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Armed with a Camcorder

"Please, please, please, please!" I begged, getting down on my knees, and sinking into the thick golden carpet of his room. My bronze haired Greek god just leaned down to pick me up and sit me on his king bed like a child. He stood towering in front of me.

"Bella, let us be completely realistic, here. Do you honestly think that I am going to change my mind, especially with what happened last time?" Edward asked; his patience with me was wearing down. I crossed my arms over my chest, pouting.

"That won't work, you know. I happen to think that your pouting is cute," Edward chuckled lowly and quietly, softly brushing my cheek with the back of his hand.

"You must want to torture me," I accused, averting my gaze from his darkening golden one.

"Is that what you really think?" Edward held up my face softly so my eyes reached his. His topaz eyes were getting closer and closer to black every day.

"No," I mumbled almost inaudibly.

"Please, Bella. Do this for me?" he asked, releasing the full intensity of his gaze on me so that my bones turned to mush and my heart was pounding threateningly loud within my chest. I huffed loudly and focused my attention on the bed spread so I could clear my mind.

"Fine," I obliged reluctantly. He always won, not that I could even compete in the first place.

"Good." He replied curtly, plopping himself gracefully on the spot next to me, putting a weightless arm around my shoulders.

"Alice, Jasper, and Emmett will be staying behind this time. We'll only be gone for a couple of days," Edward informed me with a comforting grin. I just nodded, not really hearing anything.

"We'll leave on Friday and we should return Sunday morning if all goes well…" I looked up at his eyes with a questioning and slightly panicking look, "Let me rephrase that… I'll be back Sunday morning, no matter what," Edward swore. I took one glance into his catching eyes, and looked away, sighing.

"Everybody will be fine. I talked to them already," Edward promised. I nodded and rolled my eyes when I thought he couldn't see… he did. He huffed and stood up, taking my hand.

"Come on, Alice said if we don't leave now, we'll be late for school," Edward picked up both of our bags with ease from the couch, threw them over his shoulder then picked me up, rushing down stairs and out the door.

"Bye Esme!" I called, knowing she would hear me.

Edward sat me down on the ground slowly and opened the door to his silver Volvo. I took my seat and he closed it behind me. Edward was in the driver's seat within a second.

"Can you guys take any longer?" Alice whined from the back seat. "I mean, it's only a few days, Bella," she pointed out. I rolled my eyes, once again, and looked out the window.

"Alice, please be quiet," Edward answered, a hint of frustration colored his usual calm façade.


After school, I went back to my house with Edward. Before dinner, he left and Alice took his place to talk to Charlie about my stay at their house for the weekend. Of course, he was more than happy to let me sleep over at the Cullen house--especially since Edward was already 'gone camping.'

That night, I slept over at the Cullen house snuggling up in Edward's arms. When I woke, he was gone. In Edward's usual spot there was a plain cardboard box with an envelope on top.

I quickly sat up, fully awake, and opened the envelope--I noticed that it wasn't glued shut.

Show me everything when I get home, Love. – Edward

My eyebrows furrowed together in confusion and I opened up the box, only to find another, smaller box. I pulled off the tape from that one to find a small, black and silver camcorder. I snorted. Edward finally bought something useful.

I heard the door click and graceful little Alice danced through the doorway, smiling hugely.

"We have school today!" she cheered as if this was the best day in her existence. I gave her an odd look.

"Yay?" I questioned. Alice jumped onto the best next to me, picking up the small camcorder from my hands.

"Good, I told him to get this one," she approved, nodding her head. "He doesn't always listen to me, even though I'm the psychic."

I wanted to add something along the lines of "Thank heavens he doesn't listen to everything you say," but I kept quiet.

"Let's get you dressed and fed," Alice clapped and hopped up from the bed energetically. I cringed… she noticed.

"Don't worry, I'm leaving," Alice held up her hands to me in surrender and backed away to the door. I laughed lightly and she shut the door behind her.

I picked up the camcorder from the place Alice put it down and checked if there was any tape in it. I couldn't find any… I couldn't even find the slot where the tape went.

"There's a built in hard drive memory!" Alice shouted from another nearby room. I shook my head in laughter and turned the camera on, pressing the button to start recording. After adjusting the camera's screen to a position where I could see myself, I focused on the camera and spoke.

