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(BtVS/Universal Soldier)

Soldiers Again


"What do we have?"

"It looks like here is where they discovered what that bitch Walsh was really up to... Er... I mean–"

"It's alright Lieutenant, I've met the woman. Bitch is putting it politely. Now just give me the rundown. Who is that?"

"Xander Harris, recruited straight out of high school. Technically a civilian consultant, but works and trains heavily with the base's military personnel. His previous experience with hostile sub-terrestrials quickly made him a valuable resource to the Initiative Project. Even if he wasn't always popular."

"How so?"

"Evidently the higher ups actually listened when he said it was a bad idea to capture and experiment on HST's. It made for a greatly reduced pool of research subjects."

"Doubt Walsh appreciated that."

"Unlikely, Sir. He also physically restrained several squad members from terminating HST's stating: There are enough hostile demons in the world without pissing off the peaceful ones."

"Makes sense. Keep going."

"Well at this point of the tape we can see that Harris and his team have discovered what Walsh was doing in a surprisingly large section of the base she managed to keep hidden and off the blueprints."

"Her little pet Frankenstein's Monster."

"Yes, Sir. And Walsh is shot and killed while trying to activate the creature. The man arriving on scene in time to witness the event is one Captain Riley Finn."

"What's Harris doing with creature?"

"Loading it with explosives. You can see them hurry out and... there goes the cameras."

"A little excessive, but it got the job done I suppose. What next."

"As you can see from the footage in the hall, they decide to split into two teams to search the hidden section. One led by Harris and the other by Finn. They radioed in for backup of course."


"It appears at this point Captain Finn had some sort of psychotic break. The exact cause is unknown. It is possible that Captain Finn was working with Walsh or that it was caused by exposure to the HST's or whatever that crap Walsh was slipping the soldiers is."


"But, Sir?""

"I heard the unsaid 'but' in there, Lieutenant. What are you thinking."

"If I had to make an educated guess, I would say he was Walsh's backup plan. He seemed to be a favourite of the Doctor's. It's conceivable that he, probably unknowingly, had suggestions implanted for the possibility that Walsh failed in whatever she was planning on doing with that Frankenstein's Monster she was making."

"You fuck me, so I'll fuck you."

"Something like that, Sir."

"Just tell me what we actually know at this point."

"He opened all the cells, though fortunately with the reduced number of test subjects casualties from HST's was kept to a minimal. Unfortunately Captain Finn then proceeded to make his way through the facility killing anyone or anything he came across and, as you can see from the screen, taking... trophies."

"He's cutting their fucking ears off and making a necklace."

"Yes, Sir."

"Keep going."

"Well, by this point he's killed just about everyone that hasn't already run off at the first sign of shooting. Very few made it out before he locked down the facility. The pair he has on their knees now are two prisoners Walsh had managed to keep off the books. The boy is Daniel Osborne, a werewolf who has apparently gained limited control over his transformation. A subject of some fascination to the doctor."

"Threat level?"

"Minimal if you don't attack someone the wolf in him considers pack."

"The girl?"

"Anya Jenkins. Human turned Vengeance Demon turned human again. Another transformation to study. She's a minimal threat as a human, but a possible severe threat as a demon provided she has someone to make a wish. It should also be noted that both are acquaintances of Harris and, as the surprise on his face attests to, he didn't know they were here."

"Is Harris doing what I think he's doing?"

"If you think he's placing his weapon down before approaching and trying to talk Finn down, then yes he is."

"Not the most intelligent move."

"Psych eval puts Harris as having a personality traits lending themselves to extreme loyalty. He won't give up on a friend easily. We'll have to get a lip reader involved in the tape analysis to find out what they are saying though."

"The 'fucking traitors' Finn just growled is hard to miss."


"This isn't you, Riley... etcetera, etcetera... Fight it... insert pointless calming drivel... Let me help you, Riley."

"Can't blame him for trying."

"Osborne's brains still decorated the hallway."

"And Harris tackles him."

"Should have gone for the gun behind him."

"All due respect, Sir, but he or the girl probably would have been shot before he'd gotten the weapon up if he had tried that. A quick forward spring-"

"Didn't give Finn a chance to move to the next target. Point taken. And he gets shot in the leg, but got the rifle out of Finn's hands and knocked the man down. Not too bad. Why isn't the Jenkins' girl running?"

"I imagine she's worried about Harris, but he yells for to run here and she moves like a bat out of hell."

"She's run pretty fast—Where the hell did Finn get grenades?"

"He raided the armoury."

"That's not a pretty way to go."

"No, Sir."

"Harris looks pissed now."

"Has to hurt standing on that leg. He used the rifle to pull himself up."

"Slows him down too much. Finn's pulled his sidearm."

"And they both start firing..."

"Mutual destruction. How... quaint."


"Give me the room and a secure line, Lieutenant."

"Yes, Sir."

"And Lieutenant?"


"Pack all the bodies in ice."

"Yes, Sir..."

"This is Colonel McNamara. You're in luck. I find myself with a base full of 'volunteers' for your Universal Soldier Program."