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I woke up slowly.

An ache hung on every bone of my body, begging me to lie back down. But I couldn't – there was something.

Something. That, I. Needed to…do.

Blinking away darkness, I stared wide-eyed at the room around me. It was simple; across from me sat a single white candle, which offered the room's light. The ground was stone, the walls covered in pealing wallpaper. I sat in a lush canopy bed, with thick red and white sheets. Outside of these sheets, the air was chill.

My stomach growled a pained empty noise.

The simplicity of my mind was torn away as my memories came flooding back. The Court. My hunger. The apple. Swiftly I glanced down at my hand, as if expecting to see the bright red apple still there. Of course, it wasn't.

Now, I took notice of my attire, I wasn't wearing my shredded pajamas anymore. No – instead, I wore a white collared shirt, that buttoned an inches down from my elbows, with a ruffled front and a black ribbon tied around my throat, loosely. Over it I wore a black vest, which felt slightly too tight and a pair of black pants of the same fabric.

Right when I was about to start freaking out, a door – which I hadn't noticed before, because it had also been covered in the wallpaper – creaked open. I stared gapping at it, before brushing my hangs across my face and into my hair.

I had to get a grip of myself.

Now wasn't the time to freak out. I needed to be clearheaded and prepared from now on. I was tired of being tossed around like a frayed ragdoll. It was right about time that I started to gain control of my situation. And the first step to even attempting that was to get a grip on myself.

Yes, a secret door had just opened, but that was my life now. My life involved secret doors being opened. Okay? No…Wait, breathe. Okay? Okay.

After my mental prep talk, I realized that I couldn't stand staying in the room for another minute, I hustled of the bed, and outside the door. The hall was dark, too dark for me to see.

I sneaked back into the room and gathered the candle, after prying it out of a pool of chilled wax. The wall was covered in the same faded wallpaper as the room, the ground the same stone. The hall continued straight and I never ran into any noticeable turns, but after awhile I felt certain that I was headed downwards. Which was never a good sign.

Thinking that I should head back to the room and look for a better mystery door, I nearly ran into a black door. I fumbled momentarily with the candle, before realizing that I had no choice but to continue onwards. My stomach groaned, not wanting me to forget about it. I realized momentarily that the door's handle was bright red, before entering the new room.

And into another hall.

I sighed, before heading down it. My mind drifted, to before the Court, to Juumonji. His expression came to mind, cautious and weary. Before that, I had run from Agon – at this point my heart started to beat faster. My lips were still slightly burnt from a delusional kiss that I had started.

I passed through two more doors, white with a green handle, and red with a black handle. I was beginning to feel that I was actually traveling upwards, instead of down.

Why had the whole Court been at Deimon?

Where was Monta and Mona anyway? He wanted to talk to them, to know how they got to the school. Hopefully, Monta's mom didn't drive; she was horrifying when she drove. That could explain it though; they had managed to avoid any of the vampires because she just ran them over.

Something was starting to drive me crazy, as I journeyed down the hall; I was starting to hear something. At the moment it was too far off, a simple buzz in the whisper of my eardrums. But since it was the only other noise than my breathing, I couldn't ignore it.

My candle was starting to flicker and my heart tightened at the prospect of being completely blind in the uncanny hall. More than twice I had nearly dropped the candle, due to the hot wax I kept splashing myself with.

It was a warm sight, when I glanced up.

I stopped in front of it, the last door – a part of me knew it was the last door. Whatever was behind the door, I had to remain calm and collected. Fear crept into me, but I pushed it against. Now wasn't the time for being afraid.

I shifted my hold on the candle, which was ready to burn out, and opened the blue door.

Soft piano music flooded my ears and I shielded my eyes from the lights, far too bright for my sensitive eyes. "I see you're awake," a voice said, and I dropped the candle – startled. Wax splattered on my expensive pant leg and dried instantly.

