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Tosh sat down on her couch and began to flick through the TV stations to find something that was faintly interesting. It took her exactly twelve clicks and seventeen seconds to give up, even though there was several decent shows on Toshiko was fed up and not particularly patient with anyone. Though she had hid from Jack with her amazingly practised mask of emotionless.

Suddenly there was a some what unexpected knock at the door, no-one knocked on her door…ever. She stood up and put the glass of dark red wine she had been holding her hand on the coffee table. She walked towards the door stumbling over the remote which she had thrown onto the ground in frustration. Once she regained her balance she walked quickly over to the door yelling

"Coming" in a voice that suggested she was not the least bit interested in who exactly it was. She turned the door handle quickly and gasped when she noticed who it was. Owen was standing at the door with a big grin spread over his face. She wordlessly lead him toward the living room and sat back down on the couch, Owen sat down next to her. He placed his hand on her chin

"What's wrong with you Toshiko?" Owen asked with a voice that said he truly cared. She shook her head and let herself show a little bit of emotion and rested her head sadly on the arm rest. Owen grabbed her arm and pulled her onto him so that her head was resting on his chest. He rested his head on the top of hers and smiled.

"I'm tired Owen, I'm so tired." She closed her eyes "when I came to torchwood I thought it meant I'd be happy, thought I'd have fun you know? But all it is…is death and pain and loss and…' she trailed off shaking her head and lying down so her head was on Owen's lap

"What?" He encouraged

"Loneliness in the end that's what it is I'm alone, and what scares me the most is that I think I always will be." A tear fell down her cheek and she curled up. Owen put his hand on her head.

"You will not be alone, Toshiko Sato if there is one I can give you, you will not be alone." She looked up and him

"You can't promise that." He place his hand on her chin

"I am promising that Tosh, I'm here your not alone." Tears gathered in her eyes and forced their way through. Owen bent into her face and placed his cheek to her cheek and held her in his arms.

"Why me?" she whispered choking a little on the tears that ran unwilligly down her face.

"Because your brilliant."