FIRST AVTLA fanfic. This is going to stink, I already know it. I will probably redo it.

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That's how Katara felt.

Aang had tried to help. To no avail.

Sokka had tried to help. To no avail.

When Toph came, it was totally different.

A war raged on.

Katara was a blood bender.

Toph understood that.

Aang and Sokka had tried gentle and understanding.

Toph had different tactics.

When Katara was silent, Toph started throwing pebbles at her.

As she walked off Katara hit her with a water whip.

Blood bending was a curse. But, with friends to help you. It was not as bad.

Then, she remembered she wasn't alone.

Aang had felt this way when he had burned Katara.

All was good.

That was….. REVIEW!