"H-Hiruma," I stuttered, the sound strange in my ears. It was a name I was so familiar with, but so odd at the same time. My eyes cleared and I instantly realized where I was. The room around me was covered in mirrors, reflecting my scared and paled expression back at me a million times. The ground was slick wood and in a far corner sat a large grand piano.

I heard the door slam shut behind me, and instantly yanked my head around. The blue door was gone, in its place stood Hiruma; I instantly took a step back from him. It felt like eons since I seen him, but as he was forever frozen in time, nothing about him had changed much.

Expect, maybe the intensity of his stare. Minty green eyes bore into me, forcing my heart to hammer against my ribcage.

"It's been awhile, Sena," he said, before moving forewords. In a single breath, he was centimeters in front of me. I felt his arm wrap around my waist, the other hand entwining my hand in his. "I-I can't," I muttered but my complaint died in the back of my throat. I was going to warn him that I couldn't dance, but we moved with ease across the room.

A memory shot out at me, Hiruma had taught me to dance.

Despite my current circumstances, I could feel myself calming down; I even rested my head, momentarily against his chest, letting Hiruma lead me around the ballroom. I happened to glance up, at the mirror and gasped.

"Your reflection," I said and he slowed, glancing around the room. "Don't worry Sena, I've never had much of one," Hiruma frowned and I muttered a quick apology. "Yes, yes. It's no fucking problem. We can dance later, Sena, it's time for you to eat," he said, leading me out of the room. He called me Sena. I said as that struck a chord. More memories, memories that just felt so, right.

Hiruma would take me to visit a small pond, just north of here, and let me play in the water. During the winter I was always too frightened to go ice skating because, well, even know I'm sure that wouldn't be a great idea, as I could hardly manage walking up and down a flight of stairs.

I gasped as we entered the living room. On a long wooden table sat an array of delicious foods; a turkey, potatoes, steamed eggplant, steak, pudding, curry, wonton soup, and more food that I didn't couldn't even recognize – it was overwhelming.

My stomach choice now to release a painfully long moan and Hiruma smirked. "You can eat Sena," he said, and I slipped into a chair piling my plate with food. It wasn't until I was halfway through my second helpings that I realized that not only wasn't Hiruma eating – but my being at his house was rather odd.

So much for me being in control of my situations. Letting Hiruma blindly lead me around wasn't the smartest idea.

His home was hours away from Deimon. I hadn't ran down any of my golden paths – just ate that apple. I dropped my fork, a realization flooding me. "You poisoned that apple, and brought me here, didn't you?" I said and the rich food in stomach seemed to expand instantly and my fear stared to creep back.


The gentle expression on Hiruma's face vanished and his usual half sneer, half smirk took its place. From some invisible hiding place, Hiruma drew a gun. "Oh," I said as my body started to shake, something about that gun, a silver pistol, made my golden paths shoot up instantly, it made ever cell in my body scream in fear.

Hiruma aimed the gun at me, his arms loose and eyes keenly focused. I was frozen in my chair. No, wait. I was strapped to it, by thick bondages, probably achieved through magic. I heard the gun go off, and winced, a small cry escaping.

After a brisk pause in which I struggled to wrap my head around the fact that I hadn't died, Hiruma said, "interesting." It was enough reason to get me to pry my eyes opened. The barrel of his gun was still smoking and I was still living.

"W-what did you do that for?" I cried as the bindings on the chair disengaged. I tore myself out and stumbled away from the chair. I scanned the room, before realizing what I was looking for. Oh yeah, bullet, where had Hiruma's bullet gone?

Completely nonchalant, Hiruma cleaned the gun off with a cloth, apparently unaware of my peril. "That was simply a quick experiment, I'm terribly sorry for any discomfort during the process," Hiruma said and I couldn't help but to scoff.

"Seriously? Hiruma, experiments don't usually involve being shot at. A-a-and why are you talking so weirdly?" I asked, my hands clenched at my sides. This polite, well behaved Hiruma was even more frightening than the crackling and jester-like Hiruma. In response, Hiruma put the gun down, and swiftly stood up. His hair covered his eyes, and expression.

