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Chapter One - Well that was weird...

"Hurry up Izzy, how long does it take to shower? You just straighten your hair anyway!" Alice yelled from outside the bathroom, I swear the glass was shaking.

its funny she doesnt try to be more polite to me, she knows very well that all I have to do to get rid of her annoying voice is have a little 'chat' with her and just like that she'll feel the need to go upstairs get her school bag and go to our new school - unshowered, and in her P.J's none the wiser... Yeah I'm a freak... one of a kind. It seems no matter what i want someone to do, after a quick conversation with them they'll do it... and believe you me, everyone wants me on their debate team at school due to my, how did Alice put it, Powers of Persuasion"? but me and debate team dont even belong in the same sentence... SOOO not my style.

"Izzy if you dont get out by the time I count to five im turning on the kitchen tap... 1 - 2 -" Alice yelled... now getting back to the matter at hand, Alice... I could send her to school, no shower, hair a mess, no make-up... but am i THAT mean? ... No... and also there would be ALOT of explaining to do once she gets back. worth it? i dont think so. There are only two things i am frightened of in this world; the first - someone finding out my secret and the second; Alice. oh dont let her pixie like qualities fool you... pixies are evil... that over excited girl can be hugely scary and hugely annoying when she wants or needs to be.


"Alright, alright, im getting out ..... now! The ONLY reason im getting out now though is cos if i dont i'll be late" i replied through the door, i turned off the shower and rubbed myself dry, quickly wrapping the towel around myself and made a break for my room so Alice would get off my back!

Once in the safety of my room i blasted my stereo, my favourite song playing and i sang along....

"Tonight we'll fly away so high, our first full moon sky. I'll breath you in i wont let you down i wont hold you back i wont make a sound" Hawthorne heights is my FAVE band!

i continued singing along while getting dressed "got a single silver bullet, shot right through my heart to prove i cant survive without you" I threw on my usula seattle attire... i wasnt going to change who i was just cos i prollie wouldnt fit in - Black skinny jeans, fave band tee - the AWESOME HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - studded black belt and black converse. Alice was right about one thing... after straightening my hair and covering my eyes in shimmer black make-up i ran for the kitchen.

i got about half way down the stairs before i lost my balance.

Damn Charlie, Damn Renee, DAMN BALANCE! - charlie and renee are my rentals. Renee hooked up with charlie right after she had rose and Alice - the perfect Hale twins. Phil, their dad, is a ball player. Right out of highschool renee had the girls and Phil got sent to Manhattan to play ball, leaving mum home with the girls, Charlie always had a thing for Renee, all through high school and Renee was lonely. Charlie is Chief Swan to all the good people of Forks Washington, and mum loved him, that i dont doubt... there was just no stable relationship there. always fighting, renee hated forks and charlie loved it, so when Phil came back and Renee took of with him Charlie was heart broken, then nine months later I was born and Charlie and me have been catching planes back and forward between Forks and Chicago ever since. After a 16 year long engagement Renee and Phil have finally set a date for sometime next year. Phil doesn't seem to have any balance problems so of course Rose and Alice are in the clear, but unfortunately Charlie and Renee were never a compatable match, so needless to say not only can i not walk across a flat stable surface without finding something to trip over, but also i have these two freaky, nightmarish aspects about myself which cannot at all be normal. First my "powers of persuasion" and second if I get too emotional or excited in anyway, my mind sort of overloads and weird things start happening...

Once in the safety of the kitchen - I already owe my life to the second hand-rail Phil installed in the stair well yesterday when we moved into this doubles story Chicago Death Trap of a house - I asked Rose a question I already knew the answer to; "Hey Rosie, can I get a lift to school?" Rosalie turned her perfectly proportioned body toward me, away from her mirror, that's a first, with a look of pure horror on her face, not a first. "Not if your wearing THAT! Didn't your little emo-kid phase get left behind in Seattle with your freaky emo-friends Blaze and Abby?" She finished with a smug grin on her face. Truth be told Rose and Alice loved Blaze and Abby, even if we three did look and act a bit different, we were their... comedic relief.

"I mean seriously Izzy, what will people think?"

