Ottoman Borders, 1591

As the portal closed behind him, Starkiller looked around to see a large, gray canyon surrounding him. Though this couldn't faze him psychologically, he couldn't help feel uncertain. Lonely even, but some environments like this take a psychological toll on its travelers. All he could see is an expanse of desert. As he tried taking a closer look at the horizon, he could make out a little dot that looked like it could be a settlement. He was unsure how someone, or something, would react to him. However, he couldn't care less. He can't let the natives of this foreign planet stand in his way of achieving his goals. Starkiller thought going in the direction of the "settlement" would be as good as any place to go.

For about twenty minutes of hiking the canyon, he immediately stopped, sensing a disturbance in the Force. Nothing happened, so he eagerly continued hiking the canyon, until he was at the top, and flat, level ground was all that now needed to be traversed. He continued, until he sensed something again. Someone was following him. He was sure of it. He tightened his grip on his lightsaber and stayed still. Everything seemed a bit too quiet. All that could be heard was the flowing desert winds. But he was sure something was here. He stayed still, waiting for his predator to become impatient. Out of nowhere, a howl from some sort of creature was heard, and echoed through the canyon behind him. Starkiller turned on the lightsaber and immediately without hesitation, hacked down his assailant. There were two more accompanying it, and Starkiller immediately sent out a telekinetic explosion of the Force, sending the three stalkers flying. The first was already dead. A second was killed when it fell, and slammed hard into a large rock formation. Starkiller saw the third trying to limp as it barely survived Starkiller's Force attack. He would finish the job, and he gripped the last enemy with the Force. As Starkiller lifted his helpless opponent, he reeled him in, and thoroughly examined him. To his surprise, it was some kind of inhuman creature. The creature was a humanoid reptilian. It was very odd and strange, primitive even. It wore armor made of mere iron, and had a primitive sword made of what looked like iron as well. But Starkiller had seen stranger aliens before. He wondered if this thing was the dominant species of this planet. Starkiller would have interrogated this creature, but seeing as primitive as this creature was, and he knew he would not be able to communicate with it anyway, he put it out of its misery, and electrocuted the beast. He tossed the monster's corpse aside, and just as he was about to advance on, he saw another lizard trying to flee. Though he should not get off task, he went ahead to pursue the creature for the heck of it. Starkiller thought this one might lead him to more lizards to "practice" with. As he followed it, the beast went into a cave by the mountainside. He eagerly went in.

The cave went underground, and was a widespread tunnel system. He was going through a series of caves, and until he came to a clearing. There was a large, wide area; there was a sparkling, yet dirty lake; a waterfall passing down the entrance; and a large circular stone at the center of it all. It looked like… an arena… Not being able to finish that thought he noticed someone standing on one side, and a group of those things he encountered on the other side; about five of them. As Starkiller looked closer, he saw this person looked human, and was female wearing all white. Starkiller was somewhat relieved seeing humans on this foreign world. He tried nearing the group, curious as to what would happen. He heard this woman call out to those beasts.

"So you wish to dance the dance of Death?" The mystery woman tightened her grip on her sheathed weapons.

The lizards roared in agreement, as they pulled their swords and axes.

"Then come. I shall put you at your peace…"

The woman unsheathed her shortswords, one of which was a very intricate silver blade. The woman sprung her attack and immediately slashed at a charging beast. As soon as that happened, she hit a lizard right behind her. The woman somersaulted over the shoulders of another and stabbed its back. She continued doing jumps, thrusts, slashes, and other things that fought against those lizards.

"The force is strong with this one…" said Starkiller.

He, in many ways was surprised by this woman. She was able to be very agile and acrobatic, all without using the force. Her natural athleticism was incredible. Though "dance of death" was obviously a figure of speech, her fight against the beasts could have loosely seemed like a dance. Her moves seemed choreographed, always a constant, and flowing without hesitation. Interesting of all, he knew this person was truly something by catching a glimpse at her deep, violet eyes. There was something about this woman… In his thoughts, he hadn't realized she already killed three of the things, and two were left. One charged at her, and she threw her swords into its chest. She pulled them out immediately and jumped onto the last lizard's back, and finished the last one off. Starkiller heard the woman mutter something he could not fully get.

"At least now, the Ottomans' souls can rest in peace."

As he was about to leave, he heard a ringing sound in his pocket. He heard a voice.

"Greetings Master! How goes your trip to that place?" Starkiller realized it was his comlink.

"Dammit Proxy! Shut the hell up!" The sounds of the comlink echoed in the cave walls.

"Remember Master; I serve you, but I'll still kill you some da…"

Not letting his droid finish that thought, Starkiller threw his comlink in the lake waters. He checked to see if the woman in white heard the noise. He looked at the arena, and saw she wasn't there. Suddenly, Starkiller was being strangled. He heard the woman's voice.

"What are you doing here? State your name! Who are you?"

"I don't need to answer to you."

He pushed her back with the force and sent her flying. She recovered though, and landed on both her feet, though she was unsure what happened.

"What magic is this? Who… What are you?"

"I am a Jedi… no, I am Sith. And the secret of my power is much more than you can understand."

With that, Starkiller pulled his lightsaber and it emitted its red beam.

"What…?! What blade is that? What magic is this?"

The woman neared the lightsaber, and though Starkiller stood in a defensive guard stance, she posed less hostility, and seemed curious of his lightsaber. She was merely looking in awe, and her hand neared it to touch the blade. Her hand barely touched it, and then there was a faint sizzling sound. The woman looked at her hand and saw her glove had holes burnt at the fingertips. She put her gloves away, and still was astounded by the nature of Starkiller's blade.


Starkiller thought this woman might be useful in helping him find the power sources of this world.

"Listen, I am looking for the ultimate power here, it lead me to this place, and I'm here to retrieve it."

"Ultimate power? I can guess what you are looking for, but you might as well get in line with the rest of us. Almost every warrior of the continent seeks the power of Soul Calibur, and Soul Edge."

"Soul Calibur and Soul Egde?"

"You truly are new to this area. Where are you from?"

Starkiller didn't want to really give away the fact he wasn't from this planet, as he was unsure if they even knew other planets existed. It was really something nobody could comprehend.

"I'm from a great empire, sent to retrieve the powers."

"The Roman Empire? Ottomans?"

"The Romans." In truth, Starkiller had no idea what the hell she was talking about, so he lied about it.

"Well, you and I, we are looking for the same thing. I recently had begun my quest for the soul swords, and I plan to use them for the good of the world."

Starkiller thought this woman was very naïve, as she followed the way of the light side. However, this could prove useful. He could take advantage of her, and gain help from her to assist in his quest, as she probably knew more about this place than he did, and might actually be very helpful. As for her intentions of the swords… he could care less.

Suddenly, a large rumbling sound was heard, and the two looked over, and a rockslide covered the exit to the cave, and howling was heard from the opposite side.

"Damn! More beasts!" cried the woman.

A large group of lizards stood at a ledge, and were leaded be a much more muscular lizard. It had more ornate weapons, and a brightly colored frill around its neck. The leader was probably alerted by the woman's combat earlier, and came down to finish what his lackeys couldn't do. Without hesitation, the woman ran and yelled, "Run!" Starkiller had no choice to follow this woman if he wanted her help. They ran deeper into the cave tunnel complex…

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