I took a worried step away, not sure what to make of Hiruma's mood swings. "Well, fucking excuse me, pipsqueak," Hiruma said raising his head high enough so that I could see the sharp grin on his face.

"Um, sorry?" I said, but my heart fluttered, and a small smile threatened to cover my face. "I said, fucking excuse me if I wanted the last fucking memory you had of me to be amazing," he growled and I shook my head. "Oh, is that what this is all about then? H-Hiruma, why would you think that shooting me would be nice – actually, um, no. What makes you think that this is going to be the last time we're going to see each other?" I switched thoughts halfway through talking.

Hiruma leaned against the table and finally shoved his hair out of his eyes for me. His expression was the same, bright and concentrated. It made sense though I understood the intensity behind it now; he was trying to imprint me into his memory through force.

"What do you think pipsqueak? This is the end," Hiruma said and my stomach flipped. The honesty in his words hit me like stones and I gasped weakly at him. "The end?" I said and he shrugged. "Well, more like the beginning of the end, or at least part of it," he said and I shook my head.

"Hiruma," I said and he cut me off.

"Stop interrupting me, I don't have a lot of fucking time. And you're messing me up," he ordered and I could only manage a feeble nod. "This is the end of Deimon Sena, after this, you'll have to decide, but you can't chose me," the sudden pain in Hiruma's voice shocked me.

"Why is it so hard to give a straight answer?" I asked and Hiruma laughed. It was quick and sharp, but loaded with much pain. "Because the answers aren't nearly as satisfying," Hiruma said and I sighed, sensing some underlining irony.

"I need you to promise me though Sena, you wouldn't choose me," Hiruma said and I shook my head. "How can I promise you something when I don't even know what you're talking about?" I asked and he crossed his arms tightly.

"Just, chose that stupid scarface – or that fucking dreadhead if you must. But, Sena, trust me, I will fucking kill you if choose me," Hiruma said, his voice low and as threatening as he could force it. A week ago I would have been frightened, hell, seven seconds ago I would have been scared.

But something he said finally had locked into my mind and I couldn't help a small laugh. "You're kidding me, right? You want me to choose between Agon, Jyuumonji, and you?" My disbelief was not lost to him, but it didn't strike Hiruma's funny bone like it did for me.

"And what's that got to do with anything?" I asked and Hiruma shook his head with a sigh. "Everything you fucking pipsqueak," he said and took a step to me. "Now if you're done yakking your fucking mouth off, I'm going to ask one more dance out of you," he said. I slipped up next to him. Dancing with Hiruma was easier than my first stumbling attempt.

All my earlier memories were finally sticking and I could clearly remember him teaching me to dance. I didn't even stumble as he led me back into the ballroom. A familiar feeling rose in my gut, and I realized that I had to kiss Hiruma.

If he was right, and this was the last time I would see him, then I wanted just that. A kiss.

Even though Hiruma couldn't read my mind, he could easily read my face and slowed down. Perhaps it was simply my brain shutting down, but even the piano seemed to soften as his lips tenderly brushed against mine. A chill instantly flashed through my system and I gasped when I felt his hands run up to my shoulders.

For a moment, my mind was blank. Then my eyes flew open and I caught the silent agony in Hiruma's eyes as he pushed me into the glass mirror.

It seemed that I was finding the most bizarre ways to travel lately. Sport cars through the mountains, golden paths that I couldn't talk about, a mysterious hallway, and now I could add mirrors to the list.

So far, traveling through the mirror was by far my least favorite so far. Well, actually, being in that car with Agon and Jyuumonji hadn't been most enjoyable experience either, but the mirror was a close second.

Once I got over the shock that I was inside the mirror, I realized that I no longer Sena. Well I was, but just not in the physical sense. It was like that feeling you get when you're between awake or asleep, not conscious enough to be considered awake, but no longer sleeping.

