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Ch. 12 Onix Rocks and Rolls Thunder.

1- 19 - 09

(Chatty's POV)

That dramatic music played again.

"(What now, huh?)," I shouted to the heavens, "(What more can possibly go wrong today!)"

"(How about that)," Harold pointed behind me. I turned to see a very big and angry Onix.

"(Crimoney! Where did that thing come from?)," I screamed and pointed, "(oh, right. Puns. Gotta hate'm.)"

"(What Pun?)"

"(My mind is a very simple yet complex thing. Don't question my reasoning! Although, I probably should have said something more on the lines of...)"

"Rooaaarrrr!" The onix roared as it whipped it's tail around.

"(Look out!)," I screamed as I pushed Harold out of the way of Onix's rock tail Slam.

"(Are you trying to get yourself killed!)"

"(Sorry, I froze.)" Harold apologized, "(Here it comes again!)"

I jumped off of Harold and started flying away from the giant rock snake. Harold, however, got hit head on with Onix's swinging tail. He flew into me. Both of us landed in a nearby tree.

"(Harold... why didn't you run?)"

"(I thought that you were going to save me again.)"

"(I can only do so much, you need to help yourself!)"

"(Can't you give me a tip?)," Harold asked as Onix began to circle the tree.

"(What do you think? Run for you life!)," I yelled, before the Onix shattered the base of the tree.

(Autumn's POV)

..... those eyes.... wow, I didn't know that Pichu's eyes could be anything besides black... but closer up his are brown... Wait, what am I thinking...

"(You caught me?)," Snippy was clearly stunned that I had landed on him.

"(Autumn, Snippy!)," our parents yelled. It snapped me out of the trance that I was in.

"(Um, sorry. I didn't mean to... um.)"

"(You caught me.)," he started laughing,"(no one's ever caught me before!)"

"(Hey, it's no big deal I just...)," I pushed myself off of Snippy.

"(Autumn, are you hurt, anything broken?)," I blushed at my mother's remarks, "(and look you got your fur all roughed up!)" Mom started grooming me again.

.... this is so embarrassing.... I thought until I saw that Snippy was getting the same treatment from his mother.

"(Mom! Autumn caught me!)"

"(Big deal!)," I scoffed.

"(You caught me.)," he repeated, "(do you know what that means? It means you're my trainer.)"

"(Snippy, it doesn't work like that.)," his mother chuckled.

"(I know but...)," he blushed, "(will you be my mate, Autumn?)"

"(What?)," I was shocked, because no one had asked me something like that before, "(n-no! I don't want some puny Pichu to be my-!)"

"(I'll be real strong someday. You already saw how fast I am. I might even be able to use Volt Tackle some day!)"

"(I'll believe it when I see it.)," I turned my snout up.

"(Autumn. Autumn wake up.)," Snippy gently pulled me out of my dream.

"(Snippy?)," I turned to see that, Mommy and Poppy were still fast asleep, "(What are you doing here?)"

"(What do you mean 'what am I doing'?)," he whispered, "(We're going to miss it.)"

"(Miss what?)"

"(Listen...)," he paused for a moment. After a few seconds, thunder echoed through out the forest.

"(Rain!)," I yelled before, snippy covered my snout.

"(Shh! Don't wake them.)" We turned to see if they stirred. They hadn't.

"(Now come on!)," Snippy slowly slipped out of the burrow.

"(Right.)," I whispered fallowing him.

(Kim's POV)

"Oh, man. I lost sight of them. Harold! Harold where are you!" I looked around franticly for them, but they were no where to be seen.

... Where could they have gone to...


"Ugh, it's that Onix again. The gym leader really needs to get a better..."

"Ahh! Chatot needs another vacation," that bird and Harold ran through the streets right passed me fallowed by a very ticked off Onix.

"Oh, crud...," I thought out loud, "That's not the gym leader's Onix. Maybe I should call Tommy..."


"What am I going to do Yoru? Harold's out there alone and defenseless."

"Maybe that Chatot blew him up just like he blew up my Inu."

"Would you stop only thinking of yourself Yoru!"

"Fine," Yoru grabbed the Remoraid from me, "Excuse me for a moment."

"Um, Yoru what are you," I stopped as I turned around to where Yoru had taken the Remoraid.

As if by magic, Yoru reappeared with a table and a crystal ball. Yoru had even had the entire living room lit with candles. Yoru sat in the soft glow of the candle light waving his hands over the crystal ball.

"Come sit down," Yoru called

"How did you..."

"All in good time. Come let me see into your future."

"But the room, five seconds ago."

"I said all in good time! This is not the time to be impressed with my fashion sense. Now sit down," Yoru seemed to growl at the last part. I obediently took my seat. Yoru got back to waving his hands over the crystal ball.

"Now what is it that you wish to see?"

"Well, for one... where did you put my couch?"

"Hmmmmmm," Yoru hummed, "I see, I see, I see That that was a stupid question that needs not to be answered."

"Fine then, What happened to that Remoraid?"

"Hmmmmmm," Yoru hummed again,"I see, I see, I see it! Gaze deep into my crystal ball and you shall get your answer. Hmmmmmm."

"You're joking right," I said as I looked closer to the crystal ball inside of it I could see remoraid swimming about happy and free, "Hey, I can see him! This thing really... Wait a minute."

I picked up the Crystal ball and Remoraid fell out of it along with a large supply of water.

"Hey, don't touch the mystical crystal ball," Yoru swiped the fish bowl from me and placed it back in place.

"(Air! I need air!)"

"You can breath you know," Yoru glared at the fish.

"(Hey, what do you know... I can! Thanks a lot stranger-ahhhh!)," the Remoraid jumped away from Yoru and hopped into my arms again.

"There now um, Remoraid. Yoru is not going to hurt you."

"Much, ehehe."

Remoraid started crying again.

"Now what is it that you desire to know?"


"Yes, where to find that stupid bird," Yoru ignored my question and started chanting again, "I see, I see, I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! I've got nothing."

"Now this was a colossal waste of time."

"Wait, I'm getting something," Yoru said as my cell rang.


"Tommy! Where are you?"

"Kim? I'm at home. What's wrong?"

"You've got to get over here! Harold is being attacked by a wild Onix!"

"What, how did? Where are you?"

"They're at Make out point! Hurry!"

"I'll be there," I hung up and turned to Yoru, "Yoru they're... Yoru?"

(Meanwhile, already several blocks down the street...)

"Oh when I catch that bird, I am going to fed it to that Onix!"

Yoru laughs maniacally while pedaling on the neighbor's bike.

"(Why am I here?)," Cuppy complains in the front basket, "(somebody save me! I want tolive!)"

"Oh, shut up! You're ruining my scene!"

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