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Resurrection: Chapter 20

Nnoitra was being forced to go to a captains' meeting so Ichigo was having dinner with Renji and Rukia. Over the years Renji still hadn't gotten over his infatuation with Ichigo. He had recently taken to staring at him lustfully and if Ichigo was being truthful with himself, a little psychotically. But he doesn't say anything because he doesn't want to break the fragile bond of friendship they still had.

Renji's POV

I know everything about Ichigo. The way he smiles when he really cares about someone, the way he glares when somebody inevitably pisses him off. But most of all I know the way he moves. I can't help it, I know I shouldn't be doing it, but I had to see. Years of hiding my reiatsu came in handy when I crept over Ichigo's house and watched him.

I watched the way Nnoitra would enter him slowly at first and Ichigo's face would tense slightly in pain. I should have been the one doing that to him; I should be the one inside of him. When Nnoitra can't wait any longer and starts to fuck him in earnest Ichigo makes the cutest little gasping sounds and digs his fingers into Nnoitra's shoulders as he tries to get used to it.

He looks so tiny underneath that lanky monster, like he could shatter at any minute with each powerful thrust. But he doesn't. Instead he pushes back against Nnoitra and screams for more, fucking begs for it.

That should have been me. And I can't stand that it isn't. Tonight will be the night that I make my position very clear.

Third Person POV

When Byakuya showed up to drag an inebriated Rukia back home, Renji did the same for Ichigo. Renji wasn't drunk; he had a little sake, but not enough for even a buzz. Being drunk didn't fit into his plans. He led Ichigo up the steps to his house, pausing as they got to the door.

Ichigo stared at Renji quizzically as he shifted from foot to foot then jerked as the red head suddenly reached forward, grabbing a hold of Ichigo's kimono and smashing their mouths together. Ichigo's eyes widened and he tried to take a step back, but Renji slammed him against the door. Ichigo jerked and shoved at his shoulders with his hands but they were quickly captured and pinned above his head.

Thus far unsuccessful at getting free of Renji's devouring mouth, he lifted his knee up quickly and slammed it into his crotch. Renji grunted and immediately dropped to his knees, clutching his throbbing groin.

"What the fuck Renji!?" Ichigo screamed as he wiped his mouth.

The red-head lieutenant staggered to his feet to glare at the object of his affections. "I love you Ichigo, that's never going to change. Can't we be together?" He took a step towards stunned Shinigami and tried to capture his mouth again but was swiftly shoved away.

"No! I love Nnoitra, and that is never going to change!" With that, Ichigo ripped his door open and slipped inside, slamming it shut fiercely and putting all the locks in place. He could hear Renji pleading with him on the other side but he wasn't in the mood to listen. Storming into his bedroom, he flopped onto the bed and dragged 'Nnoitra's' pillow to his chest, burying his nose in it.

When Nnoitra got home, he immediately knew something was wrong. For one thing all those damn locks were in place. Then when he made his way to the bedroom to greet his lover, he found Ichigo curled up with Nnoitra's pillow hugged to his chest. Now normally that would make butterflies that Nnoitra swore he didn't have flutter in his stomach, but from the frown on his love's pretty face he assumed something had happened.

"Oi, wake up Ichi." Nnoitra shook him a little and brushed the orange hair out of his face as he blearily opened his eyes.

"Mm? Hey…"

"Hey…" Nnoitra leaned down to kiss Ichigo but was halted by a finger to his lip.

"What?" He scowled angrily, but stopped when he saw the look on Ichigo's face and the way he was worrying his lower lip.

"Renji, he…"

Nnoitra's expression darkened when he realized that something that fucking piece of shit did had stopped him from getting a kiss from his beloved uke. "What the hell did that pussy do?"

Ichigo turned bright red and buried his face into the pillow, saying something that was muffled.

"Say that again?"

"He kissed me."

New levels of anger and hatred rose in Nnoitra's blood and he could actually feel his hollow mask starting to cover his face.

"Oh no you don't! The last time you did that Zaiaku got out and molested me!"

"Renji kissed ya!?" Nnoitra yelled grabbing a hold of Ichigo's wrists and pinning them on either side of his head.

"I didn't kiss back, you dumb shit!" Ichigo yelled just as loudly. "I kneed the dickhead in the crotch and locked the bastard out!"

Alright, Nnoitra was a little bit calmer now, but only a little. "Your mine and he can't touch you." And then he kissed Ichigo, chasing away the feeling of Renji's lips and replacing them with tongue and teeth. Normally Ichigo found Nnoitra's possessive actions a little frustrating, but he needed this right now.

Even the way Nnoitra fucked him was possessive, biting hard on exposed flesh while rough thrusts pushed him over the edge. And not just once, oh no, Nnoitra spent all night making damn well sure that Ichigo knew who he belonged to. When morning came, Ichigo sent, or rather threw, Nnoitra out the door to get either some pain relieving salve, pills or anything really to ease the pain shooting up his spine.

Renji wasn't seen in Soul Society again. At first Ichigo thought Nnoitra had actually killed him, but Nnoitra seemed just as confused, not to mention pissed that he hadn't gotten to kill the Shinigami before he made off. Rukia tearfully informed him that according to 'nii-sama' Renji had left a note of resignation and left. He was officially labeled as a deserter, but no one ever knew what became of him.

Time passed on and Ichigo was treated to a familiar face. Or to be more exact, he woke up to hear knocking at the door and opened it to swiftly get kicked in the face by his 'goat-face' father who had apparently kicked the bucket, finally. Ichigo was overjoyed. Kind of. Really, really deep down inside, he was happy to see his father again. Maybe.

Nnoitra, however, seemed to get along great with Isshin. That is if the trading of 'friendly' blows were anything to go by. Ichigo was probably scarred to death when his father asked if they were using enough lubricant when Ichigo limped to breakfast one morning (or a couple).

The years went and old friends came into Soul Society, all of whom were actually happy for Ichigo and his long relationship with Nnoitra, even Chad, who was almost killed by the ex-espada. But what really made Ichigo feel complete was the day Nnoitra showed up with Karin and Yuzu who died of old age on the same day. They were older than Ichigo remembered, but younger than the age they died. Later, Ichigo had to kick Nnoitra for teasing him about his tears.

As Ichigo leaned back against Nnoitra, sighing blissfully, he watched the river and wondered how long this beautiful moment would last. Nnoitra wrapped his long arms around his love and pressed a kiss to the orange hair, snickering as a sharp elbow jabbed him in the ribs. Both of them turned as they heard laughter and saw Yuzu waving at them with a picnic basket, Isshin and Karin arguing behind her.

Ah, if only it could be like this forever.


There might be a sequel if enough people actually want it. I was thinking about maybe writing one about Nnoitra and Ichigo adopting and finding out where Renji went off to. Anyways, I hoped you guys enjoyed it! I certainly did.