However I was completely aware of the experience, and it made my phantom gut ache, because I was just too weightless. That was the last thing I felt a guy like me needed.

When I was finally thrown out of the mirror, I decided that despite the slightly painful effects of the golden paths, they were my preferred method of travel. After making sure that I had all limbs where they were supposed to be, I analyzed my surroundings.

Back in Deimon, I realized with a groan. Had anyone even noticed I had disappeared? I blinked as my surroundings seemed to solidify. Even though I knew I was in Deimon, I realized that I had no idea exactly where I was.

Yes, the stone patterns on the ground were right, and that was the same wooden panel found elsewhere in Deimon, but for the life of me, I couldn't tell where exactly I was. It was a large circular window and door-less room and I spun around in a complete 180, before abruptly, I noticed her.

"Pitt?" I croaked and the huge dog lumbered to me, I flinched expecting to get attacked by dog slobber. Instead, I heard a girl say, "well isn't this odd."

I blinked and opened my eyes. Standing in front of me was a girl wearing a cheerleading outfit with large purple eyes. She seemed just as surprised by me as I was by her. "U-u-u-um, weren't you a dog?" I asked weakly and she nodded.

"That's what I was thinking too," she said with a giggle. Her eyes locked on me and she nodded. "Thanks," she said causally and I frowned. "Oh I didn't do anything," I stuttered and she shook her head. "Oh shut it Sena, you did plenty. For one, you took this horrible, horrible curse off of me," she said and I blinked.

After all the strange occurrences I had lived through lately, Pitt changing into a petite cheerleader was hardly that shocking. Seriously, I had just traveled through a mirror. What wasn't impossible at this point?

But, there was something more to the girl, something I couldn't place. Wait – I knew, she looked familiar, not just familiar since she used to be Pitt, but something far more in depth than that.

"Since I'm not in that icky form anymore, I guess you found her, huh?" The girl said, stretching out her arms and flexing her thumbs. "Umm, who are you?" I asked and she froze in surprise.

"I'm Suzuna, um, are you sure that you've got your memory back?" She asked and suddenly I remembered it. "You're her! The President's daughter! I remember you!" I gasped and she groaned, pressing her hand against the side of her face with a groan.

"Oh sweet blind mice, you're still stuck on that?" She said her expression completely exasperated. I gapped at her, and to my surprise, the girl took a step closer and pressed both her hands on each side of my head.

"WAKE UP SENA!" She screamed viciously rocking my head back and forth. Since I didn't want my neck to get snapped (she was surprisingly strong) I yanked away. She narrowed her eyes at my befuddled expression. "This is so troublesome of you, Sena, if you were gonna mess up your memories, you should have at least given me the backup plan," she complained.

For a moment I just started at her stupidly.

Then I felt my blood leave my face.

I swayed a little as nerves started to freeze other.

"Wh-what?" I managed and she threw her hands into the air. "You're such an idiot," she condemned me.

But I wasn't listening.

I was too busy trying to digest the prospect of what Suzuna had just hurled at me.

I had been the one to mess up my memories.

Suddenly, everything that happened to me so far was flung back at me. It had been my doing all along. I actually had run away from home, it wasn't a lie. All my wondering and franticly searching for questions – I had been an idiot dog chasing for a tail that I had cut off.

"The thing I don't get is why I am back to being drop dead gorgeous. It's not that I'm complaining, but you said that it wouldn't happen until you were back on track," Suzuna continued to yak still flexing her thumbs.

Her voice sounded far off in an echo-filled tunnel, and I crouched down.

If it was true, that I had been the one to change my memories, then what kind of person did that make me? Was I really the type of guy who would willingly run away from my parents and willingly come to Deimon?

Thinking back to how I had kissed both Hiruma and Agon, it made me wonder – kissing them felt like instinct. Was that the kind of guy I was, one who went around kissing people? After all, I hadn't even had an excuse for kissing Hiruma. At least with Agon it had been completely spur of the moment.

