So…it's been awhile. You know how a few months ago I said there would be both and epilogue and a sequel? I'm very sorry to those that have been waiting for those (which is doubt anyone has been, but ya know, in case there was one or two) but I simply don't have the time or inspiration. To think that I used to believe school would get easier! Ha!

Again, my sincerest apologies. If you enjoy my writing enough to click a few places, I started a fictionpress account that I've been updating 10x more than I have been this one. They're all extremely short stories or poems. I have one story about how to get and keep a girlfriend (because boys really do need some help in areas such as that, though I in no way consider myself an expert). The link for my fictionpress profile is on this profile.

And that's really all I'm here to say. Hope you all had a happy holiday season and let's hope 2010 is a little less chaotic than 2009, eh?