Tangled Up In Green

Heather O'Malley

Kim Possible is owned by the Disney Corporation and have no connection to this what so ever. This is used without their permission and includes a plea not to be sued as I have no money.

The Cunning Plan

"You have got to be joking…a joy buzzer?" The derision was clear in Shego's voice as she stared at the metal disk with the pin sticking out. It looked hollow and she wasn't sure why.

"Yes…a joy buzzer, but this one is different. I had DNAmy mix me up a special virus just for Kim Possible. All you have to do is hit her with it and my plan will be complete. And here is a second one in case the first one fails. This will be my best plan ever!" shouted Drakken, arms raised joyously. "I owe it all to you Shego."

The dark haired woman turned to look at the blue man incredulously. "What? How'd I manage to do that?"

"Well, you keep telling me that my plans never work so I though I would plan ahead this time. And it will only work if you fight her and since you always fight her…" Drakken gleefully explained. "But if that fails I always have the death ray I have been working on."

"Death Ray? Dr. D, you know none of your rays have really worked." Shego shook her head and worked on filing the claws on her gloves.

"True, but this one is better." He protested. "It's different."

"And just exactly how is this one different from all the others?" Shego glared at him, all too aware pf Drakken's failings in terms of planning and execution.

Here Doctor Drakken looked a little skittish and worried. "Well, you see Shego…its blue."

"Blue? That is your big Death Ray plan…Blue?"

"But you don't see…this ray will turn whoever it hits blue just like me and then they will cause all sorts of damage and chaos and the world will bend its blue knees to me!!!" The maniacal laughter filled the command room as Drakken laughed to the ceiling.

"But…blue?" Shego was completely unimpressed with this new plan. It sounded just like all of the others that she had watched go down the drain. Hopefully this one wouldn't be an issue when she had to rescue him, yet again.

Drakken stopped laughing and turned to face her, a bit conflicted. "What's wrong with blue?"

Shego looked at his sad, worried face and just sighed. This plan was destined to make her fight Kimmie again and she really didn't want to. After getting kicked into an electrical tower she hadn't really wanted to face the girl again, mostly because of the looks of pain and hatred that she had given the older girl. That she was being hated for something that she didn't do wasn't lost to her, but there really was no way to convince Kim of that, so she'd rather just avoid her. But Drakken was a magnet for Kimmie. Maybe she should just quit.

"Nothings wrong with blue, Dr. D. So what's the plan?"

"Have the joy buzzer ready and be ready to fight. And we need to steal some computer parts for the Death Ray."

"Uhm…shouldn't we call it the Blue Ray?" It seemed an obvious name to Shego.

"No…apparently it's a copyright violation."


The Kimmunicator went off and Kim answered it, glad from a distraction from homework. "Wade, what's the sitch?"

The overweight recluse genius looked serious. "There's a robbery at a computer manufacturing plant at the edge of town. Drakken's there. And so is Shego."

Kim narrowed her eyes angrily. Why did it have to be Shego? It didn't matter, a mission was a mission. "Fine. How soon till transport's here?"

"Five minutes."

Kim switched off the Kimmunicator and got dressed in the white with blue trim battle outfit. She sighed as she zipped it up. Why did it have to be Shego? Of everyone she had ever faced, only Shego made her feel all conflicted. And the look on Shego's face just before Kim kicked her into the radio tower was something that Kim hadn't been able to get out of her head. There hadn't been gloating and there hadn't been any of the joy the Shego showed when the two fought, there had just been surprise and pain. That had been the last thing Kim had needed to see. Shego was a monster and Kim didn't need compassion for someone like that.

Ron was waiting outside for Kim, when she ran out the front door after saying good-bye to her parents. Kim was grim faced and focused on the mission and Ron wasn't sure what to say, so he held his tongue.

Kim called Wade as they headed out. "What's the layout of the place?"

The blueprints came up quickly. "I have plotted the position of who I could find in the building. It looks like Drakken is over here, Shego over there and the henchmen are scattered about. Apparently he is having some difficulty in getting whatever it is he is looking for."

"Thanks Wade. Ron, when we get there, you get Drakken. I'll take care of Shego."

"No problem KP. Are you okay?" It was clear that Ron was worried. Their short lived romance had ended, as Kim had changed that night and there really wasn't much that he could do to help. Kim had withdrawn and gotten more into training. Ron still missed her but was aware that Kim had issues of her own that needed to be worked out.

Kim glanced over at Ron, with his big ears and naked mole rat. Maybe she could tell him what had been going on with her, what she had been brooding over in the months since the fight with Shego in the rain? She would lie to him again. He didn't need to be burdened with her worries. "I'm fine Ron, I'm just getting tired of fighting Shego. It should have been over last time."