Oh god, was I some sort of…kissing insane person?

And – just how was I able to change my memories? An-and turn Suzuna into a freaking dog?

"Uh oh, Sena are you going to blow chunks again?" Suzuna asked gently and even though she was one of the last people I wanted to around at the moment, I didn't mind when she bent down next to me for a comforting hug.

At least I was the kind of guy who hadn't disliked hugs.

"Hey, speaking of chunks, where's that crazy pirate?" Suzuna asked, staring around the empty room. I gapped at her. I had to deal with witches, vampires, and fire-makers there wasn't any room in my mind for a completely new genre. Suzuna seemed to realize this, and was quick to explain. "Oh, I mean Kazuki, um, Jyuumonji," she corrected herself.

"The last time I saw him was here," Sena said and Suzuna looked around judgmentally. "Are you sure about that Sena? Cause I don't see any trace of him," she said and Sena shook his head. "Well not here, but at Deimon," he said and she shook her head.

"You need to go get him, if anyone were to know how to get your old memories back, it would be the pirate," she said and stood up and grabbed my arm, forcing me to do the same. "I guess I'll wait here until you get him," she said with a smile.

I gave her a blank look.

She replied with a dark. "Don't tell me you already forgot about your paths," she complained and my stomach jolted at the mention of them. How did Suzuna know about the paths? Wait – she had seen me, when I had been running the first time to Deimon. Back when she was Pitt. And a whole lot less confusing.

"I-I know about the paths, but where should I go?" I asked and she tapped a finger to her chin. "My best guess would be to go back to the last place you remember him being at. And hurry, I don't like being the one in charge. It's way too stressful," she said and I sighed.

She had just told me to go back. Even though the process of going back in time with my paths should've come as a shock, I couldn't dig up the emotion. Out of everything, the paths were the most deep rooted thing I had; it was more than ability. It was an instinct, just as natural as breathing or stumbling down flights of stairs.

I closed my eyes, and urged the paths to appear, thankfully it didn't take long. I wasn't sure how much Suzuna I could handle.

Suzuna dulled in comparison. There was a surprising few paths within the room, about six to be exact. I easily found the one I needed, but instead of stepping on it, I turned around, and followed the path backwards.

At first, it seemed that I was fighting against a horrible strain, like something was tugging me back; time wanted to keep moving forewords.

However, it was a rubber band affect, and finally it snapped. I sped down the golden path and almost instantly ran into a wall. I managed to skid for a little while and jogged off the rest of the momentum.

Stopping was going to get some getting used to.

To the right of me, I could hear Oka's voice shrilly threatening to curse someone. I slunk into the wall, praying that she wouldn't round the counter and caught me. My heart beat against my chest, because something in my gut knew that I didn't want Oka finding me.

If I had more time to reflect, I probably would've gone mad, as I had just suffered two large mind explosions. Instead of losing my mind, I decided to work more towards finding my memory.

I heard a bird call and carefully headed in the general direction. Oka must've just kicked Jyuumonji, Monta, and Mona out of the room. I peeked into the hallway just as Oka slammed the door on them. Monta and Mona instantly started to snap at each other, and Monta rushed after Mona, leaving Jyuumonji in the dust.

"Jyuumonji!" I hissed and he jerked his head, obviously hearing me. I was about to jump from behind my corner, when another voice washed out my own. "There you are son," my heart sunk recognizing Megu as she rounded the other corner.

Part of me wanted to ignore my gut feeling – that no one other than Jyuumonji should be seeing me. However, apparently I had more self-control because I never moved.

"Oh, hey there," Jyuumonji said and I covered my mouth, as if he could possibly hear me breathing so far away. "What's up, you look bad," Megu said and I heard footsteps approach down myself.

"It's…nothin' I guess," Jyuumonji said softly. "Hey follow me kid, I should clean that bad cut on your forehead anyway," Megu said and they headed down the opposite way.