Disclaimer: I don't own either characters from Hannah Montana or characters that have featured on the Disney Channel. Hopefully everyone understands that this is fictional but I like writing things so I hope you all enjoy the story! ;)

Sequel: This story is the sequel to All I See Is You, All I Want Is You... I've been working really hard on this so hopefully you guys like it all!















Her feet pounded on the pavement. Her breaths short and sweet. Her heart beating faster. She couldn't turn back now. It was all too much. It was all caving in.

'You can't always run Lillian...'

The words echoed, her feet faltering. She couldn't control it anymore. It had only been 2 years. She couldn't only last for two years. There wasn't anything else. There wasn't anything that made sense anymore. Everything was messed up and she couldn't face it. She couldn't face what had become of her. She didn't want to be her anymore. She didn't want her life.

'I didn't...you can't turn away...not now...'

It was all pretend. No one cared. It wasn't a fairytale – life was hard. It was brutal. It stripped away everything and left you bare. She hated it. She hated the affect that everything had on her. She could feel it all. She could feel everything around her.

"Just...just leave me alone..." she choked, stumbling to her knees. Her palms dug into her eyes – trying to dig away the feelings. She didn't want them. She didn't want to be hurt. IT all hurt too much. 2 years and she had finally figured it out. It was just a game. It was all a game and she was the pawn. She hated them. She hated him.