Edward took his other hand and started jacking off again. He rubbed his precum all over the tip of his dick and then gently placed it on Jacob's asshole, probing at the entrance. Jacob froze, but didn't tell him to stop. Edward didn't enter him, he just probed Jacob's opening with the tip of his dick. Edward inserted another finger in Bella's cunt while he slowly moved back and forth against Jacob's ass. He couldn't believe what control he had at the moment, because all he wanted to do was ram his dick right in Jacob's ass, ripping it wide open. But he didn't because for him this felt damn good. Jacob gave out a low sexual growl and slammed into Bella who screamed in pleasure. "Oh, Jacob! Edward! Fuck me! Fuck ME!"

Jacob pulled Bella's legs up so they were resting on his shoulders, and he penetrated her as deeply as possible. She whimpered and squirmed underneath him while he panted and couldn't believe that a guy was making him want to cum. And suddenly he did. Deep inside Bella's cunt. He was surprised cum didn't shoot out her ears. His whole body shuddered, and his eyes rolled back in his head. "Fuck," he moaned. He'd never felt so damn good in all his life. Bella was writhing under him. She reached up and sucked on his nipples and licked between his pecs where sweat beads had started to form. He leaned down and ravished her mouth, pulling her tongue in with his lips. He felt icy cold hands on his shoulders and cold lips on the back of his neck. Jacob sat back, pulling Bella into a sitting position, his dick still inside her. They were all at the same level now and Bella took turns kissing Edward and then Jacob. Jacob rocked her on his hips while she licked Edward's mouth. When Edward started to pull away, so she could kiss Jacob, she held his head and pulled Jacob's closer until the three of them were inches from each other's mouths. She touched tongues with Jacob and then Edward, and then pulled their heads even closer to where all their tongues were touching. Jacob didn't care any more. He couldn't believe he was fucking Bella Swan much less kissing her and her vampire boyfriend.

"I think we need to make Bella cum one more time," Edward whispered.

"Sounds good to me," Jacob replied, flexing his dick inside Bella's cunt and making her gasp. He slipped out of her, his dick still rock hard as was Edward's, and they gently laid her back on Edward's jacket, spreading her legs. Edward kissed her mouth and took each breast in his mouth as Jacob rubbed the inside of her thighs. Bella closed her eyes and thought, "I have to be dead because nothing has felt this good when I was alive." She felt Jacob's warm hands caress her wet lips and he slipped two fingers inside her hole. Ever so slowly he moved them in and out until she was gasping and squirming, pushing herself closer to his hand. Edward kissed down her flat stomach to the top of her mound and she felt his cold tongue lick her clit. She moaned and clasped her breasts in her hands. She heard groaning and knew that her actions had elicited the responses. Edward's tongue moved back and forth across her clit while Jacob's warm fingers explored the recesses of her hole. Then she felt a cold finger join Jacob's warm ones, and she tossed her head to one side and then the other. She didn't know how much more she could take. Then Jacob's mouth took the place of Edward's; his tongue probed between the folds of her lips while his fingers continued to slowly move in and out of her pussy. When his fingers slipped out, she whimpered, but then his tongue took their place. He pushed his hot tongue in the warm, wet recesses of her hole while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Then she felt Edward's cold lips back on her nipples and she shivered. She was so close. She could see the crimson wave of her orgasm forcing its way to the surface. Jacob's fingers were back in her hole, and his tongue licking her clit. As soon he took the bud in his mouth and began sucking on it, she cried out and the wave crashed over her. The tremors rocked through her body and her inner walls contracted tightly. "That's a good pussy," Jacob breathed against her wetness. He licked some more until she had to beg him to stop. Edward's lips were on her mouth, and he put the finger in her mouth that had been in her pussy. She moaned against him and felt him shudder against her. Jacob had moved in behind Edward and was stroking his ass. "Thought I would return the favor," Jacob said huskily. He leaned down and nipped Edward's ear. Edward began jacking off, and Bella cupped his balls in her hand and gave them a tug. Jacob's tongue was in Edward's ear now, and his finger penetrating Edward's marble ass. Edward couldn't take anymore. He shot his load all over Bella's breasts, letting out a low hiss as he did so.

Suddenly, their euphoria was broken by an all too familiar voice. "Oh, so now I see what that fight was all about."

Bella instinctively went to cover her breasts while Edward and Jacob's naked bodies whirled around to face Emmett. He stood there smugly with his arms folded across his chest. Suddenly, he pulled off his shirt and said, "Mind if I join you?"