"Love you too Rosie, oh and I'll meet you at lunch?" I asked, and in truth, I ddi love Rose, and Alice. We're not just sisters, we're friends, I can tell those two anything and oh boy do they tell me their fair share too!

"Cafeteria?" Rose asked, funny she looked hopeful.

"NO WAY! we're not sitting in a room full of teenage hormones, who are more interested in impressing each other with their attempted flirting pushing against each other in hopes of distracting themselves from their sad pathetic lives! And DON'T get me started on food-fights!" I replied the disappointment on Rose's face when Alice - who darted in the room in clean clothes, her hair perfectly spiked - nodded in agreement.

"OH but c'mon you and Blaze had food fights all the time!" Rose whined, and it was true, my best friends and I enjoyed trying to destroy each others clothes when one of us wore a t-shirt from a band no one approved of. "Yeah... but I always won" I was probably grinning now, remembering when Blaze wore a plain white polo shirt and 3/4 Cargo pants to school with the excuse of washing day. I don't think he ever washed his clothes on the same day again. Abby in her attempt to retreat for cover was brought into a massive bear hug by Blaze, with his tomato sauce, chocolate milk and pizza covered shirt, flies followed them the rest of the day.

"How bout behind the Cafeteria?" Alice chirped in bringing me back to the present. "Sure Ali, sounds good. Well I've gotta run if your not gunna give me a lift" I joked to Rose.

"Not likely Izzy, if you make anymore scary friends you'll expect me to pick them up and the only reason i did that with Abby and Blaze is cos Blaze threatened he'd eat me! With all that metal in his mouth, GUH! How do u stand looking at all those peircings? What's the count now?" Rose truly looked disgusted. "19" I replied with a grin.

"Yeah well... no more freaks Izzy! Please?" ha like there will be ANYONE cool at this stuck up snob school anyway. "Okay Rosie, see you two at lunch" I said a bit less enthused, I hated leaving my two BFF's, "stupid Chicago" I mumbled.

"WHAT? Hang on!" Alice all but umped on me in her attempt to stop me from leaving. "Chicago will be awesome! Something AMAZING will come out of this... you'll see." Alice always had a good outlook and when she said something good was coming, it generally was. "Go Chicago Beavers" i said with false enthusiasm, raising my fist in the air like a preppy cheerleader. Alice just rolled her eyes and said "You'll see Izzy, You'll see."


Walking to school didn't take too long, three blocks and i was there. It just sucked knowing how we three sisters would be perceived; Rose, the beautiful, platinum Blonde: Curvatious, flirtacious and didnt she know it.

Alice; the short, cute, bundle of happiness, who seriously didnt know when to be quite but also didn't have to be, as a rule she was generally correct.

And me, well some people throw around words like freak, weirdo, punk. Abby once described it as mainstream emo, borderline hardcore!


"Sheesh" did i seriously just say that out loud?

After looking around to make sure I didn't get caught verbally embaressing myself on my very first day, I took another look at my new school. 'St. Peters' the setting for my nightmares for the next two years, was a very respectable high school, or so said all the brochures.

When Phil got re-signed with the up and coming Chicago Baseball team, Renee insisted we attend a private school... now they could afford it. St. Peters consisted of at least 9 pure sandstone buildings with the greenest coloured grass i've ever seen. the campus was full of students in bright, cheery colours throwing frisbees, playing tether ball and doing cheer practice... oh yeah definately nightmare material.

As i walked through the high iron gates of my new prison, I couldn't help but shudder as all eyes turned in my direction. then as if there was a signal that i missed everyone turned back to what they were doing. Did I imagine it or did they all seem to be involved in intense conversations after that? Then my phone started ringing that all too familiar tune...

*So cut my wrists and black my eyes

My final breath is gone.

so i can fall asleep tonight,

or die, because you kill me, you know you do you kill me well*


"hey Izz, How's school?" Blaze said in his deep voice. He is a screamer for his band back in Seattle and therefore wanted by almost every band within a 20 mile radius, he's really good a what he does.

"Yeah school sucks!"

"Hey Girl" Abby said in her small voice, in a lot of ways she reminded me of Alice, both are short beyond all reason and have short black hair, however Abby had red streaks through hers, where as Alice just liked to dye hers black. Yes, both my sisters dye their hair, their real colour is similar to mine, brown, however they both fell into different crowds in primary school and therefore their hair says a lot about their past.

