What was she supposed to say? It wasn't like she could run away like she had the time before. She didn't want to run away. She wanted to tell him she loved him too.

"Jess, I," She started then stopped.

"Rory, it's fine. I just dropped that on you. You should have some time, decide how you feel about me. I don't want you to have to decide right here."

Rory just nodded. She didn't know what to say. Of course she had known all along he loved her after all he had told her before but it had been years she was surprised to see he still felt that strongly. Except she knew she still felt the same way. But there was something holding her back from telling him.

Jess had left her. He had gone off and run away from her when things got bad. There was something in her that was afraid he would do the same thing.

"I'll see you later Rory." Jess said. She watched yet again is he left walking away. "Dammit." She whispered under her breath. Why could she not have told him?

"Hey Paris." Rory said giving her friend a hug. "God I haven't seen you in forever." Rory and Paris had planned to meet up for coffee when Rory had gotten back from the campaign.

"Hey, how was the campaign tell me all about it." She said. The two sat down and caught up with each other. They had emailed a lot and talked on the phone every know and again but Paris and Rory had both been so busy. Paris was now going to med school at a nearby hospital. She worked close to Yale so they had met right near their old campus.

"So how are you and Doyle?" Rory said after awhile.

Paris groaned. "We broke up." She rolled her eyes and took a sip of her coffee.

"Oh no," Rory said. " I am so sorry."

"Don't be." Paris laughed. "God he just started to get on my nerves and he was holding me back." Paris said. This was so typical of Paris. Rory smiled.

"I mean in your last email you said things were going good."

"They were…. But I ran into an old friend." Paris said smiling.

So Paris was dating someone else. "Who?" Rory asked.

"Jamie!" Paris said. "I mean I saw him, and I realized how horrible I had been to him when I broke up with him. And I just went up to him and said hi and he had completely forgiven me. So then we just started talking and going out and Doyle and me just wasn't working out I guess. But it's great me and Jamie, I'm really happy."

Even Paris who had always been incapable of having a good relationship with a guy had managed to work things out.

"That's great." Rory said feeling sad for herself.

"So what about you? Do you have any love life?" Paris said.

"Nope. Not at the moment." Rory said frowning.

After awhile Paris had to go meet Jamie. Rory went into the grocery store near Yale to get a few things.

"Hm, that's not good, ew that's just gross." Rory was talking to herself.

"Rory?" She turned around to look at the person who called her name. It was Logan.

Rory froze. What was she supposed to do? Smile at him? Give him a hug? Talk to him? What did you say to someone who's proposal you had turned down? She realized after a minute she was staring at him eyes wide open, and mouth hanging open.

"Uh Logan." She said.

"Hey," He said face brightening. He walked over and gave her a very awkward hug. "Wow how have you been?" He asked her.

"Uh well you know okay I guess." She said.

"Really that's great really great." He said.

"Yep," Rory said nodding her head. After a long pause she finally said, "So uh what are you doing here?"

"Oh well, I'm back for awhile at Yale. I'm working at my dads newspaper for awhile." He said. Rory tried hard not to laugh.

"Your working at a newspaper?" She asked. After a few seconds she realized how insulting that must have sounded. "That's really great." She added.

"Yeah, my dad gave me a great job there. He's been being great lately." He said. I remembered Logan's strained relationship with his father.

"Yeah? That's awesome." She said. She didn't know how Logan was being so cheerful about this.

"Well um, I should be getting back to the house. You know my moms waiting for me and all so-"

He nodded. "Right, of course." As she was walking away Logan ran and caught up.

"Wait look Rory." Rory turned to face him.


"Maybe we could get together some time? Talk?" He asked.

"Yeah sure." She didn't know what else to say.

"Okay great," He said beaming. He gave her his cell phone and got hers.

"Well I'll call you soon." He said walking away. She gave him a fake smile.

Great just what she needed Logan. She didn't even want him here.

He was always ruining things and messing things up for her. She wouldn't let that happen again. In fact she didn't even feel anything towards him when they saw each other. She had expected to feel sad or brokenhearted when she saw him but instead she felt nothing.

This relieved her. How was it that with Logan she had gotten over him so fast but with Jess, she had never really gotten over him. She would always wonder what would have happened if he had not left. She would always feel connected and happy when she was around him. She still loved Jess after six years of not being together.

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