All righty then….first story, appreciate don't hate. Mercy on me please. This story is a one-shot between Courtney and Ginger. It'll be relatively short for me. Constructive critics needed.

There was Ginger. There was Courtney. There was tension. There was heat. No one seemed to have any clue about it, even Miranda, Courtney's right hand man. It was ironic how the boys' bathroom was right behind the girls' bathroom walls, which were paper thin, and no one could hear the racket they were making.

The bathroom was desolate for the time being. It was a risky process for the both of them. School hours were far from being done. The pair could hear the noise coming from the filled school halls. Yet their lips still smacked together carelessly. Hips grinding against another. It's surprising their shirts were still on.

"Please." Courtney moaned between the blazing kisses. Ginger continued to move at the same pace.

"Ginger. No." Courtney pleaded. Ginger grunted and increased her speed.

"No...Please stop. Ginger." Courtney begged with more firmness. Ginger's hand squeezed Courtney's firm backside and continued her journey. Lower and lower, more garments were discarded. Courtney's desperate cries grew louder and louder, and Ginger only kept her pace.

"Mmmmh...OH! Stop Please!!" Eventually the intense pleasures were too much to handle and her body erupted like a volcano. Ginger quickly lapped up the gift.

Ginger worried when Courtney slumped for 5 seconds, but planted a passionate kiss on her lips as soon as she returned.

They walked out. Both at separate times for their own safety. Every day, same place. The two were together creating the heat.