"Well…I just woke up." What else was there to say? "Thanks for the camera. You'll see what I am so reluctant to expose myself to when you get back." I gave a short smile and wave goodbye before hitting the stop button.

Now to get dressed and off to school. I dressed in a pair of neatly destroyed jeans and a plain white tee, topping it off with a navy zip up sweatshirt. Alice had seen that it wasn't going to rain.

"I made you breakfast!" Alice announced once I reached the bottom stair in the living room. I went to the kitchen and set my book bag and video camera down on one of the kitchen stools.

"Here," Alice pushed a store bought granola bar across the counter. It was still wrapped up in the silver packaging.

"Wow… thanks Alice," I answered in monotone. Alice's eyes narrowed at me,

"Would you rather me try and cook something, like Esme?" she tested. I shook my head vigorously side to side.

"I love Odwalla bars," I stated breathlessly, fumbling trying to unwrap the bar as fast as possible to take a bite. Alice smiled contently.

"Are you girls really going to school?" Emmett whined, coming into the kitchen, wireless video game controller still in hand.

"Yes, Emmett; Edward asked me, personally, to make sure she goes," Alice responded, her tone a little sharp.

"Suit yourself, but I've gone to school for over 50 years, and not one day as not sucked!" Emmett boomed with laughter.

"College wasn't too bad," Jasper added, joining in on the conversation as he peeped at us over the book he was reading from the kitchen table.

"Of course college wasn't too bad. Especially when your teacher is easily persuaded into taking a nap during class," Emmett shot back. Jasper rolled his eyes.

"Don't blame me for using my advantages."

"Well, Bella and I are leaving for school. Have a good day, boys!" Alice walked over to Jasper and gave him a small peck on the lips before grabbing my hand, my stuff, and dragging me out the front door.

"Guess what?!"

"What Alice? I don't know," I said, tired of the pretenses of being upbeat--then again, with Alice, it was never a pretense.

"We get to drive my Porsche to school today!" she squealed.

The bright yellow sports car was already out of the garage and in the driveway, gleaming, though there was no sunshine.

"That's cool," I answered with a forced smile on my face. I had this feeling in my stomach that Alice would drive extra fast this morning, not that she ever abided the traffic laws.

I ignored all of my instincts to turn and run back into the house and got into the passenger seat of the car. Alice revved the engine… she thinks she's just so funny! I scowled and growled at her… hmm, I must have picked that up from Edward.

"You might want to turn on the camera for this one, Bella," Alice advised. I pulled the camcorder out of my bag and started recording. I directed it at her.

"Let's time how fast I can get us to school," she suggested excitedly, pulling her cell phone out of her tiny jean skirt and pressing some buttons at an inhuman speed. She handed it to me and I saw that it was at a timer mode, reading :00.

"I bet I'm faster than you, Edward… tell me when to start," Alice grinned evilly. I gulped and pulled my seatbelt on.

"Go," I said weakly and by the time I pressed the button, Alice already was racing down the driveway. I screamed in terror… we were going 90 miles an hour already!

Still screaming my head off, we skidded our way into the Forks High School parking lot, attracting everybody's attention. Alice stopped the car and put it into brake… perfectly parked at the front of the parking row. I was breathing heavily while Alice squealed in excitement as she leaned over and saw how fast it took us.

She definitely beat Edward.

"Ha-ha, Edward! Suckaaaah!"

I directed the camera back at me,

"Save…me… Edward," I hyperventilated into the camera. I had a feeling that my face was an unnatural, unhealthy red… or purple.

"Let's go," Alice instructed and got out of the car.

Already, we were attracting a large crowd with all of the boys surrounding Alice's Porsche. I got my bag and got out, keeping the camera recording.

"Is this yours?" A random student asked Alice, clearly amazed and in awe. She nodded slowly as if it was obvious and he was mentally retarded. The boy nearly fainted. Alice chuckled and skipped off to class without me, leaving me unprotected.

"See that, Edward?! She just leaves me!" I yelled into the lens. Somebody tapped my shoulder behind me and turned around… Mike.

"Hi Mike," I said, recording him now. Edward would love this.

"Uh… hey," he answered, nervous under the camera. "What's that you got there?" he asked friendlily, pointing to the camera that was currently in his face.

