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Chapter 1

I have to quit. Hinata thought to herself. But I need to find another one before I quit. He keeps touching me; I'm not sure how much longer I can take this. Hinata had just turned 15 and just finish a day of work. Her mother was at home and she hoped that she remember to take the medicine. She had to work in her mother place since in mother was very ill. Her father didn't help out with money either. He left them when she 10. Around the time her mother became ill her father became a rich business owner and started a new family and forgot about his other children but Hinata never seemed to mind. She heard her phone ring.

"Hello" She picked up the phone.

"When are you going to be home?" She heard her little sister's voice.

"Hanabi-chan you should be asleep." She said worried.

"But I wanted you to tuck me in. I don't want to go to sleep until you come home big sister."

"Let mommy tuck you in."

"But she's already asleep."

"Okay I'll be home soon. Bye."

"Bye." Hanabi sounded happy. hinata hung up. She honestly didn't like the fact that her sister was up so late but she had to hurry up and get home. She began to run to in the direction of her house. --

Hinata was about five minutes away from her house. She was happy that soon she'd be able to sleep. Suddenly she heard a bang sound like from a gun. She stopped and turned around. She saw a man running in her direction. She ran into an alley and hid. The man stopped a bunch of guys were chasing after him. One had a gun. The man started beating them off a fast as he could and was winning then the guy with the gun shoot him and took off, along with the rest of them. The man sat there gripping his shoulder. He looked as if he was 20 at least. He look as if he was about to faint. She could just go home and pretend as if she didn't see anything but then she'd feel guilty. She came out of the alleyway and ran towards him.

"Sir, are you okay?" She asked kneeling beside him.

"I'm *grunt* fine." He said obvious in pain. She saw the blood leaking from his arm. She couldn't just leave him there to die. She grabbed a handkerchief from her bag.

"Here if you keep touch it with you hand then you can infect it." He took it from her and put it on his shoulder and applied pressure. "I can't leave you here so come on." she took his arm and put it around neck. And gently lift him up. "I don't live to far from here so I'll take you there and I'll clean you up." She started walking in the direction of her house again. --

Hinata opened the door to her house. Hanabi ran towards the door.

"Nee-chan!" she stopped seeing that her sister was helping someone.

"Hanabi go to bed I'll be there to tuck you in okay." Hanabi shook her head yes and did as she was told. Hinata then took the man to the living room she let him lie on a futon. She then let to get the first aid kit. Then she went to tuck her sister quickly, and then ran to aid the guy. She knelled down next to him she lifted his hand from his shoulder she then lifted the handkerchief and help him take off his shirt. She could see the bullet and it wasn't that deep. She took a pair of pliers. "This is going to hurt but please try not to scream my family's sleeping." He shook his head. She took the pliers and put them t were the bullet had pierced him. He grunted in pain the pliers grabbed the bullet. She gently pulled it out. She picked up the handkerchief and wrapped the bullet in the cloth. "Okay it's out she said to him with a smile.

"What's your name?" He finally said something.

"Hinata," She answered. "And yours?" She asked

"Gaara," He said.

"You have to sit up so I can wrap your wound." He sat up. She took a cotton ball and put some alcohol on it. She blushed noticing that he was gorgeous. His muscles were perfect in every way his body was so manly and beautiful she didn't know how to explain it.

"So how old are?" Gaara asked her.

"15, and you?" she asked trying to maintain a conversation with her.

"I'm 17." She seemed surprised. She took out a patch and tape. She put it on his shoulder and taped it on. She was finished.

"Okay I'm done." She smiled not getting one back. "All you have to do is change this every day until it heals." She packed up all the first aid. She couldn't help but yawn she was so tried.

"Are you okay?" Gaara put his hand on her shoulder.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired." She walked to the kitchen. Her legs began to feel weak. She sat down for a bit. She felt herself dozing off but she couldn't help but to fall asleep. --

Gaara POV-

I walked into where I saw her disappear. I just seem to be draw to look at her. Maybe I'm just feeling a need to have her in my arms or maybe I just feeling a need to return her kindness. I see her sleeping, her head on the table. She seems so peaceful so if the world stops. She's very beautiful. She would make a good woman for a while. I'd eventually become tired of her like the rest but right now looking at her face I want her.

I can't leave her here. I pick her up and take her to the room I saw her sister walk into. I see her family sleeping. There are only 2 futons she must have let me use hers. I put her down by the two children. It seems so right. In the other Futon I see a sickly woman sleeping. I figure this must be her mother. But I can't but wonder if the poor girl does all the work on her own. That's when I realized how to catch her in my grasp. Her family.

Normal POV-

Hinata woke up the next morning to find that the man she had brought home was Gone. She figured that he had left while everyone was sleeping. She looked at the Clock to realize she was going to be late. She panicked and began waking her brother and sister up. She got them up and dressed them and made them breakfast then lunch. Then she went into the bathroom gradually got ready. She heard someone Walk into the bathroom. She looked over to see he mother.

"Mom you should be in bed right now the doctor said to get plenty of rest." Hinata said pushing her towards the door

"Hina-chan, you worry to much. I feel fine. I was just making sure you were okay." Her mother pushed Hinata hair behind her ear.

"Yes, Mom. I fine why shouldn't I be." Hinata smiled sincerely knowing her mother was more worried why she was so late last night.

"Hanabi told me you brought home a man last night. She said he looked hurt."

"Yes mom he had been shot and I couldn't just leave him their to die." Hinata walked back to the sick and began brushing her hair.

"Do you know if he was in some kind of trouble or something?" her mother asked concerned.

"No, I just saw him get shot and I helped him. that was it."

"Mizuki boys like that are usually trouble and if somebody saw you help him they might come after you."

"Mom, All I did was help him I can almost guarantee you that I will never see him again." She put the brush down and walked to the door where her mother stood worried. "Hanabi-chan, Neji-chan come on we have to go." She said as she began to leave her mother behind.

"Hinata, sometimes I think you kindness is going to get you hurt." Her mother said watching her daughter leave with her other two children. "Hinata please be safe."

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