Ron nodded and swallowed hard. Kim looked quite grim and he wasn't used to that. Where were her smiles, her moments of just plain Kim-ness? He really wished that there was something that he could do to help her but there was nothing he could do if she didn't let him in.

Trepidation and a bit of relief filled him as they saw the warehouse that housed the plant come into view. "Thank you Saul. This lift meant a lot to me." said Kim, talking to the burly driver.

"No problem Kim. You save me I help you. Fair is fair." The man shrugged. "Good luck out there."

She nodded and exited the car quickly. Ron scampered to follow, with Rufus hanging onto his shoulder.

It wasn't raining and the air was only filled with the sounds of clumsy looting. Kim looked at Ron and nodded. The two split up and headed towards their respective goals. Inside Drakken was grumbling, "Where did they put those blasted chips? My Death Ray can't work without them. Shego…do you know where they are?"

Shego closed her eyes in frustration and sighed. "No Dr. D, I don't. If I did we would already be out of here and I could have a nice drink."

"No need to be sarcastic. If you didn't know you could have just said." Drakken kept that under his breath, sure that he would get a beating if the green skinned villain had heard. However, he could boss around the henchmen successfully. "Keep looking!"

Kim took this as a moment to enter. "Oh…looking for a beat down Drakken?"

"Kim Possible! You shall not thwart my Death Ray! Shego, get her!"

Shego looked up and saw Kim, looking quite good in her battle uniform, with her hair in a pony tail. She turned the ring to activate it, just like Dr. D had said. All she had to do was hit her with it and she could bug out. "Hey there Princess, miss me?"

Kim's eyes narrowed and she growled out, "Shego…"

The fight was swiftly joined and Shego realized quickly that Kimmie had been practicing. Some of it was new, but some of it wasn't, and besides, Shego had worked on picking up a few more skills as well. Kicks, punches, elbows and knees all flew about with the two women lithely avoiding each attack. It was a dance that was growing ever more violent as Kim grew angrier and Shego wanted to be there less and less. While the anger was making Kim faster and stronger it was also making her moves a bit sloppier, that would give Shego the opening she needed to use the stupid Joy Buzzer that Drakken had given her.

The opening appeared while Shego ducked a roundhouse punch and before Kim could bring up her knee to hit the plasma wielding woman in the face, Shego drove her palm into the younger woman's abdomen. The force of the blow drove her backwards and a slight electrical charge, coupled with a stinging pain made the girl who could do anything pause. She looked down and spotted the slight spot of blood on the white fabric.

That was enough of a distraction for Shego. She sprinted over, grabbing Drakken and the two of them left the building, leaving the henchmen to deal with Stoppable and a very angry Possible. As the hovercraft lifted off Drakken looked over at Shego, "Well…did you get her?"

"Yeah. I hit her with this for all the good it did."

Shego got them back to the base while Drakken did his very rare and very disturbing jig of success. She just wanted to avoid all of this, at least for the night. Drakken was so busy celebrating and patting himself on the back that he never noticed Shego vanishing to her room.

A hot bath was in order and Shego made sure to take her sweet time relaxing in the water filled with bath salts, using her plasma to reheat the water as necessary. She replayed the fight in her head, noting the developments Kimmie had made to her fighting style. The girl was getting more and more dangerous, but it was clear that her emotions were getting the best of her, if any of the chatter on the villain net was to be trusted. Several of the other villains had been beaten down harder than before by the world saving girl and they way it had been done reminded Shego of days she didn't want to remember, back in Go City. It was clear that something was bothering Kim and the older girl really wanted to know what it was.


It took Kim a few minutes to calm down after the fight. Ron helped, as he always did, by distracting her and keeping her from thinking about the woman. Something about that fight seemed off to Kim, like the whole point hadn't been the computer chips at all but rather the prick she had been given by that joy buzzer looking thing Shego had been wearing. She needed to know what was going on before this became a drama.


"Yeah KP?"

"I need you to do a scan of me. Shego stabbed me with a needle and I want to know what happened."

"On it." The lights of the Kimmunicator faded some as the scanner covered Kim in their blue grid of light. It was clear that there was something there but nothing in the scanner could identify it. "Uh…Kim…I don't know. There are only some odd trace readings in your system but I have nothing else I can give you."

"Thank you Wade." Kim grumbled and stretched. She just wanted to go home and have a nice hot bubble bath, something to make her forget all of this and Shego and everything. Surely that and some hot tea would do wonders for her stress levels. And maybe if she relaxed she just might be able to figure out what Shego had done to her. Once she knew that she would really know how much she needed to hurt the older girl. That thing had to do something and she would find out and then make them pay. Once they did that, maybe she might be able to do something else for a change.