"Oh, Edward's gone camping again and I'm recording what I do when he's gone," I shrugged nonchalantly. Mike's eyebrows furrowed together.

"Isn't that kinda weird? I mean, is that any of his business?" Mike asked; a fierce edge in his voice.

I turned the camera back to my face and raised an eyebrow, then turned it back to Mike.

"No, I always complain a lot when he leaves so he wants to know why," I explained as much as I could; leaving out the unneeded details.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense then," Mike shrugged. I nodded.

"Well since he's gone do you want to hang out this weekend? Maybe tonight, it is Friday."

I zoomed into Mike's hopeful expression, giggling on the inside.

"Sorry, I'm sleeping over at the Cullen's with Alice and we already have plans," I answered, trying to sound as convincing as possible.

"Sure, maybe next time, then," Mike stalked off because the bell rang and I headed off to my first class, commenting on my day so far on the way.

"Well as you can see, Mike still takes every chance he gets. Believe me, he won't be the only one today. And Alice loves to leave me under the spotlight… of doom!"

Once I got into the classroom the teacher was staring right at me so I said a fast goodbye and shut off the camera and awkwardly took my seat.


Once I got to lunch, I turned the camera back on.

"Well, Edward, since you aren't here today, I've decided not to eat lunch because… I CAN!" I laughed evilly. He always bought me food and made sure I ate every single bite, he is going to hate me after this. I am in so much trouble.

I met Alice at our usual table; she was sitting next to Angela like she did everyday--only today she didn't have any food, like me.

"No food for you, either, Bella?" Angela asked, eyeing my camera with curiosity. I shook my head.

"I think it was the waffles this morning," I nodded.

"Yeah," Alice agreed, rubbing her stomach.

"Oh, that's too bad," Angela replied sympathetically.

I situated myself a little more at the table, getting out my calculus homework because I had nothing else to do and sitting the camera down so it faced me. Once I got into it, somebody cleared their throat behind me. I looked over my shoulder. Tyler Crowley.

"Hey is this seat taken?" he asked, taking his backpack off.

"Nope," I answered, elongating the word and glancing at the camera once.

"Mind if I take it?" he asked, sitting down. Evidently, it was a hypothetical question.

"Do I have a choice," I mumbled under my breath.

"What was that?" Tyler asked me, getting out a peanut butter sandwich.

"Uh…peanut butter and jelly, a family favorite!" I waved my hands animatedly, and smiled awkwardly. Tyler's eyes brightened.

"Oh yeah, I love them!" I heard Alice snort loudly from across the table. I ignored it and so did Tyler as he bit into the sandwich.

"So Bella, so there's this new movie out tonight. I thought that maybe you would want to go see it?" he asked me, his mouth still halfway full. I shot the camera a knowing glance.

"Actually I have plans with Alice tonight already, sorry," I apologized. Tyler nodded.

"It's cool… they'll be other weekends."

Oh, God. Not this again.

Lunch passed too slowly and then I was off to biology, where Mike was over friendly. I suffered through PE, where I injured a total of seven people, and finally school was over and we were out for the weekend.

Once I got out to the locker room, I turned the camera back on.

When I got out to the parking lot, where I was supposed to meet Alice after school, a crowd was gathered around the yellow Porsche like during the morning. Alice wasn't here yet, so I had to push my way through the crowd to stand by my spot next to the passenger door.

The guys continued to gawk as I waited for my annoying, pixie-like best friend. I saw her coming--she was by the cafeteria. I saw her get her keys out of her purse, the car suddenly clicked, the doors unlocking. I opened my side and got it, shutting the door behind me.

And then my door reopened. And the driver's door opened. All of a sudden, random guys were trying to get into Alice's car. I gave a quick silent scream as I watched the ongoing horror.

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY CAR!!!" Alice literally screamed, pissed off now. She was running a little too fast in high heels--but then again a human might be able to pull that of…if they were that angry. And Alice, by her facial expression, was very, very angry. Before she finished her sentence the guys were five feet away from the yellow sports car.

Alice swiftly speed-walked over to the already open driver's side and hopped in, starting up the engine and rolling down the windows, blasting pop-rock music.