I assumed i was on speaker phone, as always when those two were together, me and my friends had NO secrets.

"What are you doing with your hands Blaze that you feel the need to put me on speaker?" I asked knowing all too well what was coming.

"Oh yes Izzy your voice so... does it for me..."

*Whack* I assume Abby hit him over the head, and I couldn't help but grin.

"Oh don't worry Izz, he's just eating, you know that." Abby said, I can just imagine her face now, trying to hold back a grin, again like Alice, she was lethal.

"Yeah, i know! HAHA!"

Just then i felt a cool hand touch my shoulder, for once when I turned I didn't fall.

"Hey Sexy" a voice said in my ear. OH MY GOD! Some freak just touched me and had the nerve to call me sexy!

"Umm Izz... your not my type." Abby said giggling, clearly she and Blaze heard the FREAK and were now laughing uncontrollably. So in true Izzy fashion I tisked at her... way to help Abby I thought to myself. Without showing my 'freak' attention i shrugged his hand off, being certain not to look at him or refer to him in anyway - that would only encourage him, good or bad attention was still attention to these freaks, No attention was good... as if they never crossed my mind - and i began to walk away and mumbled into my phone quietly s to what just happened. Again i was assaulted with laughter, with which I couldn't help joining in on... My friends RULE!

After a very laugh filled 'good-bye' to Abby and Blaze I headed to the student office. After walking into the glass door of the building - mostly owing to the fact that the door said 'Do Not Pull' instead of a simple 'Push' - i found myself in a large off-white room.

Rubbing my head i walked toward the oversized desk in the middle of the room. "Eh hum" i cleared my throat to get someone's attention. A few moments later a large woman stepped out of what could only be the staff room - although why its so far away from the students I don't know, they must really trust the kids here or just simply not have a care for them - and greeted me with a very fake smile.

"Are you lost dear?" the lady, Mrs Coop - I could tell from her name badge - said to me.

"Ah no, Im actually new here, my sisters drove today so Im currently signing in alone." I said with a slight rudeness, I couldn't help it when she spoke to me like that, plus its safer to let my emotions out in the 'normal' sense than quite possibly end up sending a twister through her perfectly stacked documents on a whim of emotional turmoil.

"Oh are you a Hale or the Swan?"

"Um actually I'm a human, and my name is Isabella Swan" Nice so apparently I was known here for being a 'bird'.

"Right well, fill out these and bring them back at the end of the day. take a map, don't be late and stay out of trouble!"

"Yes Ma'am" slightly annoyed now... calm down Izz, don't lose your cool on the first day... well at least not in the first 10 minutes!

"Oh one of those are we... well stay away from those Cullen boys, we don't want any more bad influence put on them. Bu-bye now." UH RUDE MUCH! Breath Izzy Breath!

"Uh thanks?" it sounded more like a question, unintentionally of course. stuffing my papers into my 'Nightmare Before Christmas' shoulder bag I spun around toward the door... Pull this time Izzy, I thought loudly to myself.

Finding my locker wasn't too hard... after I worked out that I was reading the map upside-down that is. Getting my locker open was a totally different story. After fiddling with the combo several times i decided not to worry, I'd try one more time and if it didn't work I'd carry my bag around like I did back home. Just as i was about to give up completely my hands were pushed out of the way by a pair of two very strong, pale hands. I was about to deck whoever it was but their 'slight push' to me - the balance challenged' - felt like a weight lifter shoving me and so I hit the floor. I looked up to see a bronze haired tall boy in black jeans and a Silverstein tee hit my locker with his fist just above 'the EVIL LOCK'. At first I thought he was pounding his fist in laughter, that was until he twisted the lock at the same time and it 'popped' open - tricky bugger of a lock! The boy reached out his hand to me, still laughing, and as i took it I swear he stopped breathing, his laughing stopped immediately and he just stared at me. Then suddenly he turned on one heal and walked away laughing again, although it seemed this laughter was directed inwardly, at himself, and was it... nervous laughter?

Well... that was weird.

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