Rory smiled, she was home. Stars Hollow. She could not believe it, it had been two years on the Barack Obama campaign and he had won. But she was finally home.

She walked into Luke's diner. Praying her mother Lorelai was in there. She had told her she would be back a week later, and was really exited to surprise her.

Rory sighed. "Hey Ceaser, have you seen Luke?" Rory asked. She figured Luke would know where Lorelai was. He was however her boyfriend.

"Rory, how are you." He said smiling at her.

"Good, good. So have you seen Luke or my mom?"

"Oh they went on trip Rory didn't she tell you? They were going on a cruise, for a week. They'll be back tonight though." She sighed.

"Your not serious are you? Oh my god." She groaned. "I really wanted to… you know what never mind. Can I have a cup of coffee Ceaser?" She sighed.

"Sure thing Rory. It's on the house." Rory smiled. "Welcome home by the way!"

"Thanks," she said as he handed me a cup of coffee.

Rory took a drink and tried to help from gagging. She suddenly remembered what Ceaser's coffee tasted like.

She smiled at him, and he went back to work. It was funny how Luke's was completely empty. Probably because of Ceaser's coffee. Everyone was probably dying for Luke to get back.

All of the sudden the curtain that separated Luke's diner from Luke's house swung open. Out a tiered looking, shirtless cute black haired boy steeped out.

"Jess?" She asked breathless. Rory hadn't seen him in over three years.

He turned around. When he saw her his face turned red.

"Rory?" He said looking embarrassed. "Wow, it's been kinda empty for the last few days. I didn't think anyone would um be here, I would have worn a shirt if I had known."

She smiled awkwardly. "It's totally fine Jess."

"Ceaser, I didn't think you would be opening today."

"Well you know gotta keep the business running."

"I can see that." Jess said looking around at the empty diner.

Ceaser seemed to sense the awkward vibe. "Well were not getting any business so I think it's better if I close up. Tell Luke I'll be back tomorrow." He left.

"So Rory, how have you…"

"Good I've been good and you?"

"Um alright." There was a silence.

It reminded her of the first day they had first got together.

"Jess look there really is no reason to be like this. The last time I saw you…"

"We kissed." He said finishing the sentence.


"Look it was nothing you and Logan were together you were just upset with him at the moment, it meant nothing."

"Yeah I guess." She said agreeing.

"So um your back, you were at the Obama campaign right?" He asked.

"Yeah, Luke told you? I just got back today."

"Well congratulations he won." Rory smiled.

" Yeah. Thanks. So are you living here again?"

"Yeah I am, my roommate got married and she moved in. It got kinda awkward and I decided to find a new house, but I couldn't really afford it. I mean my book gives me some money but not a ton so Luke offered and I started working here again." Rory smiled.

"Okay well," She said taking a last sip of my coffee. "I should be going."

"Yeah, okay." He said.

"Jess," Rory said, "Maybe we could get together and talk sometime I don't know. I just feel like we didn't have a good goodbye."

"Yeah I'd like that." He said smiling.

"Okay I'll see you around." she said

"Yeah, oh and welcome home Rory." He said.

"Yeah you too." she said walking out of the diner smiling.