"Don't touch my car," she stated threateningly, talking outside of the window, each word deliberate and separate. Simultaneously, all of the boys nodded their heads in silence and she smiled.

"Have a nice weekend!"

Talk about mood swings.

And we sped off in the direction of the house. We rode back to the house with out conversation; Alice sang along to her up beat tunes while I made comments to Edward via camcorder.

Emmett and Jasper were outside, sitting on the porch steps when we got home. They smiled when they saw us. I turned the camera back on before I stepped out of the car.

"And the fun begins…" Emmett said in a deep, movie-like, voice.

"Can we go to Seattle tonight?" Jasper asked us.

"Sounds like a great idea!" Alice cheered. Jasper turned to me and then glanced at the camera in my hand. I shrugged.

"Sure, why not?"

"Yes!" Emmett sounded like a snake.

"Let's go get ready, Bella," Alice grabbed my hand and hauled me into the house and upstairs to Edward's bedroom. I went in and sat on the bed while Alice stood in front of me with an expectant look on her face. There was a long awkward silence.

"Well get into the shower!" She yelled, not even bothering trying to control her tone, knowing that I was filming. I jumped and ran off into Edward's bathroom, leaving the recording camcorder still on.


It was almost 4 in the morning when we got back from Seattle. Alice insisted on going clubbing after dinner. Emmett nearly got me drunk, and numerous guys attempted to grind my leg on the dance floor.

I didn't even want to think about what Edward would do when he saw this footage on the camera.

When we got home, I went straight up to Edward's room, locked the door behind me and collapsed on the bed. I'm pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


"Bella, wake up!" Alice sang at the top of her lungs like she was a freaking Disney princess or something. I pulled the gold comforter over my head.

"Come on, Bella," Alice shook me until I fell off the bed and onto the cushy tan carpet.

"Ugh, Alice," I groaned. And of course, she laughed. Stupid pixie-like vampire.

"Get ready; I think Emmett is planning a big game for all of us," Alice hinted to me, she smiled a sly, mischievous smile. A smile that made my eyes widen in fear.

Alice eyed me for a second and then left the room in more of a dance than a walk. Groggily, I got up from my spot on the ground – it was growing quite comfortable--and went into Edward's bathroom.

Once, I was clean and fresh, with my handy-dandy camera in hand, I carefully walked down the stairs --nobody was here to catch me so I had to be careful. I mean, there was a good chance that they were preoccupied with their lovers. Well, Jasper and Alice in any case.

"Bella!" Emmett boomed as soon and I was in the kitchen. I flinched away from the sound--he was overly excited.

"Hey Emmett," I answered weakly, frightened.

"Did Alice tell you that I have a fun surprise planned today?" He asked me, smiling widely. I nodded trying to be happy about it… but it was impossible.

"She told me you have a game for all of us, but she didn't really specify. Are we playing Twister, again?" I asked warily. Emmett grinned into the camera.

"No way, little sis! I made up a new game just for you," he unleashed his 'vampire eyes' on me and suddenly big, scary Emmett was a cutie-pie.

"Aww," I sighed, "Thanks Emmett. When do we play?"

Uh-oh, I fell for it.

"Well, actually Bella, I have to set up for it… but that might take a while." He was thoughtful for a moment.

"You can bring your granola bar outside while I get ready if you want…" Emmett suggested beaming a perfect set of white teeth. I shrugged,

"Sounds good to me."

Alice was suddenly next to me, handing me an unwrapped Special-K cereal bar.

"Change of plans, Jasper needs to go on a quick hunt so I'll be going with him," Alice informed us in a business-like manner, "So that means that you're in charge of watching out for Bella for the day, okay Emmet?"

Emmet straightened his posture and saluted Alice in response.

"Yes ma'am!" he called out, a perfect imitation of a solider. Alice said something to Emmet very quietly and quickly so I couldn't hear… damn vampires. But I was sure that Edward would catch it when he watched it so I would know what they were saying as soon as he got home.

"We'll be back tonight...be good," Alice said as Jasper joined her at the back sliding doors that led to the backyard. I didn't miss the warning glance that Jasper was giving Emmett.

"Emmett, please don't do this…" Jasper requested resignedly as if he knew that Emmett wasn't going to listen. Who was I kidding--Emmett is Emmett and we all know that Emmett never listens.

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